Australia & Africa Stories

Families from all over Australia & Africa nominated their tutors for our Tutor of the Year Award. Read some of the incredible stories below!

Nominated Tutor: Dominique M.

She is just the most awesome person. I have a disabled daughter and confidence was a serious barrier in learning. With Dominique she is a different little girl – her confidence rocketed and she loves her sessions with Dominique. In only a short while with tutoring by Dominique, my daughter managed to improve her results! I can only see improvement going forward. My focus was on an improvement of results by end of the year, but there are an improvement already. Thanks Dominique!

Nominated Tutor: Natasha N.

Natasha is progressing well with our daughter, instilling the methodology of querying and verifying the answer before diving in without giving each question the time and thought as per the mark allocation. She is teaching Tayla to slow down (she is ADD) and ignore distractions – focus solely on the problem in front of her. Tayla’s overall marks have improved considerably as a result. Math alone has improved from under 40% to 65% (latest report). Her tutoring was aimed at mathematics, but teaching her skill sets which applies to all exams/tests has come as a bonus to us. She is very patient and allows Tayla to express herself before realigning her in a way which does not make her (Tayla) feel threatened or shunned in her approach to problem statements. The time and patience which we do not have. Even when Natasha had injured her foot, she refused to allow it to distract her from her mission in uplifting Tayla to new levels of understanding. Natasha comes highly recommended.

Nominated Tutor: Tamryn V.

My son has Asperger’s, has difficulty in grasping theoretical modules and finds it difficult to follow instructions. In his first year in College he failed all modules dismally except for practical ones. During the first semester of his second year Tamryn came into his studies and into our lives. The difference that she made in his life was amazing and the difference she made in our lives as parents was emotionally relieving. My son made so much progress in that first semester and even his self esteem improved. He obtained an average of 47%, whereas last year he had an average of 13%. Tamryn had the patience, dedication, tenacity and passion for her work as a tutor.