Meet the Owner/Team

Meet Our Team

Tutor Doctor Tutor Doctor of Lakeland and Plant City

Eric Russell


With over two decades of teaching and tutoring experience of his own, Eric is proud to continue his work by bringing the proven Tutor Doctor System to the Lakeland and Plant City areas. A lifelong learner himself, he has a passion for helping others achieve their own short- and long-term educational goals by providing the best tutors and excellent customer service.



I have been teaching and tutoring students at the levels of elementary school, middle school, high school,  and university in the areas of English language arts, business English, and math for about 17 years, first as a volunteer in Jamaica and the United Kingdom, then for ten years in Japan, where I was promoted to Dean of Instruction, and now as a Polk County school teacher. As a teacher/tutor, I strive to get to know all my students’ needs and interests, and then I respond to them the best I can. I am inspired when my students tell me “I get it now!” This signals that the mix of tasks that I have incorporated throughout the lesson and other explanations have been successful. My goal is to have every student that I come into contact with leave more confident, motivated, and successful than when they came to me. I am most certain that my students can accomplish every goal they set for themselves. Born and raised on the tropical island of Jamaica, I love traveling the world, playing tennis, visiting libraries, and learning new things. I am deeply interested in other cultures, which inspires me to travel and learn more. Having visited some of the world’s most amazing libraries, I find it enjoyable to get lost in a great novel.



I love working with children to help them to succeed, especially in the areas of reading, grammar, writing and mathematics. I have been tutoring since 2001.

Years ago, I began working in Ruskin with young elementary children of migrant families in an after school program to help them integrate into their classrooms easier, since their families often moved with the harvesting season. I have since then tutored students in other cities in Florida and worked with all grade levels from phonics for young children to thesis preparation for high school students! 

My professional background is largely in the legal sphere; I worked at the MacDill Air Force Base as a civilian legal analyst in Central Command. In addition, I hold a certification as a registered behavior technician (RBT) for working with autistic children.

When I am not supporting students to improve their skills and confidence in reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary, and basic mathematics, I enjoy reading, gardening, nature trails, and playing with my pug dogs in the nice city of Zephyrhills!

I love igniting the enthusiasm that children naturally have for learning, so let’s learn together!