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  • great tutors, great reporting on sessions

    Wayne J.
  • I like that the tutors come to our home.I also like how the personality of the tutor fits the student.

    Deborah W.
  • Tutor has great knowledge and works well with student

    Laura F.
  • The flexibility.

    Amanda C.
  • I got an immediate response to my inquiry and the tutor we were given really seems to be able to connect and motivate our son

    Karen B.
  • The tutors work very well with our children and are doing a great job at customizing their teaching to the needs of the kids.

    Amy P.
  • Great tutors, responsive service. Would definitely recommend.

    Greg B.
  • professional and qualified as well as tutoring done in our home

    Susan N.
  • Good Competent tutors. Reliable and professional.

    Michael P.
  • Competitive prices, come to house, and fit with tutor is amazing!

    Laura B.
  • Convenience of coming to the home, scheduling flexibility and the ability to use our school's curriculum.

    Toni O.
  • Tutor Doctor services are organized in such an efficient way-- It has been essential to us to have our son's tutor available to come to our house and work around our crazy schedules. More importantly, the tutors we have used through Tutor Doctor have been very knowledgeable and effective.

    Dena B.
  • The service is convenient and reliable. I always get a fast response and great availability even when it is a last minute notice. The tutors are personable, knowledgeable and usually foster a big brother /big sister relationship with my daughter and that encourages her to want and do better at her school work. I am very grateful for the service offered by Tutor Doctor. Their service is for the ...

    Karen R.
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  • I like the convenience of the tutor coming to my home to work with my son and the flexibility of scheduling.

    Amy R.
  • They are flexible, fair, honest and accommodating to meet your needs.

    Margaret L.
  • The ability to meet at home. Great Tutor!

    Melissa H.
  • The tutors are very good.

    Susan W.
  • I am relieved that I do not have to travel to a tutor. I also like the service we receive.

    Jane C.
  • The tutors are very knowledgeable about subject matter. They are also quite reliable and courteous.

    Shari N.
  • The best part is that we have a wonderful tutor! Hunter is kind, always on time, able to communicate with Patrick. He is doing a fantastic job! The other part that I am enjoying is not having to worry about the money part after each tutor session.

    Tammy M.
  • My first contact is with the management and owner. he is very personable and professional. you can trust him to get the right tutor for your child. The tutors are very professional and knowledge net.

    Femi T.
  • You come to us! Very accommodating. Well matched tutor.

    Cindy M.
  • The tutors provided were extremely professional, reliable and knowledgeable.

    Patricia B.
  • Wonderful tutor!

    Genny H.
  • Andrew took great care in finding a tutor who can meet our son's needs. We are looking forward to a long and productive relationship with Tutor Doctor!

    Kathy G.
  • My child was matched with the perfect tutor for his needs.

    Mary A.
  • I like that tutors are individually matched to the student's personality and academic need. Also great that they come to you home - very convenient.

    Laurel R.
  • All around quality of tutor

    Tom P.
  • High-quality, at-home tutor who has really taken the time to get to know my son & his individual needs.

    Stacey B.
  • Doc is a wonderful tutor. He cares about my son's education as much as I do!

    Susan P.
  • The tutor, Dana, is very good. Our daughter has always had difficulty with math, but seems to be connecting very well with Dana's methods. She scored 100% on her first test in math this week, and that's a huge achievement.

    Jeff R.
  • Knowledgable, easy to communicate with

    Beth L.
  • The way they are able to get the children engaged in the learning process.

    Kathy A.
  • Very on point about picking the right tutor for my boys!

    Jacquetta C.
  • Convenient and high quality service.

    Lisa E.
  • The tutor is excellent and shows up on time. My son's grades have improved significantly since we began tutoring.

    John P.
  • The owner did a great job matching the tutors to my daughter's needs. The service and follow up have been outstanding.

    Stacey K.
  • Extremely competent and smart tutors.

    Donna L.
  • Individualized tutoring

    Tara H.
  • Excellent instructors, clear communication with instructors, in-home instruction.

    Catherine P.
  • We like the convenience and time savings of having Tutor Doctor tutors come to our home. There is also a benefit of the student interview and the effort to match the right tutor. The session follow up reports are helpful for parents to keep track of progress, especially with teenage students!

    Diana H.
  • Liv feeling success and learning

    Shelley B.
  • Putting you with someone that you are comfortable with. That's very important to me.Thank you

    Alesia G.
  • flexability

    Petronia A.
  • convenient and quick

    Jeanne H.
  • The tutors were wonderful, everyone was very professional and easy to work with.

    Stephanie D.
  • My daughter has improved her grades in math. More importantly she has more confidence in her ability. Her tutor has really helped her tremendously.

    Melissa C.
  • It is very convenient to have some one come to your home. Paying up front with a credit card was something I wasn't sure I liked BUT it ends up saving me time and some of the other tutors we had actually only took cash which was very inconvenient for me. Our tutor Dave goes above and beyond, as far as I'm concerned. He is very patient with my son. We see a significant difference in my son's grade ...

    Lisa H.
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  • easy, good service, flexability.

    Marlyn N.
  • Tutor is knowledgeable, personable and on time!

    Beth A.
  • I do recommed Tutor Doctor to any one, who's child is in need for help in school. I do use this services for my daughter and she's has been showing progress in school.

    Lourdes V.
  • The initial intake interview was very helpful and reassuring. Our assigned tutor is a great fit for our son, and is working out very well. Thank you.

    Janet D.
  • I would recommend this service because of the quality and comittment the tutors.

    Lauren C.
  • Extremely confident instructors. I believe, they are better than the teachers because my daughter always say at the end of all the sessions, WOW!!! I really understand the material and more. My daughter had been tutored in chemistry honors and received an A. She has been recommended to take AP chemistry this coming fall. Presently, she is taking pre-calculus honors (summer), and is maintaining an ...

    Feona F.
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  • One-on-One tutoring in our own home is the best. One tutor is able to work with all 3 of my children. I like being able to purchase hours that won't expire. Our tutor is a teacher and has an excellent approach to each subject area.

    Louise F.
  • I love how personable the service is, from meeting with Andrew and getting to know our tutor! Relationship Is key to our son's tutoring success! Thank you!

    Jessica L.
  • Owner is prompt and thorough in securing the best tutor for our needs.

    Esther S.
  • Love our tutor! She is so patient with my 2 boys who are less than thrilled with homework! We love the days she's with us!

    Jennifer L.
  • I like the comfort and convience of having a tutor to come to the house. My tutor Kathleen is awesome. My daughter loves her and she has really helped my daughter with comprehension. She is so good, my son is jealous that he is not in the sessions with them! Awesome job. She brought my daughters C's and D's to B's!! and Andrew is such a professional. A family man and I would recommend both of them ...

    David R.
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  • It was immediate,and met our needs perfectly. It was trouble free and most all we got true results.

    Mirelle W.
  • They give you the service you need to bring up the grades.

    Mike S.
  • Versitility and ease of function in contacting appropriate tutors

    Desray T.
  • Service comes to the house. I also like getting a status report after each session.

    Darryle M.
  • The tutor and the consultant's approach.

    Anu S.
  • The flexible schedules and plethora of tutors.

    Rabia D.
  • Fast, lots of communication and both our tutors are a good fit.

    Susan S.
  • The flexibility and the relationship between Jenna and Megan!!

    Michelle L.
  • I can get a more than qualified tutor in my home without interviewing and searching for them myself.

    Sheri N.
  • The personalized attention to each individual student, so a one size fits all mentality is not brought into question. The depth and breadth of questioning that goes into determining the right initial fit and subsequent communication to ensure that everyone is pleased with the partnership.

    Jennifer S.
  • Tutoring that is available at our home as well as the one on one connection that has been made with my son.

    Colleen J.
  • Crystal is a great fit for Olivia. She's very patient and works well with her. I also love the convenience of the tutor coming to the house.

    Kelly P.
  • Everything about it is convenient.

    Ed S.
  • The Tutors are all well qualified and professional and work well with my kids

    David R.
  • convenience of tutor coming to my home and pre-paying for the service

    Jayme K.
  • That the tutor comes home

    Anjali K.
  • There was a few hiccups in the beginning, but the tutor we have now is great. My son really likes her a lot.

    Tracy P.
  • Tutors have been excellent. Flexible scheduling in regards to day, time, and location.

    Judy E.
  • Easy and efficient

    Tracy F.
  • I like the flexibility of scheduling and the pairing of the tutor with what my child needs help in.

    Joanna W.
  • That the tutors come to our home

    Todd P.
  • Accommodation to needs, matching Tudor with student and in home service.

    Kara M.