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  • Response time and follow up is quick. The tutor we had was brilliant with helping our son attain a result we were pleased with in the short time he had to prepare Nick for his final exams. We will miss Aman and are looking forward to another tutor who is patient and works towards maintaining and improving Nick's Math mark for Grade 10. I like that tutor doctor listens to our needs and helps to ...

    Tamara & Tom P.
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  • Overall experience with tutor doctor is very good

    Sajida & Muhamad S.
  • You come to our house, its one-on-one teaching, and we are seeing results. Kalista is relaxed, and friendly as she teaches new approaches to problem solving. Thank you!

    Diana B.
  • Always able to find tutors for my kids. Very processional.

    Elaine L.
  • Our son has gained his Confidence back. The tutor is a great match with our sons learning methods.

    Grant & Serena P.
  • Flexibility to have tutoring at our home.

    Carly & Christian(YO) R.
  • The fact that the tutor comes to our home. The level of communication from the tutor.

    Lori & Steve M.
  • I had some trouble at first which was out of their control. They worked with me to find a solution. The tutors provided have been excellent

    Jennifer & Jim R.
  • The tutor is very high quality. I like the flexibility in scheduling to accommodate my child's academic needs. Worth every penny.

    Sonja K.
  • The professionalism of the tutor's and the open communication with the office team.

    Michelle P.
  • The tutor and the admin behind her.

    Beatrix Z.
  • Convenience. My sons' tutor is very knowledgeable in his area of expertise. Very impressed on the outcome.

    Ellen & Reuel N.
  • Works around our family's schedual and communicates with our kids teachers.

    Lydia & Daniel B.
  • Caring tutors that help with in innovative ideas to get the kids excited about learning.

    Kim A.
  • Very good teachers

    Manjit S.
  • It takes the search for a tutor and set up out of your hands.

    Brian & Sandi D.
  • Best gift we could have given our daughter. Tutor Doctor did a fantastic job of interviewing my daughter and matching her With her tutor. They have developed a strong relationship and I believe this contributes tremendously to her success. We would like to keep working with her throughout high school!

    Corri P.
  • Highly educated and helpful tutors that have the ability to teach. My daughters grades have improved significantly.

    Beata & Travis N.
  • Love the Tutor they sent, perfect match for my son.

    Talal & Lennah F.
  • The fact that you come to our home. That the tutoring is one on one. The tutor is matched to the student.

    Cathy M.
  • Jay is a very excellent tutor

    Ryan & Kathleen G.
  • I can schedule my time freely.

    Liang J.
  • easy to coordinate sessions for youth & detailed reports of tutor sessions.

    Stacey O.
  • 1. My daughter has improved her math marks significantly, since being tutored! 2. Tutor Doctor has shown an amazing ability to match my daughter with a tutor whose personality really meshes.

    Ary V.
  • You are professional. Your responses are done in a timely manner and the tutors are knowledgeable.

    Dalia C.
  • I love the fact that you were able to quickly find a new tutor for us when my son identified that he was not connecting with the first one. Our current tutor is fabulous and very accommodating.

    Jennifer D.
  • Are interested in finding out the needs of my son before sending a tutor

    Robert & Loree W.
  • My daughters tutor has helped her improve her overall confidence and moral that's she's feeling comfortable and smart in class. Doesn't feel like the odd one out because of her learning. AWESOME!

    Sarah D.
  • The convenience of home tutoring and the quality of tutors available particularly in the area of speaking different languages ie French. This is helpful for immersion students who take core subjects in a different languages. The update reports are also useful in tracking progress and areas requiring more attention.

    Camille & Evan L.
  • The way the tutor was matched up to my student with both his academic needs and his personality.

    Leslie & Kelly K.
  • Excellent quality tutor, excellent matching tutor to student.

    Anika & Graham M.
  • My daughter looks forward to her sessions and we have seen a huge improvement after just 5 sessions.

    Trina & Nick C.
  • Hannah's tutor Jessica is great, she is able to explain things to Hannah in a way she understands it. Hannah is enjoying learning from Jessica.

    Tina & Mike Y.
  • I liked the assessment interview process and the price/payment options. Our Tutor is a good match for my son and we look forward to his appointments.

    Cathy & Shane F.
  • We were matched to an amazing tutor that could explain subject material easily to my son. Quick

    Andrea L.
  • Home visits, very convenient.

    Bruce & Ginette P.
  • Very accommodating, good match between tutor and student and timely detailed report updates.

    Deanna Q.
  • I truly liked that you found the right person to help my daughter with her math. She has confidence and got through a lot of work in a short period of time. It's been awesome.

    Shelley W.
  • It is good program I really like it my daughter have a big change in reading she still learning I like Tutor Doctor

    Smret & Robel G.
  • Quick response time and making sure the tutor fits the student

    Jennifer & Chris G.
  • If I have had any issues, you quickly respond. Good instructors for our child.

    Katie & Joe H.
  • Very responsive service. I am very pleased with our tutor and think she is a great fit with my daughter.

    Shauna M.
  • The seriousnes of the tutor and prompt reporting/feedback. The tutor is very confident and knowledgeable about the subject. Very efficient organization

    Niyi & Lola A.
  • Tries to find the right fit between the student and tutor. Flexible scheduling

    Lorraine & Dennis Z.
  • Tutors have been very knowledgeable, personable, and patient.

    Nan E.
  • Quality of tutors Communication reports with parents

    Richard & Nancy L.
  • 1)After class report is very useful and 2)The tutor is excellent to adopt many means to help on the training, like my daughter can understand little English and the tutor prepares the teaching material and homework by translate them into Chinese for my daughter better understanding the homework.

    Carol H.
  • I really enjoyed the personability of the whole process. They made sure to set me up with someone they knew would meet my needs and it is such a relief every time Jaspher comes over. He's been an amazing help! and my confidence has increased, I am no longer stressed about Macroeconomics.

    Maddison B.
  • very professional and punctual! Our son enjoys the extra help as well He got 100% on his last math test!!

    Liz & Remy(CPS) T.
  • With tutor we have right now Sarah , she is amazing. Really gets everything organized. Great method of tutoring with flash cards. asking each other questions and talking about long terms goals. Just amazing girl.

    Judy G.
  • #NAME?

    Brisa O.
  • Comes to our house Nice and very helpful

    Susan O.
  • Coming to our home one on one

    Darren & Amira D.
  • I like that there are expectations of my son and accountability from the tutor. I like the feedback we get from the tutor But most importantly my son likes him and is starting to get it

    Karen & Kelly R.
  • The tutors we've had have been great help to our son. We've used Tutor Doctor for two different subjects and both times the tutors hv been very helpful. They helped our son have a better understanding with each subject. Thank you Joesph and Ravi. You help is greatly appreciated.

    Rosie M.
  • Yossi found a good match for my son (so far). Glad unused hours (if any) can be carried over to next grade. Everything including payment plans were well laid out. The reports are useful. Glad to keep track of what was done in session. Timely correspondence from the start.

    Marnie & Barrie R.
  • Sarah and other office staff are always very responsive to my inquires. Very professional in all matters of communication, in person, phone, email and I know my Family's information is treated with respect and confidentiality. I don't feel like a number but as a valued and known actual person as does my children. I am asked intelligent questions which to me menas that homework and due diligence ...

    Marlo Y.
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  • It's in home. Ashley W is great.

    Patricia R.
  • In home services, flexible. Tutor is a qualified teacher

    Kathy & Richard W.
  • Very professional. The tutor is a very good match for our daughter, she really likes her.

    Joyce & Alan Q.
  • Like that you come to the home, are flexible with times and we are so happy to have our tutor, Blandon, working with our son.

    Heather & Corey W.
  • Our teacher is very professional always prepared for the next session. We just love Ashley

    Viktoria S.
  • They are in my home, on my schedule and cater to my needs. So sweet!

    Nicole & Garry(YO) L.
  • I really appreciated the opportunity to cnahge my tutor to more closely align to my needs. Leonard was fantastic and was really good to work with. He didn't make me feel dumb.

    Mike B.
  • the tutor was very knowledgeable and suited our daughters needs

    Robert T.
  • Hands on - very helpful tutors that have a great understanding on subject matter; like the vpost tutor reports; great attitude

    Deborah & Glenn C.
  • You accommodate my son's needs, are flexible with the schedule and provide an expert service. He is excelling at last!

    Kerrie E.
  • I like how personalized it is. and how the program is customizable, flexible, suited to learning needs. I think the follow up on our satisfaction is great without being annoying. It's just an overall, hit every base program. Thx tutor doctor!

    Karen & Jarad C.
  • Quality of tutors, summaries of sessions.

    Courtney H.
  • The administrators ability to work with our needs finding excellent tutors

    Annette K.
  • tutor was flexible in her schedule and very knowledgeable

    Wendy F.
  • Great teacher, after few lessons my son has already made improvements and his approach towards humanities. So far so good. Thank you

    Malgorzata S.
  • Provides very good quality of teaching

    Corina & Marina N.
  • Aman our tutor is amazing! He continually challenges in an encouraging way. Aman is able to quickly diagnose where the weakness are and address them.

    Bonnie R.
  • Very personalized service

    Vivienne L.
  • I like that teacher comes in days and time suitable for me. The teacher comes well prepared, she brings lots of materials. She knows what to do to make my child to do his work. I see results. Thank you very much. I do recommend you to my friends.

    Alena M.
  • Stress-free personalized tutoring to meet individual needs. ~HD~

    Helen & Banky D.
  • In 2 months of tutoring, our nephew's English grade has gone up 20%! We are thrilled with our tutor, she is always on time and always prepared. She gives us so much feedback and we couldn't be happier with the results!!

    Kelly & Mark C.
  • I really think Geri is a good fit for our young lady.

    Gladys B.
  • We love the custom approach to teacher selection and that the person comes to our house. Our kids really like the teacher and love how she adjusts the lessons for our kids. We also love the reports after every session.

    Camille & Michael S.
  • The fact that you guys come to the house makes it so convinent for my family :) our daughters tutor is amazing & she looks forward to seeing her every time she comes! She has done wonders with our daughter in such a short time her grades have come up substantially & we are so proud of how hard she works with her tutor every week!

    Caylawn & Travis L.
  • tailor to meet individual needs

    Esther & Ken A.
  • Great Tutor. Great matching.

    Shannon H.
  • The process to match the child to the tutor / the home based tutoring / love it all

    Brad & Tammy G.
  • Flexible, reliable. Will make an effort to connect the right fit i.e tutor to student. We see our sons confidence and marks improve.

    Brian & Jennifer(Y) J.
  • It fits seamlessly into our busy schedule with the tutor coming to the house and being flexible with hours. Our tutor fit perfectly with the needs of our grade 12 student being personable, professional and providing excellent descriptions of topics. We are only a couple of weeks into the tutoring but my child's grades have improved dramatically - and so has his confidence.

    Nicole C.
  • I can't speak for all the tutors they hire but, we are thrilled with Sherry Ma. Sophie had her first math test since the tutoring started and she went from NY to AB. Thanks!!!!

    Robin & John P.
  • One on one with the student. They listen and give opportunity for the student to show how they have been doing the work at school. Very patient.

    Kuldip R.
  • Our tutor has worked very well with our son. She is comitted, punctual and works at his level. My son has shown improvement in 5 sessions.

    Salimah A.
  • Rita is a really good tutor, she engages my son with fun math applications.

    Monica F.
  • Assessment and matching our client with the appropriate tutor to meet their needs.

    Deanna Q.
  • For 3 years now Tutor Doctor has provided knowledgeable, well spoken, amicable tutors our very bright son enjoys working with. His tutors keep him engaged & challenged. They take the time to match the interests & specialities of the tutors with my son--and they follow up. I highly recommend their services.

    Karen S.
  • I love that the tutor comes to you. I love that the tutor is flexible with their schedule. I love that everything is paid for from the get go.

    Kim C.
  • I really like my tutor arianna.

    Caroline R.
  • Great tutors!!

    Jackie(YO) A.
  • I like that it tailored to your child's individual needs and schedule.

    Rhonda C.
  • In just 2 weeks our Son has improved so much he is wanting to learn again it is great we are now going to get help for our older son.

    Anna & Alistair R.
  • Tutor comes to house. Helpful to my son.

    Sherry R.
  • Very personalized timely matching of subject specific tutors Tutors flexible and come to our home at a mutually acceptable time The tutors recommended are excellent matches in personality and temperament for my sons.

    Michele & Andy K.
  • Found the tutor which works best for the requirement of the student

    Anup & Debarati R.
  • Perfect match between my son and his tutor. My son looks forward to working with his tutor.

    Sue B.
  • The tutor provides excellent feedback on each session. She is also well-trained.

    Kerry B.
  • Jakes tutor is very friendly Always on time. She genuinely seems to care about helping him.

    Tricia & James C.
  • Well organized,prompt repsonse to initial request.Excellent tutor.Session updates.

    Margaret & Ed B.
  • Just searching the web. My daughter had a very positive experience with her tutor Meghan. It was sad to see her wrap up her session1

    Janet & Kevin S.
  • Able to pass on minutes to other children in the house, the tutor works with our schedule and comes to the house. Able to discontinue services if we no longer need them.

    Jackie P.
  • One on one time. It seems to be the best way for our son to absorb information. Rishi is very patient yet thorough and is a perfect personality fit.

    Cathy & Darin C.
  • My daughter has enjoyed working with her tutor very much. Becky is ver personable and works very well with my daughter. My daughter came home last week all excited with how she was able to answer the questions in class and that she completed her math booklet first. She said it was easy mom!. Which is a great accomplishment and such a motivating experience to have. It has definately boosted my ...

    Kyle & Sarah-Lena P.
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  • The tutor seems to connect very well with my daughter. Of course, we won't know how successful this has been until final exams, but it seems to be helping

    David S.
  • very good dedicated teachers and committed to excellence

    Phoebe J.
  • They come to your home and work around you and your child's schedule.

    Sonia P.
  • Our tutor, Daniel, has connected so well and so quickly with our son that he is actually asking for more time with his tutor!

    Theresa & Andy M.
  • Excellent tutor. Quickly formed a good working relationship with the student. Has been available as needed so far, which is critical.

    Beth O.
  • Love that the tutor comes to us so that my son is comfortable at home. She also seems very committed to helping him learn.

    Tanya P.
  • Great customer service - extremely personable!

    Debra & Rocky H.
  • I appreciate how quickly a tutor is available, and that if the tutor wasn't a match another would be found. We have had 2 tutors now and they have both been very helpful, and the kids have enjoyed working with them and growing in confidence in their subjects.

    Dianne S.
  • I like how flexible the tutor is in accommodating our schedule. The fact that our tutor, Uday is currently at university is great as I know he can coach my daughter on the very latest techniques for learning.

    Kerry B.
  • I have already recommended your company to a co-worker

    Robin & Glen
  • Friendly, professional and effective!

    Beth F.
  • Quick and dedicated response to any problems we have

    Marlene & Mike(YO) D.
  • Effective matching of quality tutor to student; effective feedback progress reporting

    Ben & Tamara K.
  • Tutor has really connected with my daughter. Marks are already up.

    Alanna & Kevin B.
  • The tutor assigned is punctual, personable and dedicated to our son's learning. He makes the lessons enjoyable - not stiff or authoritarian. Our son says his tutor is awesome and he can't wait for the next session!

    Holly & Darren C.
  • The tutors that my girls have worked with have been wonderful. They know the material very well, are patient and fun.

    Stacey S.
  • I am being helped with my English and my tutor respects and recognises that my illness is a partial cause of the problems I am having. We have a fun time with makes learning so much easier. (Better that with my husband! lol)

    Grant S.
  • I like the consultation process (very thorough) as well the Sanket and Adam get along well, Adam is very comfortable asking questions and is receptive to learning with him. So far, so good!

    Marlis H.
  • Competent tutor, able to understand the student needs and match With the appropriate tutor, checking to see if we are satisfied, providing, Regular reporting, respond to requests on time, professional business overall

    Emilia & Florin A.
  • The convenience of in home tutoring! Our tutor has a bit of flexibility which is helpful in a busy household!

    Lisa D.
  • There one ane one teaching.

    Syeda N.
  • Everything.

    Ekta K.
  • The experience of our tutor. Also the convenience of coming to our home.

    Angela M.
  • Our tutor is amazing! Everyone dealt with from beginning has been very helpful and cordial.

    Jodi D.
  • Your services

    Geetanjali S.
  • You guys are fantastic! I love that we have someone come to the house and the flexibility is fantastic! The feedback email we get is great too! I love getting the progress reports at every session we have. We couldn't ask for a better tutor in Iris. She works very well with us and adapts to my sons learning style. Great company. Thank you!

    Jennifer F.
  • My daughter really liked Linda, she was comfortable with her which helped her embrace the work.

    Serena & Richard G.
  • I like be on time good work with my kids and exactly work what they need to work on.

    Tatjana B.
  • They are able to attend to our home. They are incredibly professional, very informative and ensure their teacher and their student are well suited for one another. The teacher is very clear on what the child needs and is very prepared to get that child understanding the material.

    Andrea C.
  • My son was paired with a tutor who was very understanding, patient and helpful

    Vanessa G.
  • Convenient. Trustworthy. Good quality tudors

    Gail & Dean S.
  • Keagan is great with my son and there is no complaining from my son when it is tutoring night. They have a great connection and he is very friendly. We love who was chosen for us.

    Dana & Liam N.
  • Fast, efficient and great tutors.

    Barb B.
  • that tutors come to my home. easy to communicate with.

    Laura G.
  • Friendly staff Very accommodating Tutor well matched to student

    Shannon & Sebastien P.
  • That my children were matched with tutors based on my preference and feedback. Very happy with services provided.

    Wendy & Jay D.
  • very flexible with the appointments; tutor is great and my son really likes him; we've made real progress in a short amount of time

    Jacquie P. & Anthony N.
  • Quick feedback and support to our requests.

    Michelle H.
  • Tutor Doctor cares about customer satisfaction & works hard to ensure complete satisfaction in a very timely manner. After a recommended tutor did not work out for my daughter another tutor was offered & is a perfect match for my daughter.

    Lynn C.
  • You return phone calls promptly and have professionals working for you.

    Gigi M.
  • In the home service and diligent to fitting an appropriate tutor to the child's needs.

    Carolyn B.
  • Professional, reliable, knowledgeable

    Angela D.
  • Leah is so kind and gentle with our children. She is very understanding about their learning issues and as a result the boys feel relaxed about learning.

    Kim B.
  • Since starting with Tutor Doctor my son has totally turned around his attitude towards learning and his grades are showing the results.

    David P.
  • The tutor matched to our child was perfect for her.

    Susan B.
  • Miss Aynsley has an exceptional talent and ability to connect with our daughter. We are very lucky to have her in our lives. Jayden's academic performance and grades have improved dramatically.

    Geraldine M.
  • Prompt service and availability of excellent tutor that are flexible and very helpful.

    Ginny E.
  • I like the fact that Mr. Suissa took the time to observe my daughter and to see where she needs the most help. He took his time with us and made it easy to make payments to afford such services!!

    Cathy S.
  • Quick response from the tutors

    Corina E.
  • The lovely friendly tutor who helps my daughteer with math.

    Kaye N.
  • #NAME?

    Janice F.
  • I am very happy with my tutor she is so kind and brilliant. Your services you provide Aways have the best rating in my scale for quality tutors. You guys have been So kind to my needs and financial situation. I have referred my friends before and will continue to Do so. Thank you so much!!

    Tiffany W.
  • The tutors recommended to us have been professional and extremely helpful.

    Lisa T.
  • Process was quick to get a well suited tutor, tutor is helping already :)

    Lea G.
  • Very skilled and engaged tutor. Clearly interested in facilitating academic success. Willing to accommodate changes in scheduled sessions. Matches instruction to meet students learning style. Eager to provide supplemental resources and endeavors to augment that which is currently being taught in the classroom (i.e. keeps it relevant).

    Sue D.
  • Our daughter really likes her tutor and is finding the tuition very helpful! I like the process of having someone come and discuss the tutoring needs initialy and finding a tutor that wil fit what is needed.

    Candace L.
  • We have had two tutors and have had great luck with both.

    Tracey H.
  • Our tutor is very professional, friendly, and helps teach my son what he needs to know far better than his actual math teacher has ever done.

    Jackie L.
  • I love the personality profiling. Our tutor and daughter are the perfect match. Thank you very much.

    Tamara F.
  • It was friendly, effiicent and the tutor was amazing.

    Bev K.
  • the quality of the tutor we have for our daughter is great. she is well prepared and very knowledgeable

    Sollena S.
  • My son related very well to his tutor. He is a perfect match

    Lorraine B.
  • learn new information by easy way

    Sara A.
  • We liked that someone came out to our home to meet us and our son and how the tutor is picked on some of the same interest as our son. It made it much easier for our son to relate to his tutor. I think it's great that we get follow up emails to see how things are going. Thank you Tutor Doctor :)

    Jackie B.
  • One on one with the child.

    Maninder B.
  • the best part is the one to one service in your own home. Jacque was totally committed to Connor's success and Connor enjoyed working with him. we saw improvements in Unit tests and are awaiting results from his Math 30-2 provincial exam. i would recommend Jacque(sp)? anytime, he was fantastic!!!

    Angela J.
  • Friendly, convenient and confidence building

    Donia R.
  • I'm pleased that Allison is a fully qualified teacher, and appreciate that her lessons are well-planned and tied into Liana's school curriculum. Liana really likes Allison, so she even looks forward to tutoring!

    Gudrun S.
  • That the tutor comes to our house. Having one on one attention.

    Jackie A.
  • I like that the tutor is professional and has the best interest of my child in mind.

    Naava M.
  • I think the two tutors we are having now are very helpful and professional.

    Hong Y.
  • You've listened to our needs , worked within our changing schedules and provided my son with tutors he can relate with. He's always felt a equal and enjoyed his weekly visits. I can relax now knowing he's on top of his game!

    Paulette A.
  • Our tutor is awesome, and I love that you come to our home. ...and, most importantly, our son receives one-on-one attention in the areas he needs support in... Thank you!

    Christeen M.
  • We love how organized our tutor is and our son enjoys learning with her.

    Kathy G.
  • The tutor my son has is just very good.

    Nomi P.
  • The sourcing and assignment of quality teachers. Regular provision of status report is equally commendable

    Isaac O.
  • I like the feedback I receive about the tutoring and the accountability there is with tutor doctor

    Kristian T.
  • Friendly staff and excellent tutors. The tutor I have is wonderful with my child and he has improved significantly in his reading and spelling in both French and English!

    Natalie W.
  • helped my daughter do better at school.The tutor was perfectly matched for what we needed.

    Monika G.
  • The Tutor chosen is a wonderful match for our 3 boys who are all very different in their learning styles. She accommodates each of them individually.

    Astrid R.
  • That you try and line up the right personality for the students along with the appropriate academics

    Sherry B.
  • Convenience, knowledge.

    Carolyn M.
  • The people at Tutor Doctor are very professional and friendly. I have seen improvement in my son's skills because of his tutor. Most importantly, I appreciate the confidence my son has now in the areas of the school curriculum that he needed a little improvement on because his tutor is encouraging and patient. Thank you, Tutor Doctor, for such a positive experience!

    Kristinna C.
  • I like the convience of the tutor coming to your home and there flexible schedule. I have already recommended tutor doctor to several friends

    Lisa R.
  • I chose Tutor Doctor Services more than 3 years ago and I am completely satisfied with their educational & learning services. Tutor Doctor have constantly demonstrated professionalism understanding all my educational and learning needs. They act promptly in finding solutions to any concerns while sustaining an excellent one to one educational support. Tutor Doctor have been and are always there ...

    Azza T.
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  • prompt attention to our needs

    Melissa H.
  • Our tudor is very knowledgable and has been helpful in our daughter achieving much better results in her math class.

    Denise M.
  • Sarah, the tutor that helps our son on Language Arts is very knowledgeable and very friendly. Lucas enjoys spending time with her and when he's with her is the only time when he's not complaining about reading.

    Laura I.
  • Having the Tutor come direct to our home and flexibility in the schduling is what we like best.

    Tracy R.
  • private one on one sessions in home

    Kindra H.
  • Mark Lin is great, he has been working with my son, and Tyler seems to be learning. Mark takes his time and works with Tyler so he undertands.

    Cindy B.
  • Our tutor has been very accommodating with our schedule, and has been able to provide assistance at crucial times, such as before exams. We've definitely seen an improvement in both performance, and confidence.

    Sue C.
  • It's nice to have a young student like Stephen. He is able to connect with Emily.

    Mike M.
  • We have now been with Tutor Doctor for 3 years. We have had 3 different tutors during that time and every single one has been outstanding. I love how flexible your tutors are to the ever changing schedules of kids these days and I especially love how they come to your home instead of us having to drive them yet one more place during the week. I also find that the kids are more comfortable and ...

    Barbara T.
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  • Come to our house, find a tutor that is a good fit for our daughter

    April L.
  • I like that you worked around our schedule here in our home. I liked that when the first pairing did not work for our son, you looked around for a better fit that has been fantastic!!!

    Karen R.
  • Our tutor is knowledgeable in English and French. She is very patient and makes learning fun for my daughter.

    Melodie T.
  • Tutor is very efficient and effective to whatever learning needs of the student.

    Marizel C.
  • Friendly and efficient!!

    Carolyn S.
  • straightforward

    Doug M.
  • The prompt and personal services. The matches of tutor to student we have been exactly what was need to support our child. If we have any concerns Tutor Doctor is always quick to address them.

    Kelly E.
  • That the tutors are chosen specifically for the needs of my kids, and these tutors specialize the subjects required.

    Michele B.
  • Sarah was very accommodating and committed to providing a good fit for our daughter. Both Sandra and Evan have benn great and very helpful!

    Joan A.
  • Replacing tutors without any delay

    Dhilanee A.
  • Excellent tutor was provided. Worked very well for us:)

    Tod E.
  • Knowledgeable tutors that relate well to students.

    Carolanne D.
  • Punctuality, Dedication, Knowledge, Empathy

    Roberto M.
  • Rizza is excellent with my son.

    Cathy P.
  • Prompt attention to the needs of the student by the staff. Good communication flow re: student between staff members/parents. Staff is quick to trouble shoot/problem solve identified issues re:tutor/student/parents. Tutor matching exercises/finds are done to best suit student's tutor gender preferences and student's school/ family/ sport etc. schedules. Would like to see implemented a system ...

    Grant P.
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  • Very accommodating, tutor suggested extra sessions if necessary.

    Theresia M.
  • I like the availability with the student, his involvement in language learning.

    Lucia A.
  • Ky is an excellent math tutor. He is ALWAYS accommodating to my daughter's very busy schedule. He is professional, enthusiastic, positve, cheerful and caring. It's paramount to him that she has understood the concept, lesson and material. I'd recommend Ky in a heartbeat!

    Cynthia M.
  • I like the flexible scheduling, and qualified teachers.

    Edith D.
  • That each Tutor is specially selected for your child and thier personality. Our Tutor also seems to really enjoy what they do and brings excitment for learning with them as well.

    Alicia W.
  • Commitment to detail: making sure our daughter was matched with a suitable tutor. The continual follow up to make sure things were ok and running smoothly. As well as the fact it was easy.

    Maria D.
  • Our tutor is a perfect match for my daughters needs. Your company saved me a lot of time and worry about finding the right person. We are very pleased and will be asking for another tutor for a different subject next term.

    Debora R.
  • I am very happy about your services for my sons.

    Priyanthi P.
  • Promptness and willingness to see the educational need of a child and assist.

    Shakira B.
  • You are committed to ensuring the best tutor for the student. You always respond to questions or request in a very timely manner. I appreciate your attention to our needs.

    Julie E.
  • We love the tutor (Carolyn Hoople) that we have for our daughter. Carolyn is very knowledgable and experienced as well a being kind and caring. In addition, Carolyn is such a great match personality wise for our daughter. We feel blessed to have her in our lives. I also have to praise Sarah for really listening to us and the needs of our daughter. Sarah did an amazing job choosing (matching) our ...

    Crystal T.
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  • I like that you are very picky about who will work well with my child. I love the new tutor and Barbara really takes her to heart. She said to me since I am in 9th grade my grades count for college and I want to do well like my tutor!Her tutor is going to medical school and comes right from college to tutor Barbara and sometimes she is in uniform from her class. This has made Barbara really think ...

    Denise B.
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  • You have been brilliant at matching the tutor to the student and we have had very very good and knowledgable tutors come to our home.

    Kjersti H.
  • The attention and commitment of the tacher to my child

    Michaela M.
  • The knowledge that the tutor has, the adaptability to what is being taught, and the way the student gets one on one training so that they can better understand concepts, etc. It is like having your own personal teacher. Very exciting to see a student catching on to things that were confusing before.

    Patricia H.
  • They have put the best tutors with both my kids. They look forward to them coming once a week.

    Kelly C.
  • Everything

    Nataliya M.
  • You are accomadating to the students needs and schedule

    Deb B.
  • my tutor, lyn, is very friendly and she understands exactly what I need to help with my studies! Her schedule is open which is very nice too.

    Casey S.
  • They come to our house

    Dawn G.
  • We have had wonderful tutors for our kids - for a very reasonable price.

    Kim S.
  • you accomadated us for all our needs and effie our tutor was great

    Colleen R.
  • personal commitment to the success of the participant and attention to the learning styles to ensure maximum growth and retention of learning!

    David G.
  • I love that we have at-home service with a tutor who is specifically matched to our daughter's needs, learning style and personality.

    Jennifer M.
  • What we liked most was that a tutor was found that would fit with our son and his likes/dislikes. Also, the flexibility of the scheduling

    Mary A.
  • Really like that Tutors comes to the house. The tutors are very high quality people with knowledge in their field.

    Carol B.
  • They come to the house.

    Sharon B.
  • I like having someone come to my home

    Shannon G.
  • the tutor that was chosen is punctual and reliable and knowledgeable.

    Tina G.
  • I and my children all love the tutor we were matched up with! I love it that she comes to our house! I really love the Flexibility of being able to book and schedule directly with our tutor. I love being able to switch days as needed to accomodate other commitments and activities. Being able to a book a session on a weekend morning and to use our hrs as per our individual needs is also a huge plus ...

    Carolina V.
    Continue Reading
  • Very friendly my son is always smiling

    Lucy T.
  • Very proffesional

    Natalia G.
  • Great at matching tutors to the students needs and personality. Flexibility with hours.

    Anna K.
  • the teachers really helped my kid in her getting more of the concepts. Some of the CBE teachers are really lazy. It's like a field day in class

    Marianne R.
  • I like that the tutor comes to our house, on our schedule (and hers, of course). She brings fun things to do, like fancy dice and Skittles as learning aids.

    Karyn C.
  • Very good service all round. From what I saw and heard the tutor knew his subjects and explained in an easy manner to understand and made sure my Daughter fully understood before moving on.

    David V.
  • Very personal and efficient!!

    Simon G.
  • You have a strong pool of tutors, who are really educators, not just babysitters.

    Marlene K.
  • the ease of having the tutor come to our home.

    Linda S.
  • Ollie has been very accommodating to our schedule and the tutors have been excellent!

    Brooke P.
  • The quality of your tutors. Also, paying up front is so convenient.

    Whitney W.
  • The interview we have at the beginning is really helpful for the student and for your organization to get to know the type of person he or she is. It also helps parents understanding how to manage the hours of tutoring bought. You are very committed to find out the proper tutor for each student. You always do a follow up. You always keep us informed on the number of hours left on our contract. ...

    Danielle R.
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  • Able to be in the privacy of home

    Jodi C.
  • My son's tutor was friendly, flexible and really related to his needs. He responded very well to her.

    Tammy A.
  • 1. In-home 2. Customized 3. Friendly 4. Quite affordable

    Valentina B.
  • I liked that I didn't have to interview tutors by myself and that the match made for my son was appropriate. I liked that the tutor came prepared every session and brought new games and stickers each time (tutor was Deb Mcginn). She was prompt and polite and had a calm manner.

    Sarah S.
  • The personal aspect of the service. Both Nasim and Rawan and Brittaney were personable and very caring - they really wanted the best for Rachel. I would certianly recommend your service.

    Trish Q.
  • The Tutor that you assigned to our son was an excellent match.

    Suzanne S.
  • How quick they were to respond to my desperate request for a University Biology tutor

    Debbie G.
  • #NAME?

    Marina B.
  • they come to our home and we are very pleased with the results. Leah has been great, and has been flexible in helping Michael with various subjects

    Kathy S.
  • In home service, and once assigned a tutor working directly with the tutor for scheduling appointments, cancellations etc. (as opposed to contactig a company/call centre).

    Corinna M.
  • 1. With the demands of high school it is wonderful that Tutor Doctor comes to your home so we don't have to spend time driving. This is time our son needs to do homework and still have time to do some sports or relax. 2. The tutors that have come to our home are very qualified. The tutor that is sent to your home is qualified to help with the subject your student is experiencing problems with. 3. ...

    Sherry K.
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  • Flexible and focussed on specific needs. Uzma is an effective teacher who is able to get the point across to the student. Daniel actually enjoyed his tutoring sessions!

    Leone J.
  • Knowledgeable tutors, convenience of home tutoring

    Sue B.
  • I think it is a great idea. It is nice that you are flexible for locations as well.

    Nicole & Rod M.
  • The latest tutor is very knowledgeable and helps in a way that our daughter understands the concepts.

    Jeff S. & Angela A.
  • Super easy to book sessions with our tutor. Its great that he comes right to our house.

    Vernon & Lisa H.
  • Reactive, flexible, personalized

    Kathy M.
  • The home tutoring is the most beneficial aspect for us due to all other family activities and committments.

    Julie & Randy G.
  • Flexibility of the tutor; tutor's approach is respectful and kind; helpful; meeting with a representative prior to tutoring to determine daughter's needs (nice that they came to our home; session don't expire.

    Tannis & Glen S.
  • Good quality of tutor

    Ivan & Natalia K.
  • The personal tutoring sessions are more effective since Advikaa gets her questions answered right away to enhance her learning.

    Ajay & Dipika D.
  • Fast and friendly.

    Stefanie & Karl R.
  • The Tutors sent to my children were consistent with scheduled days, knowledgeable and very easy to work with.

    Jennifer W.
  • They are flexible with schedules and come to your house.

    Antonia & Allan A.
  • Very good matching. Very responsive. Quick action. The students provide us with very positive feedback about their tutors!

    Carolee T.
  • I like the flezible schedules and times, i also like that you come to us

    Charanjit S.
  • I really appreciate the session reports that follow each visit

    Teresa & Bruce G.
  • The follow-up email session reports

    Tanya M.
  • you fit the tutor to the student so there is some common ground and a relationship getting together Do appreciate that the tutor's time is flexible.

    Dennis & Nicole F.
  • I like that Tutor Doctor works to find a tutor that fits each child's needs by each semester.

    Dixi A.
  • My son is very happy now and is enjoying reading more.

    Sarah S.
  • The tutors have been great. I like that you can purchase hours to be used as needed.

    Ashley & Colette S.
  • You pick for my daughter has been a great fit. Her marks have been going up. Which was our goal.

    Tammy & Mark H.
  • That you come to our house, less running around.

    Sharon & Jeff K.
  • The tutors are very knowledgable , polite and prompt. They are great mentors for my children. I really appreciate that Richi takes the time to follow up with Matthew on the day of the test and then goes through the test with Matthew to really make sure he understands his mistakes. Richi really cares and it shows! We would love to continue having Richi and Josh tutor our children into next year! I ...

    Jill C.
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  • Responsive (admission process was fast and professional.) Students are positive about their interaction with the tutors. Students feel that the tutoring has led to improved marks and reduced the threat of failing.

    Ary V.
  • We are very impressed with Kyle who is working with our son on physics 20. He is always on time, engaged and very willing to help and guide our son. He is professional and personable and our son feels he is helping him.

    Roxanne & Drew T.
  • I do like that Tutor Doctor does all of the leg work in finding the proper tutor for my child and that the tutor comes to our home. Makes the whole tutoring process so much simpler!

    Carol B.
  • I can say about my son's tutor Priscilla she is very punctual, professional and very nice !!! Thank you !

    Victoria B.
  • We liked that you worked with us to find the tutor with the right skills and knowledge which we required.

    Diane C.
  • My son is enjoying working with his tutors. He prepares for their arrival without reminders and seems keen to have the work assigned complete. While it is still early days to see return on the investment, early indicators are very positive!

    Lois P.
  • It is in my home and there are many tutors to choose from.

    Erin & Dan P.
  • Convenient and effective

    Karene & Darcy(Y,YO) M.
  • Great tutor and follow up.

    Debbie & Mike C.
  • Very knowledgeable and helpful tutor

    Edward W.
  • Tutor doctor was able to match a tutor to my autistic sons' needs and have that Tutor come into his school twice weekly! Not many tutoring services can do that successfully! Thank you :)

    Lynda R.
  • Tutors that we have had are dedicated to help. Like the home setting for learning. Both tutors we have had really have wanted my daughter to do well

    Janice S.
  • always on time. seem to be responsive to our direction. results tbd.

    Krista & Steve H.
  • We like the fact that an initial interview took place, this process allowed a good match for student to teacher.

    Lisa & Paul N.
  • That the tutors will travel outside of Calgary

    Susan & Ryan P.
  • I like that the tutor comes directly to our home. Also like the effort put forth to find the right tutor for the student.

    Joan M.
  • There are a wide range of tutors. Different areas of expertise, experience and teaching styles. Could never have found such good people myself. Everyone is dedicated to helping my teenager succeed.

    Brenda L.
  • Good service and quick to accommodate changes that may arise.

    David B.
  • I like the fact that there are weekly reports that are communicated to the parent. The tutor has always been on time and I find that she is able to engage my child in his learning. As each session is completed the tutor gives a few additional problems to work on and this builds my Childs confidence.

    Renae R.
  • How Tutor doctor takes personality into consideration when matching.

    Corene & Greg C.
  • Matching tutor skills / temperment to meet needs of the student Lessons at home Flexible schedule to meet needs of student

    Max & Joy F.
  • So far all has been good, but very early yet to say more.

    Michelle & David(YO) B.
  • They find good and exellent tutor for my cildren and also adjust levels my children' need. Tutor report is correct and trusted.

    Aram P.
  • I like that you listen to what we are looking for in a tutor and find a person that is well suited to our particular needs.

    Carrie G.
  • The Recent Tutor assigned to assist our Son with Chem 30 has been a terrific resource for him and he is doing very well.

    Michelle B.
  • Able to provide tutoring at home, quickly in a variety of curricula

    Clare W.
  • Personalization

    Kim J.
  • great tutors, quick response to special requests, easy to deal with,

    Kelly(YO,Y) A.
  • It is one to one and provides our child the opportunity to ask questions on what they do not understand without being embarrassed in the classroom in front of their peers. The tutor is able to make our child feel comfortable in our home and they take the time to understand what concept is not getting thru and explain the subject matter. This is so critical to the learning process as it is learning ...

    Karen O.
    Continue Reading
  • I don't have to worry about the quality of a teacher and the shortage of a teacher.

    Virginia C.
  • The tutor is very flexible and accommodating with our daughter's schedule.

    Tanya & John H.
  • It is great that it is done in home plus the tutor is perfectly matched to my son.

    Signe S.
  • How you keep in contact with the student / parents! I feel that you truly care about how the student is doing and progressing with the tutor.

    Jeanine G.
  • Choice of tutors, quality of the tutoring received and flexibility to fit in with the hours we were looking for.

    Susan B.
  • It simplifies things so we can focus on other things

    Corinne F.
  • Student assessment, tutorial report, tutor who understands the course completely and can assess the student's needs.

    Dianne B.
  • Seems very professional, well thought out.

    Sue W.
  • I like how tutor Doctor took the time to match me up with someone that would fit my learning style. I like the focus that my tutor has given me and the confidence in the subject to really learn and ask questions about the concepts.

    Maria B.
  • That they work around the students schedule

    Lynne D.
  • The ability to find a tutor tailored to individual needs.

    Cheryl D.
  • Convenient. Reasonable price. Good tutors .

    Linda G.
  • I appreciate that our tutor comes to our house during our time lines

    Marcie B.
  • Your match of tutor to pupil is exceptional

    Mikel Z.
  • Professionalism and an excellent fit was found for our tutoring needs.

    Wendy O.
  • professional people organizing my services, feels reliable and safe.

    Mary S.
  • Yossi has done an excellent job of matching tutors to our son based on subject matter and study material. It is very convenient to have the tutor attend our home.

    Elizabeth T.
  • Tutor was highly qualified

    Kelly C.
  • Profesional

    Ivan T.
  • The tutor flexibility of the time and date.

    Irene C.
  • Worked with us to find the right tutor that worked best for our child's needs.

    Sean M.
  • I like that they meet me and assign me a student based on my learning style.

    Chad & Ami C.
  • I really like our tutor and so do our kids

    Natalie T.
  • Dedication

    Sadia G.
  • I like the fact that the tutor understands my child. I would also like to see more hands on practice

    Van L.
  • Originally we loved the convenience of the tutor coming to our home, unfortunately at this time, we have to meet at another location for sessions. Although our daughter loves her current tutor and at this time are willing to travel, would like to see Tutor Doctor insure future tutors are committed to home tutoring as advertised.

    Elizabeth M.
  • Tutor doctor had a comprehensive interview at the beginning that help them find suitable tutors for my daughter. It was important to us that my daughter feel comfortable with her tutor, and that they were flexible to meet when our schedule required. They exceeded all my expectations on that account. After a couple of tutors who were wonderful, but not quite the right fit, we now have, possibly, ...

    Sheri C.
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  • We love the tutor that was recommended to us. He is a great fit for my son.

    Lonni T.
  • flexibility

    Dolamu S.
  • good tutors. helpful and flexible

    Alyson W.
  • They find the perfect tutor for the child.

    Abdullah & Reyhangual A.
  • All of the tutors we had were reliable and helpful. Thank you.

    Terry H.
  • They were quick to find a replacement tutor when the original was no longer available.

    Mariann S.
  • It is focused on the child needs, flexible schedule and lots of practice.

    Mary Y.
  • I liked the flexibility of choosing times that worked for us and having someone come to our house.

    Cathy H.
  • Good teachers

    Linda S.
  • The fact the Tutor comes into my house, she developed a friendship relation with my son, based on trust and the fulfilling of the required tasks in a friendly manner.

    Alina C.
  • The tutor seems truly care and so did the person who came to explain the program

    Sonia A.
  • Matches personality really helps with the chemistry between tutor and student.

    Joanne G.
  • I like that you come to our home. Nermine is great, makes learning interesting for Declan and is very nice.

    Yvonne D.
  • I was pleased with the professionalism of Sarah Chaudry who did the intake interview to assess our daughter's needs. She communicated well with us and found very good matches for our daughter for Science and English. The tutors are knowlegable, prompt and prepared. We have found them to be very helpful for our daughter.

    Myles & Kim B.
  • #NAME?

    Susan B.
  • Quick to accommodate concerns. Provides the right fit for needs

    Tina M.
  • It's easy to use and quick to set up.

    Chris W.
  • My family enjoys the french teacher, she is able to connect with all of them grade two to grade nine.

    Labake A.
  • The tutors are very knowledgeable. If a different tutor is requested it is done in a timely fashion.

    Joann B.
  • I like the convenience of having the tutor come over to our house to have a one on one session with my daughter(s) also the flexibility of each tutor to work on our schedule. The tutors are able to help my girls with their school works due to their high qualification.

    Rita P.
  • Nice teacher, nice organizing,the most important thing is my son likes to learn.

    Lucia Z.
  • Professional, friendly, worked well with my child.

    Deanna R.
  • All the tutors to date fit in with Michael's schedule, and he has connected with them..and they are very knowledgeable.

    Sheryl M.
  • In home service- convenience . Reliable staff. Passion for teaching. Experienced

    Suzanne M.
  • Very professional. Reliable and excellent with communication. My son absolutely adores his tutor and loves learning! She has given him the self-confidence to work hard and try to give his very best!

    Karima A.
  • Great flexability.

    Katrina M.
  • Very convenience for the student

    Amy L.
  • Providing qualified tutors to meet student's needs. Follow up with parents with regards to children's progress is highly appreciated.

    Titi R.
  • The quick response to my concerns and the prompt change of tutor that fit my child's needs better.

    Darcie G.
  • I like the fact that the tutors come your home which saves a lot of time in our busy week.

    Dawn M.
  • I like that the tutor comes to our home - it's a very personalized approach. and that when I've asked for a new tutor it was dealt with professionally.

    Hayley Z.
  • one to one, in home

    Danielle M.
  • Personal service. Feel like you care about clients.

    Natalie W.
  • The tutor come on time she listining to my son, he is doing very good in the class this days because she always encourage him,and he is always happy to see her.

    Dikra S.
  • Our Tutor is olways on Time,Sche is olways preparet with some stady work. My Son is enjoing to do some work. Thank you to Tutor Katreena.

    Irina M.
  • The quality of the tutors we have received has been great.

    Lorna H.
  • Flexible tutors that come to the house. Will work around schedules. Able to find tutors that work with the child's learning, so will change a tutor if necessary.

    Kathy R.
  • Following up on student's performance and improvement

    Romoke O.
  • Once we found the right combination of personality and Teaching ability my daughter was on the right track to Learning and feeling confident about her studies. Thank you

    Mary Z.
  • You do your very best to find the right tutor for our children; and that you care!

    Kamaljeet A.
  • The gentlemen that was paired with my daughter for her pure math 10 & 20 was well educated and patient. He used his time with her constructively and seemed to know when to push her harder and when to coast.

    Stacy F.
  • Our tutor was attentive and effective. Our daughter regained confidence in herself and was able to improve at school.

    Julie S.
  • We have used group tutoring facilities in the past but this year tried the one on one tutoring offered by Tutor Doctor. Worth every penny!! We were perfectly matched with a tutor that went above and beyond for our grade 10 daughter struggling with math. What an amazing difference, so much so we have pre-purchased for next year. Thank you Emma M. and the Tutor Doctor Team for your continued support ...

    Jenn R., Airdrie
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