English Tutoring Services in Calgary

The Extra Attention Every Child Deserves

At Tutor Doctor Calgary, we know the tremendous value of developing reading, writing, and comprehension skills. The ability to communicate clearly and concisely is the foundation of nearly every academic subject. From history reports to long-form science papers, the ability to write fluidly can be a game-changer in terms of boosting grades and scores. Reading and comprehension are equally critical to achieving high SAT scores, interpreting dense texts, and helping one understand complex concepts. Improvements in English can even increase confidence in public speaking and participating in class discussions.

With the burden of catering to many students, even the most hardworking teachers in public schools often find themselves devoid of the resources, time, and flexibility to assist each student personally. As a result, many students struggle – especially if they have a unique learning style that is incompatible with the rigid template of public schooling. We proudly offer an answer to this problem – adapting to the academic needs and personality of each student. Avoiding the one-size-fits-all model, we tailor our English tutoring services to each individual client.

English Tutoring Can Improve Various Skills

Our English tutoring services prepare students for various academic and professional scenarios. The ability to organize ideas, summarize information, and effectively articulate thoughts cab be invaluable in numerous settings. With a greater command of language, students can develop unique perspectives on topics, an independent thinking style, and a voice of their own.

Advances in reading, writing, and comprehending can:

  • Refine Research Techniques – A high level of reading comprehension is a valuable tool when filtering information on the Internet. We can teach ways to determine a source is reliable and how to use citations correctly!
  • Inspire Creativity – English is a direct portal to the marvelous world of literature. Ready anything is excellent for the imagination. Whether it be a fantasy book or a classic novel, the process of engaging with varying ideas, narratives, vocabularies, and writing styles offers immense value.
  • Improve Vocabulary – Very few gestures have the power of creating a stronger impression than a well-used, high-level word. An expansive vocabulary is also crucial when it comes to understanding course materials and concepts.
  • Assist With Brainstorming – Our tutors will teach proven methods for notetaking and clustering ideas. Knowing how to organize themes, arguments, and meaning is a critical skill in reading comprehension.

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