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Tutor Doctor Calgary

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    Sandi Haycock

    Office Manager

    Sandi is the Office Manager at the Tutor Doctor Calgary office. She is an experienced administrator with exceptional customer service skills. Sandi is highly responsive to all families and tutors at our Tutor Doctor Calgary office as we continue to change the trajectory of students’ lives.

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    Jennifer Herman

    Hello my name is Jen. I am an Ontario native and relocated to Calgary, Alberta almost 4 years ago. I began working with kids in my teens and never stopped. I went to college and got my diploma as a Child and Youth Worker. I was fortunate to have a great 20+ year career working with children and youth who’s ages ranged from 3-18. These children had various mental health disorders and lived in many different environments. A few years ago, wanting to be closer to family I moved to Calgary. When I moved I thought I would take a break from working with kids. That did not last long at all as I missed the interaction with the kids. I began looking around to see where my path in life might lead me. I found Tutor Doctor in 2019 and instantly loved working with the company as well as the students and their families. I tutor student’s from nursery to grade 6 in math, language, social studies, science as well as teach organization skills and strategies to children and families who have mental health diagnoses. Tutoring allows me to work with my students and families in a team approach, which is always open and honest. I bring my years of experience and my creativity to sessions. Working with the children at their level and learning style, building confidence and motivation as well as skills and strategies for all of my students to soar and excel. Through the last 18 months COVID-19 presented some challenges as I am an in-home tutor. The students I tutor need the hand-over-hand approach and well as being close to me to learn. COVID-19 could have provided my students with setbacks. However, thanks to the support from Tutor Doctor and my excellent group of parents and our strong bonds and relationships we have developed. I was able to continue my in-home tutoring with safety precautions being used. This has allowed my students the ability to continue to grow and learn in an ever changing and challenging environment. They also learned that whatever happened we would deal with it together, which eased their worries greatly. As I have said to many, I love what I do, I love the students and the families that I have the great pleasure to tutor and it is all thanks to the turn in my life path in which I found Tutor Doctor.

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    Lana Skauge

    Tutor Doctor’s care and concern for their clients starts with hand picking the very best instructor to serve a particular student’s need. Their thorough screening process impressed me. I have been respected and supported. My forty years as a Drama practitioner in both secondary and post-secondary education was acknowledged and valued. I was encouraged to provide visually stimulating interactive lessons honed to each client’s interests and academic demands. This rewarding and invaluable opportunity has nurtured my own skill set. Tutor Doctor expects the best from their instructors. I am proud to provide my services to a company who has high standards and excellent support systems for clients and teachers.

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    David Krebs

    I have been teaching math with Tutor Doctor since 2015. I meet with my students as often as 2.5 hours per week. During Covid we have met online. We usually connect over Zoom. Most of my Tutor Doctor students have been at the high school level. My students often like to jump right in with exercises from school, but sometimes they ask for expository. I have developed over the years many ideas about how best to teach concepts, some of which ideas I have not seen elsewhere but which do clarify things. I follow up each session with notes which I post on Google Docs. I always give the Tutor Doctor office (as well as the student of course) a link to these notes. If the student wishes, I include homework in these notes which we take up in the following session. I enjoy my work with Tutor Doctor and find it satisfying to see my students progress.

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    Majid Barakchian

    I have a Master's degree in Civil Engineering and over 12 years of teaching experience in an academic setting. I started my teaching journey as a professor in a post-secondary institution in my home country, Iran. I have been tutoring different level groups including high school to university levels since 2017. I am very passionate about what I do and look forward to helping students in Math, Physics, and Engineering courses to the best of my abilities. I consider myself to be a lifelong learner and have acquired a love for website design as a hobby as well! It is my firm belief that learning is a two-way journey, and as much as I teach my students, I learn from them in return. I also used to volunteer during my time at the Public Library and as a soccer coach. I do both in-person and online tutoring and have extensive experience using online platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, and other platforms. I look forward to continuing my collaboration with the Tutor Doctor and am excited about meeting many enthusiastic students!

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    Taylor Lambie

    Hello! My name is Taylor, and I have over ten years of experience working with children and youth of all ages and abilities. In 2020 I graduated, with distinction, from the University of Toronto, where I specialized in international development. While at U of T, I completed a ten-month coop work placement in the Northwest Territories, where I worked and assisted in a JK-12 community school. During these ten months, I discovered my love for learning and teacher and decided to pursue my Bachelor of Education. I am currently in the last year of my Bachelor of Education after-degree at Ambrose University in Calgary. I believe that every student is unique and always adapt my tutoring to meet the needs, learning styles, and interests of every individual I work with to keep students engaged and reach their definition of success.

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    Melina Varguez

    Hello! My name is Melina, although most people call me Mel. I am currently a PhD student at the University of Calgary with my research focused in robotic locomotion. I have been teaching and tutoring for over 10 years, usually covering topics such as math, technology and Spanish. I possess a specialization in teaching that I believe has given me more confidence and the right tools to come up with creative teaching methods to keep students motivated. I have worked with kids, teens and adults, adapting my methodology accordingly. In my spare time I enjoy playing with my dogs, practicing and watching sports (boxing, mma, basketball, hockey, etc.), hiking, cooking, reading and gardening.

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    Dain MacLean

    Hello there, I am Dain MacLean and I have been a tutor with Tutor Doctor since late 2019. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Communications and set to graduate in November of 2021. Social Studies, English/Language Arts are my areas of expertise, and both of these are personal favourite subjects as well. I pride myself in my patience, perseverance and passion in my own academic career which has extended into my tutoring style. I am currently also an ESL teacher working mainly with students in Europe, and I have experience as a sprint intern for the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Mount Royal University, as well as a Search Engine Evaluator with Appen, a Social Media Specialist with LOUD Marketing, Note-taker/Exam Support with the Accessibility Services at MRU, Junior Producer/Director with the Academic Media Group at MRU and Lab Technician at the START Lab at the Riddell Library on campus. I am an avid traveller (when the world isn't experiencing a pandemic), outdoor enthusiast, writer, reader, filmmaker/photographer and like to consider myself a critical thinker and problem solver. My experiences with Tutor Doctor have helped me understand that every student has a unique learning style and to really focus on the student's individual needs and areas of improvement in order to see the best results possible through our tutoring plan.