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Meet Our Team

Tutor Doctor Calgary and Area

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    Melanie Parent

    Client Care/Office Manager

    Melanie has been the Client Care Manager for the Tutor Doctor Calgary and Area since 2015. She is dedicated to ensuring all client’s needs are met and every student is set up for success. In addition to a strong team of quality employees, proper customer service is a vital part of the success of this franchise. Always having an entrepreneurial spirit, Melanie obtained her Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Calgary to take her career to the next level. Using her dedication and hard-working spirit, she always has chosen to work for smaller companies where she could learn and grow from her mentors. Melanie’s career path has always been in the service industry in one aspect or another and working to change the trajectory of student’s lives, fit with her passion. Melanie chose a career with Tutor Doctor to helping students of all ages who are struggling with their education and confidence. She has always gone the extra mile to make sure she exceeds each client’s expectations. This amazing service has led to a 5 star Google rating, a NPS Score of over 90%, and winning the Tutor Doctor Global Customer Service Award for 2021.

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    Fiona Reaves, Tutor Manager

    Tutor Manager

    Fiona has worked in the Education field for the past 11 years. She has been with Tutor Doctor Calgary and Area since 2018, where she started as a Tutor Recruiter and now manages a roaster of over 150 tutors. Fiona is dedicated in ensuring every family is perfectly matched with a tutor to meet their specific educational needs. She always takes the time to get to know each tutor so that she can ensure there will be a strong connection between the tutor and student. She considers numerous factors when matching, such as, scheduling, academic goals, learning style and personality. She is an expert at selecting which tutor is best suited for a specific student and is personally invested in matching each family.

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    Linda Robertson

    Tutor Recruitment Specialist

    Linda joined the Tutor Doctor team in 2018 as a Customer Service Representative, and now is the person behind the hiring of our amazing tutors! Before joining Tutor Doctor, Linda worked with the Calgary Board of Education as an Educational Assistant, so she truly understands the needs of children and how vital extra support can be for them. As a mother of two children herself, she always asks herself, "Is this someone I would want tutoring my child?” in the hiring process. Her passion for helping families and children has always been at the forefront from her extensive work with children through a non-profit association she founded or working with various school boards. Linda is responsible for building a strong tutor base that will give us the freedom to ensure the best match for each child is achieved. She is responsible for job postings, interviewing, hiring and ensuring we attract “the best of the best” tutors for our families. She is dedicated to finding tutors with the special skills needed to help our students succeed and ensuring our tutors are well prepared to meet with their students and families.

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    Shannon Muir

    Educational Consultant

    Hello! My name is Shannon and I have been working with Tutor Doctor as a tutor and Educational Consultant since 2020. I have over 16 years’ experience in the teaching profession, having taught Kindergarten through to Grade 12 in Calgary and abroad as a certificated teacher. I have since pursued leadership roles in schools and school boards with my Masters level education and a focus on instructional leadership; helping teachers to do their best work. Tutor Doctor has provided me with the opportunity to get back to my grass roots, working with students and their families to regain confidence, stretch existing skills and achieve their learning goals. I believe that all students can learn and succeed. Some of us just don’t “fit in the box” so to speak and need a more personalized approach to their learning in order to thrive. There is nothing more intrinsically rewarding than that!

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    Faiza Choudhary

    Educational Consultant

    As an Education Consultant, Faiza brings more than 8 years of experience in the field of Education. She is responsible for connecting with families, listening to and understanding their needs and goals, assessing students, and providing support through offering tools and solutions. Faiza is passionate about self-growth and believes that you can achieve anything as long as you have the right support in your corner. She believes in Tutor Doctor because of her personal success story of achieving her goals after diligently working with a tutor back in high school. As an educator, Faiza takes joy in coaching families through their child’s education journey, to provide support in helping them discover their fullest potential. As Joe from the Pixar movie Soul says: “Life is full of possibilities. You just need to know where to look."

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    Christine Zajac

    Customer Service Representative

    Christine’s background is in Office Management, so working part-time as a Customer Service Representative at Tutor Doctor has melded perfectly into her life. She enjoys being the first point of contact for Tutor Doctor’s parents and students and has a compassion for hearing about the needs and goals they are wanting help with. Helping others and finding solutions is something she takes great pride in. When she isn’t working, you will find her snuggling dogs, children, exploring nature's beauty, and inspiring others in healthy and holistic ways. “It’s easier to go down a hill then up but at the top, the view is most beautiful. Don’t give up!”