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Meet Our Team

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Nicelle DePatie


Nicelle DePatie is the proud owner of the Tutor Doctor franchise serving communities throughout the city of Calgary and surrounding areas. She is committed to improving the educational experience and level of achievement for students working with Tutor Doctor. Nicelle’s focus is to build a business known for the quality of the people involved and a sincere approach focusing on strong customer service.

From a young age, Nicelle always had a passion for helping and teaching children. As an educator, a mentor, and especially as a mother, Nicelle knows the joys and the challenges of keeping children on track toward achieving their goals, and the crucial role that one-on-one, personalized tutoring can play in making it happen. Success comes from increasing students’ self-confidence and their discovery of the reinforcing effects of solid work habits to achieve subject mastery.

First pursuing a Bachelor of Education degree, Nicelle then continued to challenge herself with a career in Marketing, Operations, Customer Service, and Business Development at UPS, then Canadian Pacific Railway. Her experiences in the business world coupled with her passion for teaching and mentoring, made owning and operating a Tutor Doctor Franchise an obvious career choice.

Nicelle expertly uses her pedagogical, management and mentoring skills to understand the needs of each student in her tutoring family, to match student needs with tutor skills and capabilities, and to ensure the best educational outcomes.

“Everything starts with the unique needs of the student. That’s why our free in-home consultation can be so powerful. By taking the time to understand the student’s learning style and areas of concern, we can find a ‘connected match’ with a tutor that will work well with the student. People learn from people, so that connection is key. I also believe that one-on-one tutoring is beneficial to maximize results. And for parents to have one less event to coordinate; the in-home component saves them time, working around their busy schedule.”