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  • Harsh Vashi was a wonderful tutor and we hope to hire him again. He kept our daughter on task and made her verbalized the procedure, and went further to ensure she understood the mathematical concepts presented. He provided lots of practice questions and was always punctual and polite.

    Margaret K.
  • We've had very competent tutors that were easy for our son to work with. The scheduling couldn't be easier and the email feedback after every session is helpful.

    Cindy G.
  • You come to are place

    Jason H.
  • This school year was awesome as we didn't go through 3 or 4 tutors. We wanted the person we had at the end of last years school and she came back and tutored my daughter. So this year for us it was 100% improvement. But most importantly what I like is that the tutor comes to my house and I don't have to drive anywhere.

    Brenda T.
  • The overall concept and ease of the home visits with tutor are working well for us. Our son seems to be doing well with Dan and he enjoys his tutor time, he is growing more confident in his work.

    Carrie H.
  • Commitment to the student's success

    Olaitan E.
  • My tutor Janice is very flexible and excellent in bringing my work to another level of grading

    David T.
  • The kids are learning! Just yesterday read the differences between lie and lay and which past tense words to use. I had been doing it incorrectly all of these years. However, my grade seven daughter piped up and told me she already knew those things. Her tutor, Nisha, had taught her.

    Nancy P.
  • The tutors have been professional, dedicated, and friendly. Our high-anxiety, school-avoiding teenager has been at ease with them and is making progress. We were with another tutoring company before, and although the tutors there were also very excellent, we didn't feel as well supported by the company. The email tutor reports are easy to share with our child's teachers. We also appreciate the ...

    Chandra I.
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  • The tutor genuinely wish to help. They are very knowledgeable and pleasant.

    Robin C.
  • My son has so far worked with two tutors and both have been very good. What I really like is the flexibility of the service -- being able to buy a block and hours and then use them for one subject and switch if the need arises (as it did in our case, on short notice). Having tutors come to the home is very handy, too, for a mom like me who can't drive.

    Barbara G.
  • The attention to the needs of the client

    Ngozika C.
  • There is nothing I don't like. The best part is the convenience. With one call or email to Tutor Doctor I am confident my child will get exactly the kind of tutoring they need with almost no delay

    Judy E.
  • The tutor is very compatible to my daughter and her school work has improved.

    Angela L.
  • Being able to book the initial appointment online, meeting with someone about our child's needs and having a tutor placed with us based on that was great. Easy to organize! Love the session reports too.

    Anoushka P.
  • Dependable. Businesslike. Helpful

    Mike V.
  • flexible, professional, friendly

    Carolyn D.
  • Reliable and helpful.

    George P.
  • the friendliness and ease of communication. Seem to be totally invested in the student and their comfort with the tutor and learning. Staff are informative and helpful. My daughter is happy and doing very well in her studies now thanks to her instructor, David. It is quite a load off my mind. I am very thankful for tutor doctor!

    Heather H.
  • Flexibility, quality of tutors, excellent customer service, good job in understanding the students' needs and personalities and in matching suitable tutors who can respond to those needs.

    Sherry F.
  • one on one , convenient , my son is benefiting.

    Aregash A.
  • You were able to find the perfect tutor for my son!

    Carina C.
  • match student with tutor

    Beatrix G.
  • They are very easy to deal with. Our tutor Jodie seems like a perfect fit.

    Carey D.
  • I like that the tutor comes to the house, as the kids are already pressed for time it makes it much easier. Its nice to know that if the tutor isnt a good match to the student that there are options, we had a few previous tutors before we found the right one. It has really made a differnce for our daughter.

    Stacy S.
  • My child's confidence in her math abilities has increased.

    Kristina R.
  • Courteney is the perfect personality match for Audrey. Audrey see's this as a great activity--- not a punishment. We could not be happier with our experience so far. -- Andy J

    Andy J.
  • best match with the student

    Rishi B.
  • focussed on individual need. Tutor is prompt. Knowledgeable, and has a genuine interest.

    Suzanne M.
  • Everything. We contacted Tutor Doctor and received an immediate response. A consultant came over within a day of our deciding to proceed with a consultation. The consultant came to our home and met with us for an hour, no charge. He provided a thorough overview of the services available, pricing options, and asked for our schedule and tutor preferences. Notwithstanding a delay on our part in terms ...

    Jennifer S.
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  • When I felt my child wasn't connecting with his tutor, you found another one very quickly.

    Megan B.
  • When the first tutor did not work out, within a short time period we were matched with another. No questions asked. The second tutor has turned out to be a great match for my daughter.

    Cindy K.
  • We liked that we are able to give input about the tutor. The first one didn't work out and it was no problem to change. The tutor we have now is a good match for our daughter. She feels they have good reviews before tests and have reviewed test writing strategies.

    Diane A.
  • I have been extremely impressed with our tutor, joyce has far exceeded our expectations to date.

    Parm V.
  • I like how Tutor Doctor lets me learn at my own pace and provides emails about every meeting I've had with my tutor to help keep track of my hours and progress.

    Gurvir S.
  • Friendly service, very knowledgeable and adaptable.

    Kate W.
  • Everything! Very efficient and professional.

    Brenda L.
  • Very efficient Quick to respond You sent somebody who knows what he is doing. Thank you! Keep it up

    Tasneem S.
  • The tutors are very professional and really know math.

    Melanie B.
  • I like the fact that they provide solution to any problem if need arises

    Idiono A.
  • personal one on one

    Sharon T.
  • The tutor was very knowledgeable and a good instructor. She worked very well with my son and it helped him raise his grade.

    Kevin R.
  • I LOVE that Tutor Doctor comes to our home. With such a busy schedule it's so great to have the tutor come to us.

    Sarah N.
  • The one on one tutoring and working around my child's schedule

    Cherie W.
  • Andrea has been excellent in providing excellent tuition to our daughter and her confidence and growth in math has been evident. Thank you!

    Micheal K.
  • tutor is able to come on days we need them. Very helpfull

    Maureen S.
  • Our tutor was a good match for our daughter. She excelled in her math as she regained her confidence. Thanks for everything!!!

    Michele B.
  • The communication and quality of my son's tutor

    Debbie S.
  • Our tutor is wonderful!!!

    Mary N.
  • Very personable and they look into finding a match for the students personality and needs. Very pleased and would definately recommend.

    Jeff M.
  • Choice in tutor and ability to change if required, Very approachable representatives and timely replies. Ability to include extra help when required.

    Margot E.
  • The tutor we have for our boys is reliable, flexible, & at an age that our boys can easily relate to. He has always been extremely patient, non-intimidating & helpful, and he really challenges the boys to think. We are very pleased as well with the prompt attention & solutions the Tutor Doctor Team has given to any of our questions or concerns. Thank you

    Theresa H.
  • The first meeting was all about my daughter - how she learns and where she struggles. Then, the tutor who came out is punctual and kind. She is also very patient. The service is fantastic!

    Allison S.
  • Tutors come to the house. Morgan was fantastic and my daughter felt very comfortable with her.

    Tara E.
  • I like the fact that the tutor comes to our home and also the fact that the curriculum is custom tailored to the student's needs.

    Steven C.
  • I love the tutors and the fact that it is done in our home makes it the best scenerio!

    Amanda S.
  • Efficient, qualified tutors and great back office!

    Lorelei A.
  • Very personal. I like one to one with the students

    Linda K.
  • commitment, reliability, right match for child, patience

    Michelle H.
  • Prompt and friendly

    Sonya L.
  • Tutor is very committed and teaches in a professional way.

    Awny M.
  • In home tutoring, great teachers.

    Kim M.
  • Efficient, organized, personable an professional.

    Heather H.
  • I'm happy with to my taecher. I'm happy that I'm learning more English

    Elmira A.
  • I am very pleased how Sam's personal manner has inspired my son Jeremy to be prepared and to do his work. We are now seeing incredibly good results that are attributable to the quality of instruction and the confidence and rewards have been instilled in our son. We are delighted with the Tutor Doctor concept. It works. Shaun MacIsaac

    Alison M.
  • That you guys come to the house , and very Felixble with hours ! So far it's been good I'm very happy with it !

    Alauna O.
  • Your survices are highly organized

    Farah H.
  • Strong tutor, good communication with parents from the company, very professional.

    Emily F.
  • I like the fact that you come to my door. I don't have to worry about bringing my child to you.

    Rachel Y.
  • Everything.

    Ramona O.
  • experienced tutors, in home service

    Lamise K.
  • Personalized service, excellent job matching tutor to my student's personality.

    Elena Z.
  • Mateo is making progress.He gets full explanation to his questions.We appreciate Kristoffer punctuality (he is never late ). Thank You Mariana

    Mariana V.
  • Love the fact that it happens in our own home and the flexibility around the teaching. You meet the tutor, you see the progress in the tutor/student relationship. You discuss the needs if the student. Just amazing!

    Avisha T.
  • Charlyee O'Dell is a great ambassador for the Company. She is cheerful and always willing to help (and deliver) on any request of ours.

    Ian F.
  • Tutor is knowledgable and professional and they come to my house:).

    Leanna A.
  • You have been prompt in contacting me whenever I call or email, were able to work with a third billing party, the tutors that you recommended have been great, flexible, and dedicated to what they do. They have been a big help to our daughter.

    Carey K.
  • I like the flexibility of scheduling and the fact that the tutors come to the home. All the tutors are well versed in the area they are tutoring

    Shelley W.
  • The service has improved since a year ago. Now I receive emails telling me how many hours I have left and how many I have used. Also, I was able to change tutors since they didn't 'fit' with my daughter. keep up the good work!

    Beth B.
  • One on one teaching and at the house convenience!

    Annie H.
  • I like that I got a quick reponse to my initial request for a tutor. I feel that I can trust the company to do what they say they will. Mike was very helpful for Zain and I wish I had hired the company sooner.

    Victoria T.
  • I have been impressed by the quality of tutors and the quick response of the administrators

    Mona B.
  • Private one-to-one session

    Claudio S.
  • I like the quality of the additional education that my child is receiving. I really like that the tutor(s) come to my home. Kathy MacKenzie

    Kathy M.
  • Responded to initial inquiry immediately. Was seen promptly for 1st appointment. Daughter is very happy with her tutor, great connection.

    Susana M.
  • The best part of the services is how they pair the perfect tutor for each student

    Roberta B.
  • Very attentive in matching the personality of the tutor with that of our son.

    Michelle B.
  • awesome service - awesome tutors! AMAZING!

    Maria L.
  • Very professional and great tutors/

    Kim L.
  • The prompt reply to the initial request was great. We were able to schedule an appointment and then had a tutor at our home within the week. There were no waiting times, and there is no formal assessment process so the tutor and our child were able to start right away. The assessment is ongoing, rather than separate. Our tutor is fabulous, she is incredibly well suited to our child's learning need ...

    Robin M.
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  • Home based. Quality tutors.

    Candice H.
  • The last tutor was great. He did a good job.

    Glenda A.
  • Sylvain is the tutor Charlyee chose for my son and they really are well suited. A perfect match! We are still early in but things are going well and we look forward to the sessions.

    Cori C.
  • Prompt response to my initial inquiry, followed up by an equally prompt start to tutoring sessions. Our tutor is a very good fit for our daughter. I have already recommended you to another family and I believe they have already started tutoring sessions as well. House calls were essential for us and we were given a great deal of flexibility in choosing our times. Payment structure is easy and the ...

    Haly P.
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  • Couldn't ask for a better tutor for my boys. My boys look forward to working with her each week. I will continue to refer my friends to tutor doctor!

    Jody S.
  • That the tutor comes to the home, is prompt and does not waste any time.

    Elaine B.
  • Professional and friendly right from the first people we spoke with to the tutor we have coming into our home.

    Anna K.
  • Always On time and giving

    Nesreen J.
  • The quality of the tutor and that he is able to travel between our two homes

    Stacey G.
  • The quality of tutors and flexibility.

    Trevor S.
  • The flexibility and quality of the tutors

    Shannon L.
  • Loved the tutor. She worked very well with my daughter. Tutor would make certain my child completely understood the concepts. Tutor doctor assured that they could find a good fit that worked with our needs as well.

    Elaine B.
  • Great service.

    Beth G.
  • MY Daughter learned a lot.

    Gretal B.
  • Everything has been very easy from the initial call, to the first visit and setting up times for tutoring. The kids have been very happy with the help they are receiving.

    Shelley M.
  • The fact the tutor comes to your home where the student can learn in their own environment.

    Shannon S.
  • Roxanne was so quick to find a tutor for Paige. We had a tutor lined up and ready to go within 3 days which was such a huge relief to me. Thank you so much!

    Cassandra D.
  • It's going good and excited to see grade improvements.

    Roopie K.
  • Good choice of tutors, reliable, good teachers

    Deborah B.
  • It is hard to imagine being matched with a more perfect tutor.

    Lara P.
  • Tutor is affable and knowledgeable. Able to put the student at ease.

    Jacqueline M.
  • Find a tutor that meets my sons needs!

    Dawn E.
  • Personel has been exceptional in knowledge of content material, in ability to teach, and in relating to student's personality, learning style and academic needs. Mohamed was an outstanding tutor and advocate for Braelan

    Janel H.
  • Everything

    Sukhwinder B.
  • Nicole has connected with our daughter in a way that is effecting great change & bringing about success.

    Christine P.
  • The response is very fast, especially when it is known that a person is having trouble, it is usually close to an exam or end of a semester and the quality of the tutors are excellent.

    Kelly P.
  • Trained professional. Flexibility with tutoring two different kids. Friendly, personalized.

    Aleta T.
  • Having someone who is good at teaching a specific subject

    Maria H.
  • The scouting of a tutor for my son, versus me having to phone around and interview.

    Carlotta C.
  • Quick response, excellent tutors

    Rod M.
  • Nice to work from our home!

    Hannah N.
  • They come to my home. They matched my son with someone who has similar interests as well as a wonderful personality.

    Jackie W.
  • Easy to find and get started. Choice of Tutors and fit with my daughter.

    Paul W.
  • Home service

    Brian K.
  • Quality of the individuals and the convenience

    Cindy S.
  • I like being charged by the hours I paid for. The flexibility to cancel as needed. I love that The tutor comes to my home. My som was also matched with a perfect tutor. She has the ability to redirect him when he get off topic. Another great thing Is that the hours are not restricted to noe subject. Caroline is wonderful :-)

    Tammy P.
  • convenient in home service; good tutors

    Justine W.
  • good customer service. Roxanne is efficient and quick at responding to any message.

    Jennifer G.
  • very good fit, grades have improved and remained steady. also service was always on time

    Dave W.
  • I loved the quick response to needing a tutor. Carly really benefited from her tutor and reaped the rewards!!! Roxanne has been great as with the tutos. I liked that i could trust the people coming to my home and felt very comfortable with the whole experience.

    Brian S.
  • We really liked the in home tutoring and the fact that our daughter had a young girl tutoring her whom she could relate well to. The tutor was knowledgeable on the subjects she required help with and made learning fun.

    Louise T.
  • Excellent results! Great tutors with flexible schedules.

    Jacqui G.
  • Our family is so impressed with all the tutors and Roxanne the mgr has always been so wonderful to deal with. Our kids have different needs in a tutor and roxanne found the right tutors for every child.

    Naomi F.
  • The teacher was very nice

    Alexandra S.
  • They come to your home.

    Maria M.
  • Tutoring is one on one and in our home.

    Lynn R.
  • They are flexible. If a particular tutor or time is not a good fit they are able to make changes quickly and successfully.

    Vicki K.
  • Hello -ß We have a tutor named Robyn Rush through Tutor Doctor.-ß We have been extremely pleased with her.-ß She is a wonderful teacher and person.-ß Having said that though we are almost finished our hours and will not be continuing with Tutor Doctor.-ß We feel our children are doing great right now and do not need a tutor at this time after our hours are finished.-ß -ß Thank you so much for ...

    Sandra K.
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  • It has been wonderful. Amber is very serious taking her time to prepare the classes. very well done.

    Laura G.
  • Quick, friendly, caring and professional response to any inquieries/needs, with excellent tutors that come to our home for convenience and comfort for our daughter. We have had three different tutors all top notch. Thank you Roxanne :) keep up the great work!

    Kristin L.
  • David Vu was wonderful.

    Mary F.
  • Hi There We would highly recommendthe services of tutor Dr. Very professional and they love teaching. The Tutors enthusiasm was contagious. Brought our daughters marks up 35%

    Kathy J.
  • Roxanne has been outstanding in working with our requirements for finding a tutor, with very short notice, and then making changes when we needed, and keep in touch to ensure we are being taken care of. Thanks Roxanne.

    Terry K.
  • Tutors are prompt and keep the sessions interestig for my daughter. I like that we can keep the sessions in the home as it saves time and energy.

    Marlisa W.
  • I like that you can custom the type of help your child needs, and als custom the type of person that he needs.

    Sara H.
  • Payment has already been done. Approach/the experience is not like school. Relaxed. The child looks forward to the lesson.

    Tracey L.
  • Convenient - you make house calls, and tutor is great.

    Arlene F.
  • that you take the time to evaulate our children and do your best to match a tutor with the needs of our child.

    Natoline & Darryl D.
  • Roxanne you are a true pleasure and very professional to work with. Also you always choose the best tutor matched to my daughter. She has built great confidence in herself with the support. I feel your tutors have always been outstanding compared to any other tutoring companies I have dealt with over the 10 years.

    Christina M.
  • It was great the teachers are awsome , pleasent and flexible

    Francine W.
  • The convenience of having the tutor come to our home and work around our busy schedule. The quality of the service provided. Level of professionalism. Extremely satisfied!

    Candace N.
  • I love that the tutors come to our home and especially that the tutoring is one-on-one. We have been very fortunate to have had our tutor for two years, and my daughter who was once terrified of math considers it one of her favourite subjects.

    Colleen C.
  • First of all, you make house calls. Very convenient. The tutor we have works well with our needs. Our tutor can teach in a manner that our daughter can understand and learn. This tutor is highly educated in math and other science. We are very grateful that such a service like Tutor Doctor exists. Thanks

    Margaret R.
  • Flexibility in scheduling and excellent teacher.

    Elizabeth Y.
  • My son has transitioned very well considering he has been through two tutors from the time he has started the program. The present tutor has helped my son with his confidence and he seems willing to pick up a book and read it to me proudly. Thanks so much.

    Soula F.
  • I found your tutors were extremely professional, easy to work, with and really supported our daughter by giving her positive feed back.

    Cindy S.
  • flexability thank you

    Carol D.
  • My daughter is so busy it is great that she can be in her own comfortable home for learning, rather than run around to yet another place for yet another activity. She and her tutor's trusting relationship has encouraged my daughter's confidence to grow and she is beginning to see the results in her learning/study habits as well as in school marks.

    Rande A.
  • The tutors we have had have been very caring and understanding . It's most helpful having them come to the house. I feel they have spent a great deal of time preparing to help with the specific problems we have.

    Terry S.
  • Indepth interview to start and understand our needs. Thought and insight into placing a suitable tutor. Tutors were flexible with times, understanding busy needs of kids in sports etc.

    Colin D.
  • I like the fact that there was a free consultation and that the tutor was match up well with my son.

    Monica M.
  • It was a relief to know that our daughter was getting the one-on-one attention and coaching that she needed when we couldn't give it, and gratifying to see her succeed with her tutor's help.

    Cindy M.
  • A number of things - you come to the home, you have teachers that are very kind and willing to help and encourage the student. I have had the same tutor all year and we wanted it that way since she already new my daughter strengthen and weekness. For sure I will be looking at using tutor doctor next year when school again starts up.

    Christene B.
  • The commitment from your tutors and their drive to help others with integrity.

    Judy M.
  • I like that you come to the house and the tutors worked with our schedukes

    Rachel B.
  • I liked that the service is at home and the tutors are university students

    Pilar M.
  • Prompt attention to the client - when we had concerns regarding one tutor, efforts were made to correct the situation immediately. Our current tutor Schweta is phenomenal and works especially well with our 6 year old!

    Tara H.
  • Works fast to find you a suitable tutor

    Ellif E.
  • Fantastic tutor, flexibility with hours, willing to do what is required to meet my daughter's needs.

    Sarah S.
  • It was very convenient to find a tutor

    Kathy B.
  • Reliable, high quality tutors, great follow-up

    Dawn T.
  • Punctual and professional.

    Anila K.
  • Very friendly staff; professional and business savy.

    Kristi W.
  • In-home tuition and the knowledge of the tutor

    Les B.
  • Our tutor is prompt, courteous and well prepared. Our son seems happy to sit and concentrate while she is here. It is a positive learning experience.

    Karla C.
  • We like that you match the tutor to the students personality & needs. That our tutor can be flexible with scheduling if our daughter has a test. Or email extra work to help with a problem.

    Janet M.
  • Built a quick and good rapore with the boys.

    Craig F.
  • Very concerned to get you a tutor as soon as you request on3!

    Kari W.
  • They have been quick to respond to our requests and our tutor is very good.

    Barb H.
  • We are really satisfied the Tutor doctor company. All tutors with whom we have been worked are knowledgeable and always meet our requirements. This our forth year with Tutor Doctor. We would like to say thank you again for your good job.

    Medina A.
  • The tutor we have is awesome. He does the extra step to help our son.

    Vanina S.
  • I like that you find the appropriate tutor for the student. I like that you are able to work around our schedule and I like that the tutor comes to our home.

    Kelly P.
  • Very professional,and always responds to my inquiries.

    Jasmina P.
  • very helpful about finding the right fit

    Kelly P.
  • The one on one approach.

    Katherina B.
  • The tutors are very friendly and professional. The service is convenient since the tutors come to our house.

    Carmen P.
  • Tutor's are punctual. My daughter feels a lot better after the tutor leaves, and I believe she is learning new things.

    Tania K.
  • How they evaluate each client and get the right tutor the first time.

    Shelley L.
  • I like the fact that the person comes to our home for the session... Although sometimes I feel out of the home is distracting a bit at times with other siblings, phone, making dinner etc! I also feel that you should share more of your profits with the tutors, since they are really your front line people, which makes us decide if we would recommend your services. We love our Niki !

    Lauree M.
  • Quick response to initial inquiry. You were able to line up a tutor right away. The initial meeting and tutor sessions have been very professional. The tutor is punctual and flexible. My daughter looks forward to the sessions.

    Louise N.
  • Current tutor is good and helpful. Convenient to have in home service.

    Maria E.
  • Excellent tutor, guaranteed number of sessions.

    Rhonda N.
  • The one-on-one tutoring is great. We feel that our child is getting help specifically tailored for his needs. His confidence in his understanding of the course material has improved.

    I-Ju C.
  • Convenience

    Jackie C.
  • very professional and effective

    Mathias G.
  • Using applied methods, being on time, being responsive and available even during the other days or hours besides the official sessions, employing experienced and knowledgeable tutors,

    Peyman A.
  • Easy going seems to meet our needs

    Dolores M.
  • Very friendly, convinient, reasonable rates, easy to get a hold of someone phone or email. Can pay at once or payment plan

    Stacey G.
  • Our tutor is the perfect fit for our family

    Janel B.
  • The tutor comes to my home.

    Kathryn M.
  • The availability of the tutors with our schedule.

    Crystal F.
  • Convenient. Good staff.

    Chris G.
  • Our tutor Charlyee was very knowledgable, flexible & professional.

    Marianne D.
  • Our tutor is lovely, kind, gentle and able to teach Tia ways of understanding math that she has had trouble with in past. I like that the service is flexible in terms of when we use our hours, and that the tutor comes into the home.

    Kim R.
  • I like that I dont have to deal with money with the tutor each time. I like its the same person each time and we can change if we want to .

    Paula B.
  • Convenient, tailored and in home

    Leigh S.
  • My experience with tutor doctor was good. Expensive, but good.i wouldn't hire you again,(expensive) but I have told others about your service.

    Jon N.
  • -In home services -Quality of the tutors we had (2) -Handling payment in advance, so you are not paying each time -flexibility of the tutors scheduling

    Wendy F.
  • Easy to get in touch with; prompt response to emails; tutor is flexible, personable.

    Wendy L.
  • Good service from first phone interaction, through consultation and matching. We're very pleased with our tutor. He has taken a positive approach to build rapport with our son. He is honest and lively and uses his enthusiasm and 'straight talk' to motivate our son to work on concepts and skill development. He's also innovative in bringing his own experience as a learner and his previous experience ...

    Kathleen L.
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  • Response to first request for information was quick & a tutor was available quickly. Our tutor helped my daughter learn reading techniques and has increased her confidence. Her reading has improved to grade level expectations.

    Bonnie P.
  • The Tutor and client are making real progress. Things started a bit slow, but progress is being made. You also take the time to match the student with the right Tutor. Got a good match this time. Kevin

    Kevin D.
  • Fast, quick connection with trusted and knowledgeable tutors.

    Jade W.
  • Availability and quality of the tutors.

    Pat R.
  • They come to the house. It's 1on1. It's tailored to your child's needs which changes.

    Jeff A.
  • Andrea was a very personable, dedicated and punctual tutor who helped our daughter to gain more confidence with her studies.

    Susan S.
  • Convenience and professionalism.

    Olufemi R.
  • Your tutors were willing to come to our home or to the library. We liked that our child was assessed before the right tutor was picked for our daughter. Her progress during the year has been amazing. Her reading has improved better than we thought was possible.

    Jo E.
  • I like the idea that if I need to switch tutors due to a 'bad fit,' that the TD could accomodate this for me (saves me time of having to locate another tutor). The tutor that my daughter has now is excellent, and this is the first time, I've heard my daughter say that she's understanding the material that has been taught to her.

    Robin K.
  • Very professional. Tutor was well suited to my son's needs.

    Marcia G.
  • Tutors have a very good working knowledge of the course content, are encouraging, very approachable, and very good with organizing there timeable to suit the student. Both tutors have been punctual and very friendly. My daughter has enjoyed working with the tutors from tutor doctor. Thank you so very much

    Mary-Anne D.
  • Awesome tutors! Very responsive company, sends you qualified people . Great to have them come to your house

    Erin D.
  • Friendly, knowledgable and quick.

    Amany L.
  • The promptness of response from supervisor Ms Roxanne Rizzuto (spelling?) and the time she takes in finding a good fit!

    Trish P.
  • Flexibility,and that it is specific to my childs homework.

    Aga H.
  • Willingness to find the right Tutor, to match our son.

    Melissa S.
  • Flexibility and knowledgable/personal tutors

    Roxanne M.
  • Tutor comes to the home. Good quality tutors Reasonable rates

    Carla R.
  • Good match

    Laurie H.
  • Tutor Doctor always listens to parents concern. Thanks

    Jun K.
  • Knowledgable, committed, made a difference.

    Cathy E.
  • One on one seesions in our home. Thanks

    Ann M.
  • Private in-home tutoring is helpful for my anxious child.

    Brenda F.
  • We are very fortunate to have Isha working with our two daughters. She makes learning fun and yet she has the complete respect of the students. They pay attention and enjoy having her come to the house.

    Peggy S.
  • the convenience that the tutor comes to your home and they are very flexible with there availability

    Shannon W.
  • The results speak for themselves. Through the tutoring of your dedicated and knowledgeable staff, my daughter improved her study skills and concepts considerably.

    Giuseppe A.
  • Tutors were available for subjects which needed special attention by my children. The tutors were very knowledgeable and able to translate the topics to their levels.

    Penny K.
  • Very responsive. Quick call backs and great communication. Our tutor was excellent.

    Ian N.
  • We are very pleased with our daughter's tudor.

    Andrea A.
  • Our teacher really tries to understand our child's needs and will tailor teaching techniques and materials to motivate and encourage our child. It has been such a very positive experience.

    Karen W.
  • Friendly, works very well adapting to childs needs & have had good results

    Darcy M.
  • Come to the house

    Leisa S.
  • Our tutor has great expertise in his subject areas, and is a perfect match for our son's learning needs. Also, we really appreciate that tutoring is offered in our home.

    Andrea K.
  • Qualified, friendly teachers that come to your home. My daughter is shy and appreciates meeting with her tutor in a space that is comfortable for her. Also, precious time is not taken up in traffic. It makes a real difference. Thanks.

    Angela S.
  • I like that the tutor comes to my home which eliminates travel time and unnecessary stress for the student before the session

    Susanne F.
  • The home service was second to none and the tutor that was matched up with our son was a pleasure to work with. She truly cared about how he learned and adapted to his needs. This was a true gift and he thought she was awesome! So did we!!

    Sid & Jackie N.
  • Commitment and professionalism.

    Chris I.
  • We liked our meeting with Roxanne initially and have really enjoyed our tutor punctual she has been and trying to accommodate schedules and her help

    Sheila A.
  • the tutor is young and ambitious which sets a good example for my son. He is patient and polite. My sons marks in his subjects have risen by almost 20%.

    Joanne W.
  • organized and efficient - from signing up, having our children assessed, and getting our tutor. Our tutor was amazing and did an excellent job with our learning resistant children.

    Michelle D.
  • Both Caroline and Lauren seem to enjoy what they are doing. Both seem to fully engage with the child and more importantly they ask the child about the week that they have had and what is coming up in the following week. Both are always on time and diligent.

    Christine D.
  • The call to Tutor Doctor was made and very swiftly, a personalized match was made for our children. Initially, we thought tutoring lessons were going to be too expensive, but quickly came to the realization that you either pay now or pay later! What price would you put on investing in your child's education, mental health, and future? We were sold on Tutor Doctor's flexibility in tutoring location ...

    Sherry L., Calgary
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  • Within a day, Tutor Doctor was able to assign a tutor to my daughter and he was able to start immediately. Curtis Templeton is an outstanding tutor and it is very clear that he wants my daughter to learn and be successful in her courses. I also found the Tutor Doctor website to be very informative with respect to the services provided and I knew that our family had found the right company to help ...

    Gary Cook, Calgary, AB
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