How to Find Rewarding Summer Tutoring Jobs

Are you interested in becoming a tutor to earn extra income over summer? Here’s how to find rewarding summer tutoring jobs to suit your schedule!

1. Determine your availability.

If you are considering tutoring as a part-time summer job, it’s important to decide how often you’d like to tutor. Frequency is different for everyone, and people who have existing jobs or obligations may only wish to tutor a couple days a week. For others who have a wide open schedule, working with 3-4 students (or more) throughout the summer is very reasonable!

2. Make considerations for your schedule.

Summer vacations are a time when we plan trips and getaways, so make sure you have these dates predetermined in advance. There’s nothing wrong with having limited availability during periods throughout summer, especially if you’re on vacation – just make sure to plan ahead!

3. Determine your area(s) of expertise.

This should be fairly obvious to most prospective tutors, but it’s always a good idea to write down the subjects you are most comfortable teaching. Some tutors prefer working with younger students as elementary school curriculum typically covers a wide range of subjects (from language arts to basic mathematics). Other tutors prefer specializing in one or more dedicated subjects, like algebra or English. Specialty tutors are always in demand as well – so if you are confident in your ability to do SAT/ACT prep or AP exam studies, be sure to highlight these qualifications on your resume!

4. Plan your approach to finding jobs.

When it comes to tutoring, most tutors have two options to choose from: as an individual, or by working with an organization that pairs students with tutors. Individual tutoring does have the advantage of being much faster to start up – a classified ad is essentially all you need! However, prospective tutors will find that many parents understandably insist on having some sort of certification and background check before allowing you to work with their child. This is where tutoring organizations provide a huge benefit! By working with an organization who provides resources and training to their tutors, parents don’t have to worry that the tutor their child receives will be unqualified or unprepared. As a result, pairing up with a tutoring group (like us!) may help you to reach more families you otherwise wouldn’t have connected with.

5. Take action!

If you’re ready to start, make sure your resume is up to date with any information that is relevant to education or academic experience. If you plan to work with a tutoring organization that will help you find clients, fill out an application! A tutoring organization will help you to seek out students who are a good match for your instructional style, personality, and areas of expertise while providing your prospective clients peace of mind!

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