Student Success Story: Going Back to Basics With Math and Reading Comprehension

If your student is having trouble in a subject, going back to basics can rebuild missing foundational learning and set them up to tackle more complex learning later. In Hannah’s case, her tutor fully understood her needs in math and reading and tailored their sessions to address the basics and help her succeed.

Keep reading to learn more about Hannah’s progress after working with her tutor!

Up, Up and Away!

I began tutoring Hannah* in July 2019. She is a sweet student who initially struggled with math and reading. We started by going back to basics to provide strategies and direction to build her passion for learning.

We all knew that Hannah was capable of growing her reading and math skills if she put her best foot forward, and that’s exactly what she did. Two years later, Hannah loves to read every night and cannot get her nose out of her books! Not only this, but every session includes reading comprehension and math work to keep her on track.

Additionally, her school administered testing, and Hannah scored four positions above reading level! It’s amazing to see her grow up with determination and how she always motivates herself to do her best!

*The student’s name has been changed.

How You Can Go Back to Basics As A Local Tutor

Changing the trajectory of students’ lives is our mission at Tutor Doctor.

As a local tutor, you can impact the lives of your students by understanding their needs and customizing your lessons for them. Best of all, you’ll also be there to celebrate their wins!

Do you want to help students achieve their goals and dreams in the same way that Hannah’s tutor has? Apply to become a tutor with your local Tutor Doctor to enjoy a rewarding experience watching your students thrive!