The Many Benefits of Studying Abroad for Students

If you have a student currently attending college, they may be considering a semester abroad. Read on to learn about the many benefits studying abroad can bring for students!

1. See the world. The most immediate appeal for many students is the idea of traveling around the world. With studying abroad, this can become a reality! And with financial aid and scholarships available, the costs of studying abroad are often far less than a three-month vacation. Studying abroad is a wonderful way to experience other cultures, regions, traditions, languages, and environments that will ultimately give students a deeper appreciation for the planet we all share.

2. Career experience. Studying abroad is an excellent achievement to include on your resume, and can help show prospective employers that you are comfortable adapting to unfamiliar situations. Furthermore, many postgraduate students cite their time studying abroad as a core source of inspiration for their career decisions down the road. In addition, traveling to other countries is an excellent way to discover career opportunities abroad while developing a professional network of contacts around the world.

3. Boost your language skills. Although this may not apply for some regions, many programs will offer students to visit countries who speak a language foreign to their own. Full immersion is undoubtedly one of the best ways to learn a language, and being able to communicate with locals will further your student’s admiration for the culture of others. Being bilingual is also one of the most valuable career skills today, which certainly doesn’t hurt either!

4. Discover new interests. Studying abroad allows students to explore topics and areas they may not have been exposed to otherwise. For example, one student took so many pictures during his experience studying abroad that it led to a lifelong love of photography!

5. Boost your confidence. For many students, the thought of studying abroad can be a bit scary. After all, students are placed in an unfamiliar environment far from home – sometimes not even knowing the language they will be expected to learn. That said, upon returning students almost universally report that studying abroad was a life-changing and incredibly rewarding experience that they would repeat without question. Overcoming these challenges provides students with a huge boost in their confidence to tackle the unknown!

6. Graduate school admissions. For students who are planning to attend graduate school, highlighting your experience while studying abroad is an extremely impressive addition to any application. Not only does it show you can face challenges, but that you are also able to adapt and learn in new situations.

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