Interesting Career Paths On the Rise That Your Teen Should Consider

With so many career paths to choose from, it can be difficult for students to decide where to begin researching their options. If your teen is starting to think about future opportunities, check out these interesting career paths on the rise that they might want to consider!

1. Web and software development. Everything runs on technology these days, and the professionals who design and implement these platforms are consistently in high demand. With apps being such a critical part of today’s tech scene, new developers in this space are always needed. Whether your teen is interested in web design or full-on software development, learning a programming language is a valuable skill that has benefits across multiple career paths. Even younger kids often take an interest in this subject early on – to learn more, check out our blog “Great Apps To Help Your Children Learn To Code.”

2. Engineering. Science and engineering are the backbone of technological advancements. For example – in today’s world, finding sources of clean and renewable energy is an ongoing global issue. Currently, the two fastest growing job sectors are both related to sustainability and renewable energy: solar photovoltaic (panel) installers, and wind turbine technicians. These jobs can be acquired with technical training, but contributing to the scientific development behind these technologies generally requires having an engineering degree. So if your teen is interested in green energy and sustainability, check out degree programs that specialize in renewable energy engineering! Of course, engineering is an extremely broad field – there are mechanical, electrical, environmental, and civil engineers – as well as many others. If your teen has an interest in research and development, an engineering field may be something to explore.

3. Financial services. Students who are naturally good with numbers may want to research careers in finance or business. Jobs in these areas are always in high demand – financial planning, business analysis, and accounting are all popular career paths. For students who really like crunching numbers, market research positions are also a good choice – working with statistics is commonplace in these fields.

4. Education. Working in the educational field is always fascinating and tends to be a particularly flexible career choice because it offers a broad number of options. If your student has a particular interest in a subject, they might want to consider pursuing a teaching credential in that area. Or, if your student has more of an interest in independent research, perhaps an academic position at a university level would be something to look into. Working in education is an extremely rewarding experience at any level, so encourage your teen to pursue the subjects or areas that interest them most!