Pod Tutoring Guide for Parents

With most schools changing over to hybrid or remote learning models, many parents are beginning to hear about pod learning. So what is pod learning, and how can it help students to succeed this school year? Read on to find out!

Put simply, pod learning is a form of group instruction. A pod learning model is a collaboration between multiple families who want to bring their kids together to learn and socialize together. With current health guidelines, this can still be done remotely. Pod learning allows students to have a more focused connection with their classmates and instructors. In schools, teachers may be tasked with instructing 30 or more students over a remote learning platform. With pod learning, the smaller group model allows the instructor to work more effectively with individual students.

When it comes to instructors for pod learning models, there’s a few different options. Pods can be led by tutors, parents, or teachers. Tutors are a great option for smaller groups of students who want to focus on a specific grade level or subject matter. Pod learning can also make things easier on families – many parents are struggling to balance their child’s newly-required distance learning responsibilities with their existing schedules. A separate, dedicated instructor can be helpful to help take away some of that pressure!

One of the commonly discussed issues with remote learning is that kids won’t receive the same amount of social interaction they normally would if they were physically attending school. Unfortunately, this can be a real problem – especially with larger class sizes. Pod learning seeks to address this issue by retaining a group approach towards learning. Students get the benefits of working with others and sharing ideas, but the groups are kept small enough where everyone feels comfortable asking questions and speaking with the instructor.

Another benefit of pod learning is parents have full control over every aspect of their child’s education. Parents can hand-pick their child’s classmates and/or choose to work with families or neighbors they are already close with. Your child’s academic schedule can be customized to fit everyone’s needs, and the tutor you choose to lead the instruction can be selected based on your pod’s goals. Pod learning can be used in addendum to regular school, or as a substitution. By far, the most difficult part of pod learning is organizing the process.

At Tutor Doctor, we can help organize and set up a pod learning system for your students. Pods can be arranged by grade level or across age groups, and our tutors will set up an easy-to-follow schedule that has been customized to fit everyone’s needs. Pod learning is a great way to get all the benefits of individualized instruction while still retaining the social and educational gains students receive when working with others in an academic environment.

In many ways, pod learning is like having a private class. With a close-knit group of students and an instructor that has been pre-selected to fit your group’s learning goals, pod learning can be an extremely effective academic approach for your remote learning needs. To learn more about pod tutoring options from Tutor Doctor, click here!