5 Common Myths About Tutoring Debunked

Tutoring is an incredibly helpful resource for students, especially those currently attending virtual classes from home. However, there are a few misconceptions about the tutoring process – so here are 5 common myths about tutoring, debunked!

1. Tutoring is meant for students who are struggling. Perhaps the most common misconception about tutoring is that it should be reserved for students who have already fallen behind. In fact, many tutors work with students who are excelling in their education. Tutors can be a helpful resource for students already on top of their academic game, especially those currently enrolled in honors or AP classes. Of course, for students who are facing academic challenges, tutors are an incredibly effective resource to help get back on track.

2. Tutoring can be difficult to fit into an already busy schedule. For parents with hectic schedules, adding a tutor to the monthly routine can seem overwhelming. At Tutor Doctor, we believe that tutoring should be convenient. And unlike learning centers, our tutors work one-to-one with students with remote learning options available. With private tutoring there’s nearly limitless flexibility, and sessions can be planned around your family’s schedule.

3. Tutoring is pointless over summer break. Another common myth is that tutoring is primarily useful during the school year, and isn’t really needed during summer break and holiday vacations. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Long gaps away from school – especially summer vacation – lead to a well known academic slump that occurs in students. After months away from school, many students struggle to retain the academic gains they made during the previous year. Summer tutoring sessions are a great way to help students avoid the summer slide, and this extra time is also an excellent opportunity to go back and revisit previous topics that may have needed more clarification. For high school students, summer and vacation sessions are also often used for SAT/ACT test preparation.

4. Tutoring is expensive. Some families worry that private tutoring will be a costly investment that requires a lengthy commitment. Contrary to this belief, affordable tutoring options are available! Private tutoring allows for a lot more flexibility in terms of scheduling and consistency (how often sessions are conducted). Tutor Doctor’s consultations are always completely free, so give us a call to learn more!

5. Tutoring just “won’t work” for some students. For students struggling with their academics, learning gaps can begin to form that further compound the problem. In many cases, these students simply aren’t being taught in a way that “clicks” with their way of understanding. As we’ve mentioned before on our blog, students have different learning styles and can be taught with instructional methods that work best for them. At Tutor Doctor, we believe that students should be individually matched with their tutors based on their personalities, learning styles, and academic needs. Many students are surprised at how quickly they are able to close gaps in their learning simply by working at their own pace with a specialized tutor that can answer any questions they have along the way. So for those that say tutoring just “won’t work” for some students, we respectfully disagree. At Tutor Doctor, we believe that all students can benefit from private tutoring when it has been tailored to their individual needs.