Ways You Can Contribute to and Support Your Child’s School and Teachers

At Tutor Doctor, we always encourage giving back to our communities and staying involved with our children’s education! Here are some ways you can contribute to and support your child’s school and teachers.

1. Attend parent-teacher nights. Parent-teacher nights are always a great opportunity to meet your child’s teachers in person while also getting to hear first-hand what they are learning. Being present in a classroom environment for parent-teacher night shows you support your child’s education. We always recommend introducing yourself to their teachers! This is a great way to “break the ice” and meet your child’s educators should you need to reach out to them in the future.

2. Participate in fundraisers. Schools almost always have a fundraiser going on at any given time! From collecting charity pledges to participating in bottle drives, there are plenty of ways you can get involved while also helping the community at large. Contact your child’s school to find out what fundraisers are currently happening.

3. Volunteer at school. Schools are always looking for parent volunteers! Many parents like to volunteer to chaperone on a field trip. Others may find an interest in school events like “career day” – when parents are invited to speak to a classroom about their own career paths. To stay up to date on these events, we recommend asking your child’s school if they have a newsletter or email mailing list.

4. Ask how you can donate. Schools often accept donations, but as a general rule of thumb it’s best to contact the school itself and not your child’s teacher. Due to a conflict of interest, we recommend not donating supplies or resources directly. Instead, it’s best to contact the school administrator and inquire about how you can help.

5. Attend PTA/PTO meetings. Parent-teacher associations (or organizations, in some places) are one of the most popular ways for parents to stay involved with their child’s education. PTA/PTO meetings are very helpful for parents to stay current with events, updates, and changes in your child’s school or district. For personalized discussions about your individual student, we’d generally recommend a private parent-teacher conference. PTA/PTO meetings often run on an agenda of items that need to be discussed or approved, and you can help by participating in this decision-making process by sharing your opinions (and in some cases, casting a vote).

6. Reach out to your child’s teachers. Even if you don’t need to arrange a parent-teacher conference, you can still reach out to your child’s teacher (or teachers)! Email communication is an excellent way to stay in touch, and even sending a short message introducing yourself is a thoughtful gesture. Teachers work very hard to mold young minds, so any kind words or feedback is surely appreciated. By remaining in contact with your child’s teachers, you are letting them know you take a vested interest in their education. You can also relay contact information should they need to reach you – and remember to let them know they have your support. Teachers are always happy to hear from parents with questions, comments, or concerns, so don’t hesitate to reach out!