5 Great Hobbies for the New Year

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The new year is a great time to dive into a new hobby! Looking for some ideas to get inspired? Here are 5 great hobbies you might want to consider for the new year.

1) Art. From colored pencils to oil paints on canvas, artistic expression comes in many forms. One of the great things about art as a hobby is that it's essentially free to start creating! Pencil and paper sketches – even the ones in the back of your notebook – are skills you can practice without having to make a large investment. Art is a fantastic way to visually depict one's feelings and emotions, and it can be a wonderful hobby that many spend years on honing their skills. And with the internet at your fingertips, an astounding amount of artistic knowledge and direction is easily accessible. From painting, drawing, sculpting, sketching, and plenty of others – art comes in many forms, and it's a great hobby for people of all ages.

2) Music. Much like visual art, music is also a meaningful way to convey how we feel and think. Musical skills and the ability to create music are wonderful hobbies that many enjoy their entire lives. Whether you like to sing or play a musical instrument, practicing music is a passionate hobby that can be very fulfilling. Although traditionally people would focus on vocal and instrumental ability, modern technology, computers, and the popularity of electronic music have greatly expanded the realm of musical knowledge and ability. Whether you're interesting in mixing beats or learning guitar chords, music is an excellent hobby to pursue for anyone.

3) Photography. Photography is a great way to capture our favorite memories, but it's also a fun hobby! In recent years, photography has become more popular because modern technology allows many people to have a camera on them at all times – their cell phone! Photo-sharing apps are a great way to get feedback on your pictures, and many choose to pursue the hobby even further with full size cameras and lens setups. Photography is a fascinating hobby and a clever way to show off your visual eye for detail.

4) Exercise. Whether you're interested in team sports or just working out, exercise is a fantastic hobby for anyone to get into. Not only is it great for your body, but the results speak for themselves – exercise makes you feel better both mentally and physically. From casual jogging to off-road biking to throwing a softball in the park, exercise can be enjoyed in many fun ways.

5) Reading & Writing. Alright, so technically that's two things, but we're willing to cheat on our list because reading and writing just go so well together! Reading expands our minds and makes us more intelligent, empathetic beings – and writing allows us to express our own thoughts and emotions into words that can convey those feelings to others. And not surprisingly, taking up reading and/or writing as a hobby will directly carry over into your school life, as these are both valuable skills that are required at all levels of education (as well as your entire life). Whether you just want to read more books or start writing your own novel, literary expression is a great hobby in any shape or form!

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