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Posts from January, 2014

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  • Deal With Exam Stress Like a Pro
    Deal With Exam Stress Like a Pro

    As exam season approaches, most students experience heightened anxiety. Compounded by lack of sleep and pressure to perform, exam stress can be your worst enemy and prevents you from performing at your peak. While it’s a fact that your grades will be ...

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  • Feed Your Brain
    Feed Your Brain

    Tips for staying healthy and priming your brain for maximum performance for exams and tests. While setting up a study plan with your tutor, doing regular review sessions and doing mock exams and practice tests are an important part of exam preparation, ...

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  • Help your Student to Love the Library
    Help your Student to Love the Library

    Libraries are such a valuable resources for students and parents alike. Their continued existence relies on the public availing themselves of the many services the library has on offer. Not only will learning to love the library open your student to a ...

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  • Best ACT Test Taking Tips
    Best ACT Test Taking Tips

    You’ve spent hours and hours preparing, you’ve taken some practice ACT tests and you’ve worked with your classmates, tutors and teachers to prepare for one of the most important tests you will ever take. Even the most prepared students can falter on the ...

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  • ACT Test Preparation
    ACT Test Preparation

    It’s that time of year and although you may be feeling the pressure to perform well on your ACTs, you know the best course of action is to be prepared. Start getting organized and augment your study program with past tests and online test questions. If you ...

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