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Healthy Haunted Halloween Treats

Every year, parents dread the sugar-fueled mania that is Halloween. If you want your kids to enjoy their ghoulish holiday without having to compromise their health or your sanity, then try these great spooky treats that are fun and healthy too.

Crunchy Halloween Mummies

Crunchy Halloween Mummies

Recipe and picture by Betty Crocker

Cut slices of celery that will serve as coffins for the mummies. Now fill the hollow with cream cheese or vegetable spread to form the mummy’s body. Thinly slice ham and place over the spread in a crisscross fashion to represent the bandages. Pop in some cranberries for eyes and you have a spooky Halloween treat that’s healthy too.

Witch and Wizard Broomsticks
Witch and Wizard Broomsticks

Recipe and picture by Catman

These cute little treats are easy to make and are perfect for the Quidditch fan. Cut a strip off a cheese slice, then cut small incisions along the edge. Use a scissors here if you need to make a lot of them. Roll the cut cheese slice around the bottom of a snack stick and secure with a chive. You can also provide a dip of hummus for the brooms to ‘sweep’.

Cheesy Eyeballs

Cheesy Eyeballs

Recipe and picture by Cute Food for Kids

These cheesy eyeballs are freakishly fun! Using a small paintbrush and red food dye, create the small veins on the eyeball. Thinly slice black olives to make the corneas and then fill the centers will ketchup to create spooky cheesy eyeballs.



Recipe and photo by Carrying Sunshine

Turn a healthy snack into an attack from the deep. This wonderful pepper octopus can be created from a red, orange or green pepper. Slice the pepper in half and remove the seeds. Save half of the pepper and thinly slice the other half into tentacles. Place your dip (tzatziki or hummus) into a bowl, and place the half pepper in the middle. Arrange the tentacles around the head. Use the dip to attach two slices of olive onto the head as eyes.

Goblin Mouths

Goblin Mouths

Use sugar snap peas to make these spooky treats. Slice a pea down the middle and add a slice of cherry tomato and some cheese strips to make goblin mouths.

Pearfectly Wicked

Pearfectly Wicket

Recipe and picture from Tesco

These frightful fruits are a healthy dessert for your trick or treater. Peel pairs and place in a pot on medium heat. Pour in enough apple juice to half cover them and place the lid on the pot. Simmer for 20 minutes. Remove pairs and leave to cool enough to handle. Continue to simmer the apple juice for 10-15 minutes until it becomes syrupy. Slice a little off the bottom of the pears so that they will stand. Use cranberries or raisins to make the eyes and sunflower seeds for the mouth. Pour the apple juice over the pears and serve when cool.