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How to have neat, legible handwriting at any age

It's never too late to learn how to have neat, legible handwriting

Will anybody write in the future? With handheld devices becoming so prevalent, it’s unsure what place writing will have in society, but for now, it’s still a large part of our academic careers. Having an elegant handwriting is a great asset and being able to write legibly and quickly is a very valuable talent when it comes to being successful in exams. This is especially true in college where students will have to write exams in essay form.

Acquiring good writing skills is a matter of pride and practice. Teach your students to be proud of their legible handwriting. When they show improvements in their writing, be sure to praise and reward your student. Placing value on writing skills will encourage them to spend more time and effort on their neat writing.

Tips for how to have neat and legible handwriting

1. Ensure that your hands are not sweaty

If you get nervous in exams and have sweaty palms, take paper towels or tissues into the exam room with you. Keeping your hands dry will help you to maintain a secure grip on your pen or pencil.

2. Make sure that your grip is correct

You should hold your pen or pencil between your thumb and index finger while resting it on your middle finger. If you have trouble holding your pencil in this way or have learned to hold your pen differently, get a pen holder from your local stationary store. These plastic grips help you to hold your pen in the correct manner.

3. Write slowly and focus on writing neatly

Sure, this means that initially your homework will take longer, but soon your speed will improve and you will be writing quickly and legibly. It‘s a tedious task at first, but knowing that you will never lose marks over illegible answers again make it well worth the effort.

Having a neat handwriting is also a great asset when you are in college or when you get a job. Presenting neat, legible writing will reflect positively on you in your workplace. Being able to take notes quickly and legibly in college will make it much easier for you to study for exams.

Improve your writing & learn how to have legible handwriting with a one-on-one tutor

It’s never too late to improve your handwriting. You can break bad habits and improve your style and the speed with which you write. Speak to your tutor about ways in which to improve writing so that you can answer exam questions legibly and quickly.

Your tutor can help you to improve your writing so that your exam scores improve too. This is especially true for anyone who has lost marks because their writing was illegible or because they didn’t have time to finish writing their thoughts down.

When it comes to writing neatly, practice makes perfect. Avoid cursive writing if you have trouble with legibility. Writing in cursive is faster, but it’s harder to read. Remember that having legible handwriting is the only way to succeed in exams; your teachers cannot award marks for answers that they can’t read.

Neat and legible handwriting neatly takes patience and practice, but it is something that, once learned, will be a valuable asset throughout your life. If you need some extra help with writing neatly or with any other subject, choose Tutor Doctor. We provide one-to-one tutoring services that help students from all walks of life succeed.