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Posts from May, 2012

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  • Yummy School Lunch Ideas
    Yummy School Lunch Ideas

    So you and your kids are all pretty tired of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but you have very little time in the mornings and with all your other responsibilities, you just don’t have the energy to think about school lunches. What you need is a ...

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  • How to tell if your child needs glasses
    How to tell if your child needs glasses

    An epidemic of mypoia (shortsightedness) is sweeping Asia. 80 to 90 percent of students are leaving school afflicted by the disease and a small percentage of these (10-20%) will have high myopia which could result in blindness. Unlike the preventative ...

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  • Get your kids to read
    Get your kids to read

    Thanks to wonderful books like Harry Potter and the Twilight sagas, reading is back in fashion. If your student is still not reading as much as you would like, there are several ways to encourage them to read more. Instilling reading as a lifelong habit is ...

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  • Environmentally Aware
    Environmentally Aware

    Fun activities that can help to make your children more eco-friendly over the holidays As the summer holidays approach, it’s great to have a number of arrows in your activities quiver for when you kids get bored. Combine education with fun and make your ...

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  • Putting the Fun back in Fundraising
    Putting the Fun back in Fundraising

    Fundraising can really make a difference to the quality of education that your child gets. Whether fundraising enables them to enjoy fascinating field trips, better meals, better facilities and equipment or more teachers, fund raising helps to alleviate ...

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