Best Christmas Books for Elementary School Students

As Christmas approaches, elementary school tutor Lauren Wood has a wealth
of Christmas-themed books which she leaves lying around the house. All
the younger students who visit eagerly read them in anticipation of the
big day. “It’s a great way to get them the read,” she
says, “and there are so many great Christmas classics for them to
choose from.” Here is a list of all the classic novels that every
young student should have in their library.

A Night before Christmas

Clement C. Moore’s classic poem is perhaps one of the best-known
classics. You can read it to your students or, better still, get them
to read it to you on Christmas Eve. It’s a cute little poem that
has some complex language which you can help them with. Keep a dictionary
on hand so that they can look up any words that they don’t understand.

The Berenstain Bears and the Joy of Giving

While Christmas time is supposed to be about giving and sharing, it’s
easy for students to get focused on receiving. This is a wonderful book
by Jan Berenstain to remind students of the joys of giving. Written in
1962, this true classic is a must for every student. You can augment the
tale by asking your students to pick one toy to donate to those who are
less fortunate.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss

The Grinch has become a staple for every discerning Christmas reader.
This delightful poem about a mean, green Grinch is fun and funny. You
can read the book first and then watch the animated short or the full
length movie by the same name.

The Nightmare before Christmas by Tim Burton

This beautifully illustrated novel is about a well-meaning Halloween skeleton
who decides to play Santa with disastrous results. It’s the perfect
holiday read for those who are fans of Halloween. You can read the book
and then watch Tim Burton’s masterfully crafted movie filled with
ghoulish characters.

The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg

It’s the ultimate Christmas fantasy; as a young boy lies awake on
Christmas eve, Santa swoops by with his reindeer and takes him on an adventure
to the North Pole. It really is a magical journey filled with excitement
and adventure. Read the book and then watch the movie too!

The Wild Christmas Reindeer by Jan Brett

The story of little Teeka’s attempts to train Santa’s reindeer
is not only a great guide for students on how to work well with others,
but it also introduces them to northern cultures and life on the tundra.
It’s a magical tale of how Teeka manages to get all the reindeer
together for Santa’s big night by working with them and treating
them kindly. This is a great book for older siblings.

This festive season, give your students the gift of books to help expand
their seasonal libraries. Reading books is a great way for them to spend
their holidays and get into the Christmas spirit.