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Posts from March, 2012

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  • My child won't go to school
    My child won't go to school

    If you are struggling with a student who refuses to go to school, you are not alone. Most students refuse to go to school at some point in their academic career. Some catalysts for this kind of behaviour can be fairly benign like not having done homework, ...

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  • Laptop or tablet: what's the best buy for your student?
    Laptop or tablet: what's the best buy for your student?

    Although tablets are all the rage and your budding genius may be demanding one for their next birthday, you may want to weigh the advantages and disadvantages before taking the plunge. If you want to know which device is best for your student, the answer ...

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  • Teachers without Borders
    Teachers without Borders

    Informed, educated and well trained teachers are something we take for granted, but many developing countries struggle with. Teachers without borders aims to improve the standard of teaching worldwide and help teachers in less developed areas. Teachers ...

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  • Internet Safety
    Internet Safety

    Internet access is a blessing and a curse for most parents. While their children can research schoolwork, play games, socialize with friends and keep up to date with news, the internet also harbours dangers that many parents don’t know how to control. ...

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  • The importance of positive reinforcement
    The importance of positive reinforcement

    Large class sizes make classroom management every teacher’s most important task. For busy parents under pressure, it can also be difficult to manage time effectively. The stress can often lead to frustration and result in a negative verbal relationship ...

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