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MindPrint Cognitive Skills Assessment

Unlock the mysteries to how you learn.

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What is the MindPrint Assessment?

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MindPrint Learning is the only K12 solution that uses objective cognitive data to teach students how they learn best and provide strategies personalized to students’ learning strengths and needs.

Just like a fingerprint, each student has a unique “MindPrint” that provides clear insight into how a student learns most efficiently and what supports they need to succeed. At the core of MindPrint is an hour-long online, self-administered cognitive assessment developed at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine.

How Can MindPrint Help My Student?

Most academic and standardized assessments measure what content your student does and does not know. MindPrint tells you why and recommends learning strategies personalized for your student. By understanding strengths and needs in cognitive skills, you can help every student learn more easily and have more success in academics and on standardized tests.

What Are Cognitive Skills and Why Are They Important?

Cognitive skills explain how students understand, remember, organize, and process information. The Mindprint Assessment measures the cognitive skills most closely correlated to success in academics and on standardized tests:

  • Reasoning: Abstract, Verbal, Spatial
  • Executive Functions: Attention, Working Memory, Flexible Thinking
  • Memory: Verbal, Visual
  • Speed: Processing, Visual Motor

How MindPrint Works:

The online, self-administered MindPrint Assessment is not like school standardized tests. It is a series of nine puzzle-like activities and has no reading comprehension or math problems. It only takes one hour to complete. All you need is a desktop or laptop computer (no phone or tablet.)

How We Use the Results

  • Gain objective, reliable insight into a student’s learning needs to enhance tutor efficacy starting with the initial meeting.
  • Ensure all tutors use the most effective, personalized tutoring strategies for every student’s unique needs.
  • Establish realistic and manageable goals among parents, tutors, and students.
  • Improve outcomes by addressing students’ unmet needs
  • Determine whether the ACT or SAT is a better fit for a student’s natural capabilities without requiring the need for two full-length practice tests or hybrid diagnostic methods.
  • Accurately predict ACT and SAT score ranges by section to establish reasonable expectations for outcomes and identify the subtests with the greatest opportunity for score improvement.
  • Develop core self-efficacy skills beyond test preparation that will prepare students for college and career.
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