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  • I was looking for someone to help me prepare for the GED so I contacted Tutor Doctors. They were extremely helpful and came up with a genius idea for my situation. They sent me a wonderful teacher her name was Vicky. Vicky was very pleasant. She came up with great lesson plans in several subjects. She was patient, always on time and very positive to work with. I can’t say enough about Vicky and ...

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  • So far my son has been admitted to the computer science department at every school he applied to: NMSU, Fort Lewis, Univ. of North Dakota, Utah Tech, Univ. of Wisconsin Stout, University of Tulsa, and Embry Riddle-Prescott. We're just waiting on Purdue's announcement in January. Most of those admittances came with some initial scholarship offerings! Rewind to a year ago, we never thought this was ...

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  • We have been working with Tutor Doctors now for over 3 months and really have enjoyed our experience. We were with Sylvan prior to Tutor Doctors and have really enjoyed seeing the progress with our daughter. I like that it’s in my home and I can see what they are working on. Our Tutor Ms. Anne is amazing and so hands on with our daughter and really meets her needs. We are so glad we found Tutor Do ...

    Lanelle Martinez, Albuquerque, NM
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  • Totally glad we did this. My Daughter's Algebra tutor is wonderful and is engaged. Our child is getting back on track with confidence and looks forward to her sessions. There is a (FREE) consultation process at the beginning that really makes a whole lot of sense. Together we identified our needs and goals and we're matched with just the right tutor. Super important.

    Angela, Corrales, NM
  • We are so grateful for the opportunity given by Tutor Doctor to have our 8 and 10 year olds work with their tutor, Liz. From day 1, she has designed sessions that meet each of their needs to stay challenged and interested in learning a variety of subjects. She is very organized, dependable, kind and knowledgeable. My children love her and we look forward to ongoing learning!

    V.J, Albuquerque, NM
  • I cannot thank those at Tutor Doctor enough for finding me an excellent tutor to help me get through a difficult course on short notice and during such an extraordinary time. My tutor Meera was great and worked tirelessly to find the solutions to some large road blocks in the curriculum that was the cause of many of my struggles. Thank you, Tutor Doctors and my terrific tutor Meera.

    William N, Rio Rancho
  • I recommend as the best of the best. Provides peace of mind to all of us that seek genuine commitment to “service”, with the personal follow up and most importantly delivers results. Having the opportunity to meet Matt Woodcock in his capacity with Tutor Doctor put me as ease immediately. Having the confidence and trust with his leadership put my mind at ease for the company’s services. I highly r ...

    TLH, Albuquerque
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  • Tutor Doctor really knows what they are doing. I contacted them in October to help my son get organized and to get him help with his math class. Not only did they get him organized but he got a B+ in his math class. This is 2 full letters higher than he did last year. Thank you Tutor Doctor for helping him achieve.

    Alexis G., Albuquerque, NM
  • Such wonderful people and business. Helped me so much!! 11 out of 10.

    Shanta H.
  • When I first called Tutor Doctor I had no idea of where to turn to get my daughter help with her Reading. I loved the way that they took the time to learn about Sara and then developed a plan for her success. The other companies I called only wanted to push a package on me or charge me for a tutor to work with her online. Tutor Doctor showed me there was an option and they are showing Sara she ...

    Mike G., Albuquerque, NM
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  • I just wanted to say thank you. Though our time was limited you helped a lot and guided me to succeed in the class. I think I got an "A" but the final grade hasn't been posted so won't know for sure. Thanks again, you knowledge showed in the guidance your provided!!

    Shannon S., Albuquerque, NM
  • We absolutely love our tutor Ben. He really knows his stuff and has an amazing ability to connect with your daughter. He is flexible with his time and is always there when we need him just like the rest of the staff at Tutor Doctor.

    Don P., Albuquerque, NM
  • My daughter's tutor is smart, polite and friendly. He is generally able to explain the math concepts to my her. When she has difficulty grasping the information, he is understanding and never condescending, always encouraging

    Alysan C, Albuquerque, NM
  • Great company, really understands and actually want to help! The customer service and tutoring matching was top notch. I usually only write reviews when I'm upset, but Tutor Doctor went out of there way to help me so I want to return the favor. Love seeing A's on my daughter's report card

    Nicole K, Albuquerque, NM
  • My daughter was really having trouble with her Math and Science at La Cueva and within 2-days of calling Tutor Doctor they had her matched and working with Ms. Lisa who is amazing. Sarah is now doing all of her homework and doing great on her tests. Thank you Tutor Doctor

    Michale H., Albuquerque, NM
  • Help Help Help was what I was looking for and Tutor Doctor brought it. Matt was able to match Cole with a perfect tutor and they are really making some great progress.

    Lisa G., Albuquerque, NM
  • When we called Tutor Doctor we did not really know what we needed but we knew we needing something fast. They were able to come to our house and work with Renee the next evening and we were matched with our Tutor Doctor tutor in less than 24-hours. Renee and Ms. Madison are a perfect match in both personality and style. Who knew there was a tutor for Renee that was also a soccer coach in our area. ...

    Kelsey S., Albuquerque, NM
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  • When Matt came to work with my son, it was light a light switch came on. Not only did they talk about his agenda but he had my son agreeing to do thing that I we had never thought about. Chris is so organized these days that we can’t believe it is the same kid.

    Lisa h., Albuquerque, NM
  • The great team at tutor doctor really know how to make my kids excel. They are able to connect with them and have shown both Sarah & Taylor that school can be fun when you are organized. I am so grateful to them for helping our family.

    Michael P., Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, NM
  • Every Veteran that you have worked with has been very pleased with your tutors and the fact that they passed their classes.

    Laura L., New Mexico, NM
  • My son is going to a charter school and was really struggling with the ALEXA program. I had no idea how to help him but Tutor Doctor was able to help me and work with the school. Zack is doing great in his classes and he is even ahead of where he should be in his math class.

    Sarah J., Albuquerque, NM
  • Thanks again for matching me with Hannah - we had our first meeting today and she's FANTASTIC! I love this job so much. It's just like getting to hang out with cool people and feeling like I'm making a difference in their stress levels by making them feel like they CAN do math.

    Madison, Albquerque, NM
  • As Chris was getting ready for the ACT it was his "coach" Mr. Robb's who really helped him and gave him the confidence he needed. Thanks Tutor Doctor.

    Lauren K., Albuquerque, NM
  • Wow what a great company. Matt and his team did a great job of meeting with my daughter and matching her with Ms. Jennifer. Thank you guys.

    Darin D., Albuqerque, NM
  • I really love how well families are matched with me as a tutor. It is always a very successful experience for me as a tutor and for the student and family. Tutor Doctor provides one of a kind teaching experiences for it's tutors.

    Rhiannon S., Albuquerque, NM
  • Easy, convenient, flexible and our tutor really cares about our daughter's success.

    Debrah B., Kirtland Air Force Base, NM
  • The professionalism of which the tutor brings is excellent, and the service that matches up student with tutor is very well done.

    Thomas D., Albuqeruque, NM
  • The best thing about Tutor Doctor is the individualized programs that are designed for each students success. The initial consultation is made so that the best tutor match possible is made. Then, the tutor comes to you and tailors your sessions to your needs. Both tutor and student have clear expectations about what is required for the student to succeed.

    Samanth K., Albuquerque, NM
  • Matt and his team from Tutor Doctor saved the day for my daughter Laura. She was just starting school and already she felt she was behind her fiends and didn't want to go to school. When Matt matched Laura with Ms. Liz it was like my daughter was another person. We are now flying through the school work she brings home and school is now something Laura wants to go to. Thanks Tutor Doctor

    Juan J., albuquerque, NM
  • Matt and his team at Tutor Doctor are the best. They not only were able to help my daughter with her BYU Independent Study math class, but Matt then went the extra mile to become certified to proctor her exam. Not only did she pass the class but she is now going to graduate on time. Thank you Tutor Doctor.

    Lori H., Albuquerque
  • Tutor Doctor was instrumental in helping my daughter learn to read. Her tutor Ms. Lisa was able to connect with Sarah and teach her how to not only read at grade level but she is now being tested for gifted. Thank you Tutor Doctor.

    Mike M., Los Ranchos
  • We really appreciate our tutor Marc. His knowledge and enthusiasm combined with his flexibility in scheduling tutoring sessions.

    Mahinda R., Albuquerque, NM
  • I love Tutor Doctor and give them the highest recommendation! All the students I have worked with are bright, fun and are eager to learn. I look forward to my tutoring sessions every week!

    Chris P., Albuquerque, NM
  • I like the fact that the student and parents have met with Matt to discuss expectations and needs of the student. I especially like the one on one individualized instruction, as it allows more opportunity to build and maintain positive student relationships. Excellent management provides an optimal tutoring experience!

    Sam L., Albuqueruqe, NM
  • Our tutor really understands my son's needs. He's seen a huge improvement in his reading and math after just a few months. This service is professional and the staff are incredibly caring. Thank you so much!

    Brent F., Albuquerque, NM
  • My daughters Tutor has been outstanding, patient and understanding. My daughter feels completely comfortable with her tutor and really enjoys her. Glad I found you!

    Laurie H., Albuquerque, NM
  • I like that my child was paired with a tutor that fit her personality. I also would like to note that they go above and beyond what they say they will do in order for my child to succeed. They truly don't just say they are going to do what they promise, they actually walk the talk, so to speak. I am very, very happy with that! The daily tutor report is very helpful to understand where my child is ...

    Lori R., Albuquerque, NM
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  • I have seen improvement in his reading since he started. His tutor is very patient and has really good suggestions on how to improve his reading and his focusing. My son responds to his tutor really well.

    Nikki M., Taylor Rancho, NM
  • Very professional, prompt, and patient.

    Joe & Alice R.
  • Convenience of working around our schedules and in our home.

    Charles & Maureen M., Albuqeurque, NM
  • Easy, convenient, flexible, and our tutor really cares about our daughter's success.

    Diane & Jeff B.
  • With Mark we never see or hear frustration in our daughter's voice. She is usually excited to do her work and looks forward to her tutor coming over.

    Ellen & Matt B.
  • Meets my daughters needs. Understanding, supportive, and very patient. Professional, non-judgmental!

    Andrea G.
  • Personalized matching of tutor to student!

    Massaud & Kirsten A.
  • Timely response to students' needs.

    New Mexico Workforce Connections
  • Tutors are awesome. We have noticed improvement.

    Jolene H.
  • Tutor goes above and beyond to ensure my son understands the materials.

    Jeremy & Esperanza R.
  • Lori has been very helpful to my daughter. After only 3 sessions my daughter is more confident in her abilities and we have already seen an improvement in her math scores.

    Cynthia R.
  • I love being able to find high quality tutoring for my student!

    Angie P.
  • It has been very beneficial to have the tutoring take place in our home where there are no distractions. My son is able to concentrate on his work.

    Jill & Carlos R.
  • Personalized tutoring!

    Kanella C.
  • The tutor that was paired up with my child is very good and they work well together.

    Lynetta W.
  • I like the flexibility and one-on-one tutoring.

    Jennifer & Jim T.
  • The process is thoughtful with a strong focus on the child's personality and needs. The service is reasonably priced, and provided at home.

    Sharon N.
  • I like how our tutor is a special needs teacher for my son with special needs.

    Madalene K.
  • Very flexible with meeting times.

    Ann & James P.
  • We appreciate our tutor's knowledge, enthusiasm, and flexibility in scheduling tutoring sessions.

    Mahinda & Kalum R.
  • Steven is very knowledgeable and explains the material well.

    Danyeil & Anthony L.
  • I have seen improvement in his reading since he started. His tutor is very patient and has really good suggestions on how to improve his reading and his focusing. My son responds to his tutor really well.

    Nikki C.
  • I like that my child was paired with a tutor that fit her personality. I also would like to note that they go above and beyond what they say they will do in order for my child to succeed. They truly don't just say they are going to do what they promise, they actually walk the talk, so to speak. I am very, very happy with that! The daily tutor report is very helpful to understand where my child is ...

    Lori S.
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  • My daughter's tutor has been outstanding, patient and understanding. My daughter feels completely comfortable with her tutor and really enjoys her. Glad I found you!

    Laurie H.
  • The professionalism of which the tutor brings is excellent, and the service that matches up student with tutor is very well done.

    Thomasene D.
  • The tutoring services are designed for the individual student and are very convenient in home services.

    Rebecca & Tom F.
  • I love the convenience of having the tutor come to my home.

    Jill L.
  • We appreciate the professional approach, as well as the enjoyment my daughter has, and the overall improvement in her education.

    Jeff B.
  • Our tutor is phenomenal. She has done wonders for Jon.

    Jeff B.
  • Tutor Doctor is professional and yet a very caring and personal service. My daughter has learned a great deal in such a short time. I am extremely happy I did this for her. She continues to grow each week. Thanks!!

    Janet & James L.
  • The services are in home, the tutor is the right fit with my daughter and gets along well.

    Vanessa & Freddy R.
  • I really love Megan, my daughter's tutor!! I can text or email her with my daughter's current assignments as well as communicate with her directly about my academic expectations for my child. She tailors her sessions accordingly. It helps to have consistent, professional academic coaching when what schools have to offer is so inconsistent.

    Mary B.
  • Comes to our home and gives total attention.

    Ms. M.
  • I feel that your service is going to help my grandkids get a jumpstart to advancing their education in the future!

    Donell G.
  • Commitment to student. Flexibility in schedule.

    Leslie H.
  • I can already see that it's helping my daughter.

    Alex S.
  • Megan is friendly, reliable and connects well with my daughter.

    DeAnna & Roman R.
  • I like that the tutor is able to go to the location that is convenient for us.

    Tonia & Charles Q.
  • Great matching of the tutor with my daughter, and good sensing by the tutor to understand what she needed.

    Joan T.
  • Tutor has been eager to help, responsive to the students needs, courteous, prompt and friendly!

    Denise H.
  • So helpful when they come to teach at home.

    Edith J.
  • We are very happy with our son's tutor. The tutor utilizes different strategies when clarifying math concepts to my son and has been extremely patient with him as well. Jason has extended his math expertise to cover my son's current Algebra II and Physics classes while still providing instruction in Geometry which he took last year. In the past, my son has struggled with math and now is grasping ...

    Nora M.
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  • I like that services are individualized to each student's learning needs. My granddaughter looks forward to her tutoring sessions and feels such a sense of accomplishment at the end of each session.

    Katherine G.
  • I like that you make my son feel good about learning. He wants to learn and get better and with his tutor. He has made a connection with Bryant and it is showing in his school work.

    Nichole T.
  • The tutor has been very helpful, easy to work with and effective.

    Richard & Agnes P.
  • I like the flexibility of our tutor's schedule. He is able to explain things in simple terms so my son understands. We can use our tutor sessions whenever we like.

    Michele M.
  • I appreciate the fact that Bennett was able to adapt to our daughter's specific learning style.

    Charles & Cheryl C.
  • Jackie is great. Mark has made fantastic progress!

    Sarah M.
  • It was a good match for our daughter. Bryant was very punctual, knowledgeable, dependable and calming. He focused on what Lindsey's needs were and prepared her for the ACT test.

    Chrissy S.
  • The services were convenient, for me as a working parent, that made it so much easier to work with my child's schedule with sports and other activities. The tutor was able to connect with my child and work with her so that she actually learned more from the tutor than she did in class.

    Darla W.
  • Jackie transition between my daughter and son very easily. My kids enjoy their time with her and enjoy learning with her. We are very happy!

    Noel G.
  • Peggy's help has been vital to keeping my son on track at school.

    Ellen S.
  • I was contacted immediately after submitting a message to your website. Clement, the tutor, is excellent: patient, on time, and knows the subject.

    Flo F.
  • They really made us feel like family and they turned math around for our son.

    Crystal P.
  • Personalized, dependable, committed. Owner, Matt, actually tutors and works exceptionally well with my granddaughter who can tend to have a teenage attitude! Very happy with services!

    Debbie S.
  • Our son's tutor is a perfect match. She keeps learning fun, fresh, and is a positive influence in building his confidence. She has also taught us, as parents, valuable strategies in working with him at home.

    Kim C.
  • You all are very understanding and cooperative with everything. It makes the whole experience nicer and easier! Thank you so much!

    Tyler C.
  • Tutor Doctor has allowed my child to get the one-on-one help she's needed. I've seen her begin to excel in her reading capabilities and progress on the amount of words she can read with a minute. She's become more enthusiastic about reading and doing her school work. My child's personal tutor has also tailored her reading program to my daughters needs, as well as incorporating fun games which my ...

    Shannon M.
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  • We are so thrilled to have discovered Matt and the Tutor Doctor support service. While we know that we have a dedicated student in our son, Cooper, tutoring with amazing Irene has changed the homework and test experience. She has become an extension of our family support system. Irene provides a very natural and consistent reinforcement of the school work and, as a team, she and Cooper are able to ...

    Patricia B.
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  • Efficiency, easy to contact, always accommodating, the tutor is great!

    Nancy S.
  • The tutor is friendly and easy to communicate with and the tutoring is working.

    Senait F.
  • Tutoring takes place at home or where it meets family needs, tutors are matched up by student needs.

    Jaime M.
  • Flexibility in teaching, scheduling, etc. Facility based tutoring is just too taxing on parents. Thanks!

    Kenn G.
  • They are quick to find a tutor for your child.

    Grant & Karen P.
  • Have recommended and talked to many. I'm glad the student has to be involved in pairing of a tutor to match a student.

    Rick & Jennifer H.
  • Our daughter has always felt like she was in a comfortable and safe environment to ask questions. This is not always the case in the classroom.

    Lisa & Louie G.
  • The tutor is matched to fit with the learning style, personality, and needs of our kids. My daughter loves her tutor. She got a 98 on last week's quiz on a topic that the math teacher could not make her understand.

    Toni B.
  • We really clicked with Matt and trusted him to do right by us. Our tutor also comes to our home which makes things easy for everyone.

    Erica M.
  • My granddaughter's reading has improved greatly. Her tutor is so kind, understanding and knowledgeable. Our tutor works with us and is very understanding when any unforeseen issues come up that require rescheduling.

    Ginger E.
  • In home service. Very good tutor, too. She was most helpful.

    Philippe B.
  • Sincere concern and dedication to help the student and communicate with the parent. Access to Owner. Quick response time. Willingness to go the extra mile for student's success as well as advocate for the student in a sometimes bureaucratic and thus difficult to navigate system.

    Brenda P.
  • Improved study habits, improved understanding, improved testing scores, improved grades.

    Janice M.
  • I loved that the tutor came to our home and worked around my schedule.

    Jamie A.
  • Our tutor personalized her work with my son. She met him right where he was and took him to the next level! Thanks Joy!

    Holly A.
  • The tutor is effective, flexible about meeting times, and very thorough about covering all the needed material. My student's grades are very high. It is a great success!

    Mary T.
  • It appears to be working. Tailored and flexible to meet the needs of my son. Good job.

    Richard G.
  • Flexibility with schedule. Rates are great.

    Connie L.
  • Renee gets along well with both of my kids. They seem to have less stress and are better prepared for tests.

    Lisa B.
  • Fast service. Tailored to the individual.

    Barbara F.
  • At home tutoring, no traveling.

    Ronny L.
  • Love that you come to my house for a comfortable environment for my kiddo!

    Paula B.
  • Excellent teacher who goes above and beyond what we expected!

    Yvonne H.
  • I like the convenience and the professionalism of this service. My son's tutor David Bork has helped him understand and appreciate math.

    Theresa S.
  • I liked everything about Tutor Dr. The personalized attention that my daughter receives during tutoring has helped my daughter out so much. I connected Tutor Doctor because my daughter had failed the 1st semester of 9th Algebra. I knew as a parent I had to do all that I could to get my daughter help because, she was not about to fail another semester. Tutor Dr came out to our home and tested her ...

    Elia P.
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  • The tutor is very good.

    Phil S.
  • Very professional yet easy to work with. Have made it very comfortable for my daughter during these sessions.

    Michael L.
  • I like that Matt is always willing to make the time to discuss anything that is going on with my child and the tutor. I also like that if one tutor does not work well with my child that there are other tutors available. It's been tough for my child to do math, but I believe tutor doctor is helping her situation. Thank you!

    Anna R.
  • I like that you come to our house.

    Angel G.
  • I was initially impressed with the placement process. The coordinator of the program, who was very personable, met with my grandson so that he could determine which of his tutors would be a good match. The tutor that was found for my grandson was a perfect match! He was very knowledgeable, dependable, and had similar interests to my grandson. He made the subject material understandable, and my ...

    Linda C.
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  • I was really happy that we decided to give Tutor Doctor a try. Tutor Doctor not only improved our daughter's skills but helped with her study habits. The tutor was a great match for our daughter's personality and academic needs. Irene was a calming force for our daughter. Her encouragement and focus helped to enhance our daughter's confidence in math. Overall, the Tutor Doctor experience was well ...

    Lissa W.
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  • I really like that Tutor Doctor took the time to find a perfect match for my children. Rene is amazing, and is a perfect match for us.

    Laura M.
  • The convenience and the way Tutor Doctor matches the right tutor with each individual.

    Seager C.
  • The tutor came to my house was quick to initiate tutoring after I first contacted Tutor Doctor.

    Lori G.
  • They come to my home and really are concerned about improving grades and helping the kids learn.

    Andrea C.
  • The personal service. The excellent care we received from Matt Woodcock and the help they gave my daughter. I also liked the fact the tutoring was done in our home.

    Manuel H.
  • Tutor is totally focused on my son's progress and has gone out of her way and out of the box to ensure said progress. Communication and follow up is prompt and useful. My son is engaged, productive, and shows much progress.

    Stacey D.
  • Convenience of at home lessons and individual attention.

    Nane M.
  • I like that our assessment was personalized for my Grandson and that the sessions were tailored specifically for his needs. Teaching tools were given to him that we will use for a long time. After each session, I was given a brief progress report and a request for his homework lesson. Our Tutor Doctor was impressive in the way he motivated and encouraged my Grandson to practice and enjoy returning ...

    Barbara C.
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  • The tutor makes learning fun and our child enjoys her time with the tutor.

    Kerri K.
  • Came to the house, the tutor read report cards and reports from the teacher, she also looked over tests and helped our daughter further her education. She also read the same books she's reading so she can help her progress.

    Nichole M.
  • I appreciate that the tutor is able to visit our home and makes every attempt to accommodate my son's busy schedule. My son's tutor was able to switch from tutoring my son in Advanced Physics to Algebra II. He always explains things in a calm manner and easy to understand terms.

    Eleanor S.
  • Tutor comes to our home. Tutor is flexible with appointments, which is necessary with teens.

    Eloise D.
  • I liked that my Matt chose the tutor that works well with my children's personality. Both of my children enjoy having someone come to the house just to spend that 1 on 1 time with them while reading.

    Melissa C.
  • I like how the tutors work around your schedule, very knowledgeable, and helpful.

    Julianne F.
  • The approach is good and my daughter is responding to the tutoring.

    Sandy F.
  • The individualized 1 on 1 attention to my son and that you travel to my home.

    Eileen L.
  • We love our tutor Renee S. and all personal attention and support that she gives son and our family. I am very impressed with the level of professionalism from our tutor Renee. I also am very pleased with Matt Woodcock our Education Consultant who is very responsive to our son's educational needs. Both Matt and Renee are working hard to making sure that our son succeeds. Matt and Renee are both ...

    Kathy T.
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  • They are flexible with my location and schedule. I was matched with a tutor who was sensitive to my needs and very knowledgeable.

    Dominic S.
  • I like that our tutor works well with my son and that she works around our schedule. Our son has showed such an improvement since we started working with Tutor Doctor. This was well worth our money.

    Lisa V.
  • The team at Tutor Doctor know their stuff. Juan was really having trouble in his math class but now that he has been working with his Tutor Doctor tutor Michael he is turning in all of his work and his grades are really coming up. He will be able to play basketball year after all. Thanks Tutor Doctor.

    Carla E., Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, NM
  • The team at Tutor Doctor really know their stuff.

    Dawn R., Kirland Air Force Base, NM