About Tutor Doctor South Tampa

In-home and online and Private Tutoring

The tutors that Tutor Doctor South Tampa work with are all experts in their fields, and they are reference- and background-checked. We want to make sure you (or your child) receive the highest quality tutoring service in South Tampa. So, how do we ensure we provide the best private tutoring? Here are our values:

  • We always hire professionals for each subject.
  • We strive to help every student, regardless of age.
  • We provide custom and dynamic programs to best suit every student.
  • We guarantee that you or your child will become a more efficient student.

If, for some reason, you don’t feel like we delivered on our promises, you can request a refund up to 60 days into your services; however, we’re confident you will be satisfied with the results!

Our Process

First, we offer a complementary consultation to allow for a custom and effective teaching plan. Based on what we uncover during the initial consultation, we find a suitable tutor and create goals for teaching a curriculum and tackling homework together. Because tutoring is private and one-on-one, students receive full engagement and are supported every step of the way.

With this method, Tutor Doctor has helped more than 200,000 families succeed and learn to love learning! We have proudly worked with 24,000 tutors in 15 countries. We offer tutoring for every subject:

  • Math, including algebra and calculus
  • English, including writing and literature
  • Science, including biology and chemistry
  • Social Studies, including history and psychology
  • Languages, including English and Spanish
  • Test Prep, including the SAT and GRE

Our Team

Meet the owners of Tutor Doctor South Tampa and learn more on their inspiration behind helping students and growing the Tutor Doctor franchise.

For more about information our private tutoring services, call (813) 532-3961 or contact us online to speak with us at Tutor Doctor South Tampa, or click here to schedule a complimentary consultation!