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    Virgilia James


    My name is Virgilia James. I am a veteran teacher with twenty-seven years of experience, with a Master's degree in Education. I have taught all grades at both the elementary and high school levels. For the past seven years, I taught Chemistry to grades 9 through 12 and Biology to grades 9 to 11. I have also taught Integrated or General Science at both levels. 

    I am passionate about teaching as I believe that every child can learn. My job as a teacher is to give students the necessary tools and accommodations to facilitate their learning styles and to help them reach their full potential.

    Personally, I am originally from the Caribbean, St.Lucia to be exact. I am a mom of two as well as a grand-mom to two adorable grandkids. For me learning never stops and so, currently, I am pursuing an accelerated Nursing degree because of my love for Science. I love traveling especially back to my home country to visit family and friends. 

    I look forward to making a positive impact on your child's learning growth.