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  • Tutor Doctor

    “I want to thank tutor doctor for their commitment and support that they have given to my son. Since the time I contacted them they acted right away in an organized manner, they sent my a qualified representative who knew exactly the needs of my son and started immediately to assign tutors that fulfill his needs, They are so flexible and trustworthy. My son’s grades has improved and I am really satisfied dealing with them. Thank you so much tutor doctor.”

  • Tutor Doctor

    “Thank you Tutor Doctor! I just wanted to give you a little update about Heather’s sessions…They are great! She has really started off this year of high school with confidence. She has already received two A’s in her math! Lianne has been SO helpful!”

  • Tutor Doctor

    “Kelly is such a wonderful individual who has taken both Steve and I off guard. We are very hard to please. She is simply amazing!! We are noticing changes in Amanda and are so happy that Amanda looks forward to every session with Kelly. She too sees a value add in the relationship. Thanks so much for checking in. All is great!!”

  • Tutor Doctor

    “I have meant to send this email for a while now. I do apologize for the delay. Jennifer was wonderful. My daughter adored her. I highly recommend Tutor Doctor & our tutor Jennifer. She was great!!!”

  • Tutor Doctor

    “Well, our son has finished the term and says he felt really good about his math exam. He had a great tutoring experience with Ben and we wanted to extend our appreciation. Ben did a great job and was an excellent teacher for him. We wish him all the best in the future!! We will certainly recommend Tutor Doctor to others. You are offering an excellent service and we wish you continued success!”

  • Tutor Doctor

    “I feel compelled to provide some feedback on my son’s present tutor, Igor. Igor is presently helping him with his math and English studies. Right before Igor started working with him, I received a call from his teacher suggesting that Christian be removed from academic math and placed into applied math. Since working with Igor, my son is receiving marks in the high 80’s low 90’s… in ACADEMIC MATH! My son’s outlook on school and his self confidence have soared and I truly believe its all thanks to Igor’s tutoring. I am truly impressed with the strides he has been making and am thankful to Igor for all that he has done.”

  • Tutor Doctor

    “We are very pleased with Adrian’s progress since Ryan has come on board to tutor him with his math. His marks over the past few tests have gone up and they are currently in the high 75’s, low 80’s… Ryan is amazing with Adrian, and they get along tremendously. Thanks for the follow-up and we look forward to having Ryan continue to work with Adrian.”

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