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Bonjour! Are you interesting in learning French? Or perhaps you or your student is currently struggling to pass your French class? Tutor Doctor North Vancouver is here to help! We have experienced French tutoring in North Vancouver and surround areas! Whether you need help studying for a French test or need to learn it for your profession, Tutor Doctor is help you find your struggle points, create good learning and study habits, teach you the languages, and build from that strong foundation until you’re ready for your next trip to France! … or French Canada! And we offer 100% online tutoring options so you can learn from the comfort of your own home!

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Why is French important?

Did you know that of 37 million people living in Canada almost 23% of them speak French? French is one of the two official languages in Canada, along with English, and areas like Quebec are almost entirely French speaking! It is an incredibly important part of Canadian life, and a lack of French speaking ability can limit career or school possibilities. As a local business, we understand the importance of learning French, and if your student is struggling in school, it can influence their grades, their self-esteem, and their ability to learn other languages later in life.

Some struggles when trying to learn French:

  • Thinking in your native language
  • Hesitation to speak out loud
  • Issues learning grammar and vocabulary
  • Attitude or insecurity in one’s abilities to effectively communicate

Whatever the struggle, Tutor Doctor North Vancouver can find your student the right, qualified French tutor help them to help them overcome their educational hurdles!

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We’ll match you with the perfect in person or online French tutor in Vancouver!

It can be confusing and frustrating when it comes to finding private tutor for your child. You’re looking for someone with a number of different qualifications, someone that is knowledgeable, friendly, understanding, and flexible. But most of all, you’re looking for a local tutor that can meet your child where they are, to get them where they need to go. Here at Tutor Doctor North Vancouver, we take away the stress of finding a tutor, and support your student and family every step of the way.

Our private tutors will craft a unique lesson plan for you and your student to help them learn French in the best what for them. French tutor sessions can involve:

  • Vocabulary lessons
  • Grammar lessons
  • Conversing out loud in French
  • Writing lessons
  • Cultural lessons
  • And more!

What makes Tutor Doctor North Vancouver the best?

Tutor Doctor began years ago with the idea that education and learning is a personal experience that must be tailored to every individual. There is no one size fits all approach for your child, and Tutor Doctor understands that! When you choose Tutor Doctor you are choosing a program recommended by more than 95% of the people who have tried it! We also offer 100% online tutoring with the same quality tutoring services to help your child stay on top of their progress to matter what!

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