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  • You are very professional company that provide to us security and confidence. My daughter it is happy, enjoy and improve her English. Thanks

    Estela F.
  • We like the fact that our tutor comes to our home and has been very engaged and positive with our son during sessions.

    Julie F.
  • The feedback after every session. Very nice tutor, seems to make a big effort to 'connect' with her student.

    Marie M.
  • That you come to our house and my sons school and you fit the tutors with the children's personalities . My only suggestion is you find tutors for grade 8 and up that cover all subjects so we don't have to find multiple tutors . For example math , science , socials and English . Thanks Kelly Fuller

    Kelly F.
  • Find the right tutor for child's needs Come to the house therefore relieving stress from driving to tutor Reports a day after the session on topics covered.

    Pushvinder B.
  • They come to your house and I can book directly with the tutor.

    Sheila H.
  • Professional. Eric is an excellent tutor. I enjoy the weekly feedback and the focus on appropriate material to help my son feel more confident in his math class.

    Lisa Z.
  • Our tutor, Dan is brilliant, efficient, and an excellent fit for my son. Dan manages to motivate him, and, he works around my son's learning disablities with the precision of a race car driver!

    Irene A.
  • very well

    Jie C.
  • Tutor doctor was very successful in selecting an appropriate tutor for both our children (age 13 and 16). Our tutor has been able to provide our children with the confidence and knowledge in their mathematics contributing to their increase in grades. We would highly recommend this program to friends and colleagues.

    Angie B.
  • Responsible, Kind, Punctual, understanding, flexible and very good teachers.

    Patricia O.
  • Ease of setting up appointments; friendly staff; quick responses

    Bettina P.
  • You are responsive to our requests and our daughter is achieving the results she is looking for.

    Sara B.
  • we love all the games that Britney does to encourage math skills to our son

    Cristina L.
  • very like

    Hong L.
  • The way my son arjun was very weak in math, he had lost hope of getting good grades, he had lost confidence, but tutor doctor made that possible. He scored good grades, he understands math very well, and most of all he has confidence now. Tutor doctor is the best !

    Sukhdev K.
  • The time and care you take to match the tutor to the needs of my child. Also, that the tutor comes to us - that's a huge help for our busy schedules!

    Andrea W.
  • Effective, reliable and friendly service always from tutors.

    Marie A.
  • The tutor has given my son, Victor a big hand in his oral speaking and the school studies. Victor has made a great improvement after tutoring. He's getting more and more self confidence. I really feel happy for him.

    Yin Y.
  • Getting the service started was quick and efficient. Our needs were met by assigning a tutor to our daughter that was perfect for her and the schedule worked great too.

    Milan V.
  • I like the whole set-up, start to finish, I think.......not quite finished, yet, LOL. Lara, our teacher, makes learning, fun for our Grand daughter. I like putting the fee, ahead and the concept of banked hours. I liked the professionalism, as well. Finally, I like the results.....Taneesha's French teacher was pleased to announce that she is currently carrying 80%, in her grade, for final term. Th ...

    Vicky A.
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  • I am really impressed with the tutor that was matched for my son Christopher. Christopher is doing so much better.

    Joan B.
  • very accommodating, professional, excellent tutors

    Corinne T.
  • Professional. Getting to meet the parent and the student to make clarify what the student needs and wants. Tutor - very polite and professional when conducting the tutor session.

    Susy L.
  • The quality of the tutoring is fantastic

    Helene D.
  • Tutor doctor has proven that my daughter's needs are absolute priority

    Gabriella G.
  • Professional, punctual, and friendly. My son looks forward to his tutoring session each week, which mean a lot to us. K

    Kim H.
  • matched our daughter with a great tutor

    Doreen K.
  • Excellant tutor for my son

    Michael M.
  • Professional, kind, encouraging, knowledgeable and ever so helpful as we were in a slight panic to get help for enriched chemistry 11 and a wonderful tutor was found and he is delightful and a perfect match for our daughter. We are grateful and thankful and she is enjoying her chemistry more and feels supported my her tutor. Worth ever single penny. We thank you.

    Sally G.
  • We like the in-home service and the regular reports that are provided. We have already seen an improvement in Emily's work ethic & understanding of math.

    Martin H.
  • Having my tutor come to my house, and work around my schedule.

    Kathryn W.
  • Attention to the needs of the student.

    Tony E.
  • very much

    Catherine J.
  • The professionalism of it all.

    Deirdre K.
  • Time and effort put into finding the right tutor for the job

    Lisa L.
  • Our teacher is very patient with our children and is able to teach at their level and make them interested

    David B.
  • The tutor you provided is very knowledgable, professional and my daughter really enjoys working with her. We are very happy with Tudor doc.

    Christina H.
  • good to have a feed back from tutors every class in few days.

    Qiang F.
  • In-home tutoring is convenient. Experienced teachers are available.

    Ming L.
  • The home tutoring.

    Brigitte B.
  • I'd like to in home services

    Lisa H.
  • Efficiency, good public relations, service.

    Lorinda S.
  • Great service in finding perfect tutor match and Convenience of receiving tutoring at home

    Hanna B.
  • The session reports . The teacher is very good and positive in her approach.

    Vanita A.
  • Excellent service and tutor!

    Dawn D.
  • Thorough assessment of our sons needs Always on time Matched very well with a tutor

    Heather V.
  • like

    Jiang X.
  • Excellent tutor. Flexible schedule

    Jeanne H.
  • Efficient and effective

    Petra D.
  • Great, reliable, helpful.

    Cheryl M.
  • I'm very happy with my tutor I was assigned. He goes above and beyond to make sure I'm understanding the concepts. I was also very happy with how promptly you replied to my request, and how quickly my tutor was assigned.

    Collin T.
  • You were accommodating to our needs on a tight time frame. You interviewed us and our kids and matched them with appropriate teachers.

    Mitchell Group Tutoring
  • Good match for my children and flexible times

    Gillian G.
  • The matching of a tutor to my kids - both personality fit and skill set fit. Excellent match! My son loves his tutor.

    Patricia M.
  • Very professional and our Tutor is fabulous.

    Carmela C.
  • Easy to use. I really like Yasaman, she has been very patient, and able to explain math and other sciences to two very different learners, each with their own learning styles. I would definitely recommend her.

    Marianne J.
  • Tutors worked well with my son who has dyslexia.

    Sherrie J.
  • Able to use autism funding. Tutor Debbie was amazing.

    Jane R.
  • I like that it's one on one and at home. My daughter's tutor is very genuine, kind and builds her confidence each session.

    Jenn M.
  • Our tutor is lovely and works very well with our daughter. It was a perfect match for our daughter, obviously the initial meeting/interview is very important.

    Wendy L.
  • Everything.

    Charles K.
  • We have been fortunate to get great tutors for both our children the two times we needed them.

    Veronica & Jervis R.
  • We are happy with the quality of the tutors we have worked with through Tutor Doctor.

    Donna A.
  • The fact that when one of the tutors didn't work out, you corrected it and made sure that we were satisfied. Also like the flexibility. We bought hours for one subject and then needed the tutor more for another subject.

    Nonie M.
  • Professional. Pairing with student. In home consultation prior to tutoring.

    Blake S.
  • That the tutoring is in my home

    Anita G.
  • Tutors come to your home. Sessions are tailor-made to the student and not a set program.

    Bonnie W.
  • Our tutor Amanda works well with my son

    Maureen W.
  • Good services and the teacher is good someone can speak mandarin, thats why i like your services.

    Hai D.
  • Was provided a tutor quickly.

    Karen C.
  • High quality, personalized tutoring that is providing our son with required skill development and self confident to support his success at school. We have been fortunate to have a very dedicated and competent tutor support our son.

    Mathe G.
  • Good timing and receiving the e-mail after each session.

    Parisa Z.
  • The fact that the tutor comes to us!

    Anna M.
  • Professional, on-time service, lots of feedback. Well-organized and caring tutors.

    Kelly M.
  • Very organized, very professional,and especially my tutor's teaching~ and definately the flexibility of lesson days ~ one more thing is e-mail feed back

    Jayoung K.
  • Like how tutor is matched to child.

    Tania B.
  • It was quick and convenient to set up the tutoring and it is so far very helpful

    Elspeth C.
  • This service is so well run, with amazing tutors who care about there students! I cannot recommend Tutor Doctor enough. Valuable in helping my daughter receive a A in grade 12 math.

    Mary V.
  • Good tutors

    Grace H.
  • Tutor Doctor is very professional! Up till now, the tutor Lauren has tutored Kevin five times. She came to our home on time and well prepared. She is very nice, patient and professional. I am very glad she can help Kevin, especially in spelling. Kevin improved a lot in every Thursday spelling test after Lauren reviewed for him on Wednesday afternoon. I also received the class report from Lauren ...

    Betty X.
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  • Love that a report is given by tutor and the tutor is always on time . Kate is great!.

    Laura D.
  • your prices are competative, you come to our house which is great for us parents and for the kids to get settled quickly and continue working on something after you leave if they are on a roll, your tutors are amazing (high caliber.

    Melanie M.
  • Jennifer is great with helping my daughter and we have recomended her to my sister's family.

    Darwyn J.
  • Always willing to help when my daughters need a tutor at the last minute. Also the tutors are very knowledgeable and are awesome

    Jennifer G.
  • I appreciated that Andy took time to get to know my son and was able to match him with a tutor that suited his personality and learning needs. The tutors were very professional, patient, and knowledgable.

    Colleen D.
  • everything

    Alex H.
  • great teachers

    Afrouz S.
  • Fia, our teacher is so professional and dedicated to kids success. We like her being serious with the requirement and at the same time our kids have fun and like her a lot.

    Gordana S.
  • Very flexible hour wise Great tutor with a great attitude...very motivating

    Debbie M.
  • My Son was matched with a tutor that understands his needs and helps him achieve his goals.

    Heather E.
  • We were impressed with how professionally and quickly a suitable tutor was found for Jessi, and how Tom (Jessi's tutor) manages his time to meet her specific needs.

    James R.
  • The convenience of being able to get extra time when needed. I like having them come to my home instead of having to drive my daughter somewhere else. Both of the tutors we have, one for French and one for Chemistry/Math, are punctual and professional. My daughter thinks they are great and she is getting A's in her courses.

    Nancy G.
  • Good teachers. Good communication.

    Truc N.
  • the teachers are very patience,and their teaching methods are very good. All of my two children are like their teacher very much.

    Binrong W.
  • Tutor's are great at what the they do, allowing the student to be successful.

    Andrea C.
  • in home, relationship guarenteed

    Eileen S.
  • Shirley is very kind,she very helpful and all the tutor's you send to us are quite helpful and have all been very kind.

    Winnie L.
  • Our experience with Tutor Doctor has been first rate. We saw improvements in our son's marks almost immediately after beginning with Tutor Doctor. Our tutor is a very nice young man. Kind, polite, respectful, understanding, flexible with time changes and he is having good success with our son who likes him very much. After our initial meeting and interview with Andy, we felt that he really made ...

    Adrienne S.
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  • Great follow up after every session, flexible tutors...i like that i can call my kids tutor to make changes to times / days when needed, very personable and competent tutors.

    Pamela R.
  • Teacher very good!

    Fang Y.
  • Tutor doctor seems to have many highly qualified people to choose from to recommend as tutors. They listen carefully to the clients needs and do an outstanding job of matching tutor to student. Would and do highly recommend them to all my friends.

    Olga S.
  • I like that I only have to go to one place to find a tutor. They have tutors for all levels and if one does not work out they will find another.

    Lori T.
  • Very efficient and I love Karen Mullins.

    Emma W.
  • The tutor has a lot of patience and knows the right way to explain a topic without intimidating me or confusing me.

    Olivia S.
  • At home service is great.

    Lynn H.
  • dependable flexible helpful

    Heather D.
  • Being able to arrange convenient home tutoring sessions and the professionalism of the tutor.

    Lorraine W.
  • experience teacher

    Alice X.
  • Punctual, reliable, fun

    Alexis D.
  • The tutors are great.

    Maria B.
  • i am satisfied with the tutor which i have. he is fast minded and responsible. i satisfy the tutor who provided to me

    Katherine Z.
  • I like the fact you spend the time to know the client and their needs. By doing so you made a great match for me as my tutor has been exceptional and very helpful.

    Marion D.
  • Katie took a perfect approach and give my children the knowledge and confident than they need it. We are going to miss her,

    Gemma R.
  • personal, yet very professional, genuine interest in helping student

    Kathleen & Mark C.
  • Well run company, professional and efficient. Wonderful tutor who works wel with my son and gets him motivated.

    Roshanak S.
  • The fact that they are geared to one's special needs and the instructors are very good.

    Mahak Y.
  • Good teachers. Quick feedback.

    Yongling Q.
  • Friendly and effective.

    Patricia & Patrick D.
  • Good tutors, helpful, flexible.

    Sherry J.
  • Spending time to interview the parents and student to find the right tutor that fits best with the student. Listening to the student and understanding their needs and goals. Having knowledgeable and compatible tutors helps keep the student engaged. The status/progress reports are very helpful.

    Cindy B.
  • Both of the tutors David has had have been professional and knowledgeable. The tutor was flexible about session time and accommodating David's schedule. The office responded quickly when David's tutor had to leave. An excellent replacement was found and a seamless transition was made.

    Karen M.
  • personal interview to match the tutor with the student.The tutor is really nice and able to teach the material well. She is flexable and is able to schedual sessions that work for her and myself.

    Rea B.
  • Very professional and competent tutor. Helped my son immensely.

    Dee S.
  • I like that the tutors come to the house. I have enjoyed the professionalism of both the tutors. Both jeanine and Carson have been very well matched with their tutors and enjoy working with the tutors. This is a huge part of their success. Also really liked that I didn't have to hunt around for a suitable tutor for my children.

    Randi & Derick S.
  • Accommodating, structured, good follow up

    Penny W.
  • I am very happy with my sons progress. The tutors have been friendly and professional

    Mary A.
  • Our tutor was overall very good and assisted my daughter with her studies. I will recommend you folks if the opportunity comes up.

    Murray W.
  • The tutor is well-suited to my daughter, and it is convenient that she comes to our home.

    Katherine H.
  • I like that my daughters needs are taken care of in a timely fashion, we had to change tutors and it was done quickly and efficiently and the new tutor is awesome!

    Marla & Graham R.
  • Service was punctual, the tutor was respectful to my child, he listened and assisted with the problem very clearly. My Child grade has improved 10 percent with the assistance she received over the 12 hours. We will definately call upon Tudor Doctor again for grade 12. Thank you

    Harriet B.
  • the way that Tutor doctor tries to find the best tutor for the student and is willing to find different tutors if the current one is not working out.

    Maeve M.
  • Takes place at our residence. Tutors are excellent at their work as well as being nice people. Professional organization that does what it says it will do when it says it will do it.

    Locinne W.
  • Responsive and accommodating and absolutely terrific tutor. He has made all the difference in my son's success in his courses.

    Corinne F.
  • I like the quality of the initial interview to discover the right match of tutor for each child. and of course, the fact that the tutoring takes place in the home at convenient times for both student and tutor.

    Cynthia H.
  • Deng is amazing

    Janet M.
  • I don't have to look for a subject suitable tutor myself. The tutor comes to my house and my convenience. So far every tutor we have had has been brilliant.

    Susan B.
  • I enjoy the friendly tutors who put my children at ease and help them learn so much.

    Shary V.
  • Quick response when I first called. Dianna is a fabulous Tutor. Reliable.

    Judy W.
  • you have excellent tutors

    Heather W.
  • The convenience of coming into our home and meeting our busy schedules. So far the quality of the tutor (Dennis) that was able to help both our children in different grades. we are sad that Dennis has left!!!

    Precy & Jason K.
  • Very helpful...

    Joanne B.
  • The services that my son has recieved from the Tutor Doctor have not only improved my son's self esteem but it has also improved his grades. I appreciate the personalized care and attention from both of the tutors he has had. The sensitiviy involved in finding just the right person for my son was not only impressive but also very flattering. The Tutor Doctor sincerelly cares about his well being. ...

    Karen H.
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  • They were very thoughtful in matching someone to my daughter's personality and ability. They were very thorough in assessing what her needs were. They are willing to be adaptable at modifying the what our daughter needs to stengthen her math skills from working with the content in her workbook to doing math drills to build her confidence. It feels like there is a willingness to work together to do ...

    Janet C.
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  • Great match between tutor and student Always on time and quality tutors We really appreciate the QUALITY!!!

    Sherry S.
  • We like the idea that: 1. Our needs are discussed and a teacher is matched to the requirements. 2. That we do not have to pay the tutor each week. 3. If we have an issue with the tutor we do not have to go searching for a replacement. 4. The fact that once a tutor is found we make our weekly arrangements directly with the tutor. 5. The standard of tutoring we have experienced is very high.

    Alison P.
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  • I found the interview process originally very helpful in matching my daughter with a tutor.Our tutor is very flexible and our relationship is with him to make changes to the session etc.

    Martina & Stan R.
  • Friendly, professional, helpful, flexible, caring

    Najeeb H.
  • We had Lerina and she made all the difference in the world to my daughter's self esteem and grades. Thanks for that!!!

    Nina W.
  • Personalized to the client's particular needs and learning style.

    Peggy E.
  • I'm an art instructor and had an agent from tutordoctor; that's why I'm familiar and satisfied about your services.

    Tahmineh S.
  • I like that you put a lot of affort to it to find the most suitable and best tutor for our son.

    Monika B.
  • Knowledge of subject,good relationship with students, willingness to adjust time if necessary. Responsible and caring about students' success.

    Leo H.
  • Friendly well run service that has supplied 2 extremely qualified and friendly tutors. Not only will I recommend Tutor Doctor to my friends and family we've already recommended them to 4 of our friends.

    Larry A.
  • The teachers are experienced, friendly and punctual.

    John M.
  • Personalized one-on-one tutoring.

    Julia S.
  • flexible and conscientious

    Jennifer C.
  • The calibre of tutor for french.

    Maggie M.
  • I like that we can switch around hours to suit our needs (ex. if our son needs one or two sessions per week). The weekly feedback reports are also helpful.

    Peri M.
  • Professional approach

    Natalia L.
  • Really liked our tutor John. He was professional and friendly and really kept Brock on task.

    Lori S.
  • personal service that matches a suitable tutor to the student and their needs

    Maeve M.
  • tutor is good

    Veronica Z.
  • Arrangement of tutoring schedule is very efficient.

    Jean C.
  • Very convenient and helpful with my certain needs

    Bret M.
  • The effort is taken to find the right tutor for the student.

    Grant B.
  • That tutors come to the house. and that tutor doctor will work to find the right tutor for a student.

    Diane U.
  • Convenience of coming to my house.

    Elishia L.
  • Good initial consultation with student and parent to set expecations for all. Matching/pairing student with appropriate tutor Weekly report out on learning is consistent. More emphasis from tutor on student's role - encourage student to take notes during session, review and get a weekly commitment to homework and additional practice from student.

    Susan K.
  • Very reliable . Friendly. Committed and give weekly feed back so i know hiw my daughter is progressing.

    Diane B.
  • Convenient and good match up for tutor and our son.

    Shannon F.
  • Flexibility in selecting a tutor that fits our needs and our schedule. At home tutoring.

    Christina C.
  • Because they're friendly

    Lisa Y.
  • good selection of Tutor. Service met expectations

    Hugo A.
  • Tutor comes to the home and he is a great match 4 my son

    Tyla S.
  • very reliable

    Ana P.
  • our tutor Leore has really struck a great working relationship with Austin. She is really excellent.

    Michael J.
  • It is easy and convenient and the tutor you sent us was fantastic and got along very well with our son. She was very flexible when needed and went the extra mile to make sure my son did well

    Christie G.
  • Very committed. I like the flexibility of our tutor. Time wise, and also she helped with other subject other than we requested. and she is very nice too. So far, satisfied.

    Mariko K.
  • they listen, are fast and flexible to adapt to my needs

    Karen M.
  • well organized

    Daniele P.
  • I like that tutors come to my home.

    Jennifer H.
  • The tutor was great and I liked the system that the tutor emails me a progress report after class.

    Kay A.
  • change time and place freely with tutor and counselors are nice

    Seongho K.
  • The flexibility of meeting in a place that's convenient for me, and the process of being matched with a tutor who fits my needs and preferences

    Lynita W.
  • I believe teaching should be based on the good understanding between students and teachers. and tutor doctor knows that, I think.^^

    Sewon L.
  • The friendly contact with the people involved. The listening to our needs. The nice person you find to help my teenager on his very specific needs for SAT.

    Sylvie A.
  • I like that the tutors come to the house. They are personable and know the subjects very well.

    Debbie T.
  • The qualified tutors that come to our home to tutor our 17 year old son. Also, We have been lucky to have young men tutor our son and they can relate to each other well.

    Barbara G.
  • Tutor Doctor was very accommodating initially when we were trying to find a tutor that fit the schedule we needed and had the correct skill set to teach the material necessary. We have been very happy with our tutor. He is always prepared and knows the material well. He is not just teaching the material but ensures my niece is understanding the concepts in a way that makes sense for her. We have ...

    Tammy S.
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  • flexibility and fantastic tutors who understand my child and his needs

    Angela T.
  • Good

    Joanna Z.
  • home service and range of tutors available

    Shahzma T.
  • Reliable tutors, professional

    Wendy L.
  • Easy to organize. Convenient and in our home that works for our schedule. A tutor that was a good match for our needs.

    Mary C.
  • The tutor was excellent. Though the cost structure is limiting for some people which is too bad (i.e. the more sessions you purchase the less expensive the session though you have to pay at once with no monthly options).

    Heather W.
  • 1)In the intital interview, the interviewer was friendly and professional. The questions were well thought out and the focus was on my son and what he was looking for. 2) The tutor selected is a very good fit and has been very accomodating in scheduling sessions.

    Jude B.
  • I do like the at home initial consultation to meet the child and determine the need. I do like the care taken to match the child to a suitable tutor. I do like being copied on the after session report filled out by the tutor. However, and maybe I've just missed something, is there a forum for providing feedback regarding individual tutors? I am happy enough with the tutor we have but I would like ...

    Christine A.
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  • Jay is a great teacher, Jonathan likes him very much and hope keeping on study with him. Thanks you for introducing such a good tutor to us.

    Joe Z.
  • efficient. You listen to our needs and do your best to address them.

    Dhana M.
  • Our tutor, Ashley, has been very helpful, good-natured and reliable.

    Roy & Alana L.
  • We love the in home tutoring. Also the flexibility in having the Tutor work on both Language Arts and Math. This allows the Tutor to mix the session(s) up depending on the individual child's needs as they work through the school term.

    Teresa L.
  • That the tutor comes to my house.

    Anastassia S.
  • comes to our home, flexible and tailors to my daughters needs, good fit with tutor and my daughters personaility

    Cluny S.
  • Flexible, home based, and child specific needs addressed.

    Lori R.
  • I like that my child was assessed, and that a tutor comes to the home. It is much more convenient. I really like the tutor that we have, Drew Mukherjee, who is very personable and connects well with my son, and makes math fun for him.

    Morgan R.
  • Professional, on-time, relevant

    Monique C.
  • The teacher was paired up with my child very well, and we saw a significant progress in her school work. The tutor was likewise very punctual, professional and hard working.

    Lia & Nick S.
  • The compnay needs to remind tutors that sometimes they tend to talk too fast and they assuming that students are following them, but in many situation that is not the case, and students are too intimidate to tell thme to slow down. I understnd that tutors are not professional teachers, but it is a good idea if they tell studens to let them know if they are talking too fast and need to be slow ...

    Goshia R.
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  • flexibility with hours; great match of tutor with student.

    Elsa K.
  • personal service. High quality tutors, support and advice, willingness to make it work

    Brockton S.
  • Tutor comes to your house and easy to focus what ares to work on

    Yin & (Graeme Boyd) X.
  • The professionalism and the ability to change tutors if the match does not work.

    Meenal R.
  • consistently dependable and highly effective teaching approach. My daughter has had two dfft tutors over the course of the year and both have been personable, patient and effective in their guidance creating consistently higher performance & marks.

    Judy A.
  • Great weekly updates and genuine care for the student. Thanks

    Phoenix D.
  • Very professional and very easy to get started. It was so much easier for Tutor Dr. to go through the screening process for us. We are so happy with the tutor we received.

    Denise C.
  • yes

    Hong X.
  • Well organized, and we like Katie, our tutor.

    Clare C.
  • The tutors we have had are very good and reliable. I like the pay structure as well

    Leslie R.
  • One on one tutoring and I don't have to drive anywhere.

    Kari G.
  • Highly personable, well-structured service + very capable tutors + high flexibility + reasonable cost + regular reporting and check-ins = strongly recommended!

    Lily M.
  • predictable, professional, weekly report updates.

    Christine G.
  • Committed Results

    Christine W.
  • The tutor chosen was a perfect match for my daughter. Having the tutor drive to my house was very convenient. The weekly email feedback helped me understand current and past issues my daughter was having.

    Erika K.
  • caring, compassionate tutor. Being a mature student I was somewhat reluctant to use the services of tutor/doctor, but she was patient and helped me immensely. Thank you tutor/doctor, I received my GED!!

    Darlene S.
  • From the first moment that my husband called your offices, the timeliness of reply was impressive. It created a sense of trust with your organization from the get go.

    Amy K.
  • I'm satisfied with everything..especially your professionalism.

    Chi K.
  • Tutor's come to the home. If unsatisfied and what a change - quick response.

    Alyson J.
  • Very quick to pair up tutor with student.

    Joanne B.
  • It helps fill in the gaps in my knowledge, making class easier. The only reason I'm not more likely to recommend it is because I don't know anyone looking for a tutor.

    Gita M.
  • We liked the way Claudia came to speak with us and got to know Jack and what he needed. Now he's been matched up with a tutor that can help him in many subjects. It was very efficient.

    Katie B.
  • The responsiveness of the tutor to the individual needs of my child.

    Joyce J.
  • We have a teenage son who has been been having challenges with his studies. The tutor we have been assigned has been exceptional in working with our son and with making him face his challenges with a positive attitude.

    Elena F.
  • What I like about your service is your math instructor Mr. Kiasat, who is very knowledgable and punctual. Thank you.

    Mahtab A.