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  • Quick at finding me help when I need it and having great tutors.

    Ashley C.
  • professional assessment to fit my child's needs tutors are matched with my child knowledgeable and friendly tutor at home sessions updates by e-mail

    Monica O.
  • Matt the tutor worked so hard to help our daughter. He also showed he really cared how she did. Her goal was to get an 80% in math and she achieved that goal in only 5 weeks .

    Kelley B.
  • The tutor match for my daughter was perfect

    Julie B.
  • The tutors are highly qualified and personable(we really like Tyler). Every ingrained from Richie to Laura to Tyler to Matthew had been very professional and helpful.

    Mary K.
  • The fact that they come to our house

    Krista S.
  • Ease of actually signing up with the service and paying on 'as needed' basis or for plans of tutorial

    Kenneth V.
  • All encompassing. Whatever the child's needs, they are included in the services provided.

    Diana N.
  • We can set up times for studying very easily for Matt. Matthew has help right away when needed.

    Ellen B.
  • Very personable and willing to tailor to the student/family needs.

    Kathleen G.
  • My Sons Tutor is phenomenal. Although it is early to tell if the system is working in regards to my sons grades overall. The tutor is doing a great job. I am confident that results will be very much improved.

    Manny S.
  • I like that tutors come to the house and provide one on one training. Tutors are knowledgeable and focused on helping the student, based on their learning styles.

    Diana B.
  • The personal touches..the tutors really seem to care about their students and progress.

    Jennie P.
  • one on one tutoring

    Nancy K.
  • Our son's tutor is fantastic! He explains everything very well & takes the time to ensure he understand everything. The convenience of having him come to our house makes it even better.

    Susan B.
  • Simple to arrange and receive a quality tutor

    Stacey & Brian U.
  • Tutor Doctor is genuinely interested in the success of their clients / students. Tutor Doctor finds a match that works, even if it takes two tries! Hard working tutors.

    Jeffron S.
  • Convenience and education of the tutors.

    Tera B.
  • They attempt to get a best fit tutor, and they do a good job

    Colleen J.
  • Derek Tangredi has not only been an amazing tutor to our children, but also a fantastic roll model! He is patient, thorough and passionate about teaching. We are very lucky to have him guiding our children academically.

    Lyndsay T.
  • The one on one teaching

    Ed T.
  • Excellent tutor, very convenient service model.

    Diane J.
  • Current tutot for biology is awesome, exactly what my daughter needed

    Tammy B.
  • Emily is very pleasant, punctual and a good teacher. We have in fact increased her sessions with Aidan from twice a week to 3x/week as he also struggles with certain math concepts. This takes a lot of pressure off of us (mom and dad) as Aidan needs 1:1 on his tougher subjects.

    Rose B.
  • Very like

    Linh & Tony N.
  • The tutors have been exceptional and very pleasant.

    Walter S.
  • Qualified and caring tutors

    Jennifer W.
  • My daughter was very happy with the tutor Stephanie. She is very knowledgeable and explains clearly.

    Sajjad & Ruksana U.
  • Matching service is excellent. Our tutor has a special ability to connect with kids..makes learning fun.

    Linette L.
  • i like that the services are provided in our home, that the tutor is matched with the student. I have already recommended you to friends.

    Cate G.
  • Work well with our son and come to our home

    Sarah & Bill D.
  • Our tutor was committed and responsive to our child's needs. He did everything he could to support her success in math.

    Karen S.
  • That you come to our home, on time and very helpful..

    Laurie M.
  • I LOVE that it is 1 on 1. I LOVE that you come to my home!

    Jil T.
  • I love that the Tutor comes to my home. The tutor is being my daughter out of her shell and she is getting very comfortable with her tutor.

    Roisin P.
  • Other than pricing, we found a very good math tutor, and there seemed to be many of them at almost half the price. a good job has been done by the tutors and the company in getting an appropriate match for our daughter

    Rob C.
  • Rebekah is fantastic and works really well with the kids. it is also great having her come to the house.

    Lisa F.
  • Michelle rocks!

    Heather M.
  • very flexible and professional. Love the session feedback comments.

    Rosell A.
  • The tutors are professional and know their subject matter well. We get tutors who are compatible with our daughter in their teaching style. One added bonus is that they come to our house!

    Ramona G.
  • My son and I could not be happier with the tutor he is matched up with. Grade 12 English is the subject Bram (son) needs tutoring with and Stephanie (tutor) shares her knowledge and expertise in a manner that makes sense to him. He appreciates her advice and direction. From a distance, I can hear conversations about the topic at hand and I like the sharing of thoughts and ideas back and forth ...

    Gina P.
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  • Our tutor is very personable. He works alongside my teenage son and my son is enjoying learning Math. My son has missed big chunks of the last couple of school years. Our tutor is doing really well figuring out what areas of Math my son missed and then working through those gaps.

    Liana P.
  • Ease of use, professional level of tutor

    Wendy M.
  • Peyman

    Lisa M.
  • The way the tutor helps me in homework, assignments and studying.

    Margaret Y.
  • The commitment is very obvious. Issues are dealt with immediately and in a professional manner. Staff is very pleasant and courteous. Match up was great....could not have been better.

    Linda A.
  • tutor Kara is phenomenal, very professional, services are flexible and convenient VERY satisfied!

    Brad H.
  • This services continues to help my son succeed.

    Louise C.
  • Tudors chosen were a good fit for my sons learning style. They came to our house

    Lorrie & Graig P.
  • very throw teaching

    Chris H.
  • They come to house

    Donna B.
  • I like the individual attention and my tutor is very helpful.

    Marlene B.
  • 1. its very convenient that you come to us! 2. Elise and Amber are so nice and also extremely good tutors. 3. Brandon is so nice too!

    Virginia B.
  • The one on one sessions with my tutor, Amanda, have really helped me to understand calculus and have been especially valuable as you typically don't receive this type of attention and assistance at the university level.

    Alex H.
  • My daughter is understanding Math much better with the consistency of having someone walk her through its complexities on a weekly basis.

    Don & Sandy M.
  • It's convenient because they come to your home. They provide valuable materials that specifically relate to your objectives and teach the material in a clear, concise, comprehensible way.

    Neil G.
  • Very professional, our tutor is so organized and helpful!!

    Tracy E.
  • It seems to be working and it fits into our lives. My son like the tutor and looks forward to the sessions every week. His confidence is growing with learning and he is starting to take a bit more pride in his work.

    Pam D.
  • The tutor was set up quickly; the tutor is knowledgable and carinf; she is a good fit for my daughter.

    Anne M.
  • Our tutor is very knowledgeable and patient. The convenience of in-home tutoring is much appreciated.

    Jennifer C.
  • I like that my son's tutor is very engaged and interested in his success. I like that he comes to the house and I like the e-mailed feedback after each session. I also like that my son seems to be doing much better with math since beginning to work with Tutor Doctor 6 months ago.

    Mara S.
  • the convenience of having it in your own home matching the tutors up to the child flexibility with hours (additional time during exams if available and needed) frequent updates on what is covered and how your child is doing

    Sheri M.
  • Organized. Great with children. Efficient. On time. Convenient for families

    Terry E.
  • Professional, knowledgable and caring tutor

    Claudia N.
  • The initial interview asked lot's of questions. This helped to find the right tutor for our son.

    Rick S.
  • Jenna is great with our son. We love receiving the report that is e-mailed to us after every session.

    Tara U.
  • I have a very good tutor, Wes Philips , who seems to understand my basic needs to learn math concepts. He listens and well and prepares exercises for me to practice. I am very pleased Marnie mcGarry

    Margaret M.
  • Our Tudor Andrea was professional and very helpful. I would say she was even nice to work with. Her knowledge of math and chemistry were a blessing for my daughter Laura. I would overwhelmingly endorse this program to anyone. To put it simply, this help got my daughter a real comprehension of the subjects and way better marks. Many thanks.

    John A.
  • Consistent teacher and comes to your housr

    Natashia & Chris P.
  • profesional ,flexible , accomodating

    Bonnie G.
  • It is convienient having the tutor come to our home. I like the follow up email after each session.

    Heidi W.
  • effective, convenient, great tutors

    Katherine F.
  • Brian has always been very responsive to our needs.

    Brian S.
  • Good match to to the student. Tutors are flexible in their scheduling.

    Loreen H.
  • I like Brenda. She is knowledgable and works well with our son. I wish we had her earlier instead of the other guy.

    Michelle & Rick W.
  • I like that the tutor has an education background in the subject she tutors. She is knowledge, patient and mature. My child is super happy !

    Tracy F.
  • Excellent tutors. Good value for money. Although her marks were already quite good, our daughter's tutor really boosted her confidence and her marks are even higher now.

    Nancy O.
  • highly knowledgeable tutors, professional and prompt

    Anna D.
  • I truly like the idea of having a tutor in our home. It gives our child a psychological edge so that she may feel completely comfortable when trying to learn. None of this would matter though if you didn't have a great tutor to supply your clients. Our tutor is simply the best! She is worth every penny.

    Loura M.
  • Customization of tutor to the needs of student.

    Sapana & Chittu M.
  • Rebecca is great with Patrick. Patrick managed to write his final math exam with confidence and success. Also, at the moment Rebecca arrives, she is down to business (no chit chat)which helps Patrick to stay focus on the subject right from the moment she sits down with him. She made quite a difference with Patrick's confidence in solving math problems. Thank you.

    Jocelyne L.
  • The tutors are very knowledgable, courteous and flexible with their timings.

    Ritu & Chirag S.
  • I like that she makes the girls feel confident about what they are learning. She gives her topics that she likes.

    Dawn M.
  • Fast service. They help the children fast.

    Rosario & Alan E.
  • the fact that you come to my home and are flexible about times and days. Also, my daughter's experience has been a positive one with improved marks and increased confidence in the subject

    Adriana R.
  • Nicole is amazing! She works through the math with me one question at a time.

    Vaughn R.
  • Our tutor has helped both of our kids exceed our expectations. Would highly recommend to anyone!

    Vicki P.
  • I like the one on one attention our sons get and the fact that you come to our home. Not only is it convenient, it is more comfortable for our children

    Jane M.
  • Good instructors, very patient with good examples and advise. Tutor Doctor takes over where we can't help and our son will listen without feeling pressured from his parents

    Renee & Nick M.
  • The flexibility of the lessons and high calibre of tutors

    Simone & Vito L.
  • The Tutor was very prompt, professional and positive. I loved that she came to our home and had a patient and positive approach to teaching. She explained concepts easily and my daughter had much better understanding of them.

    Sue M.
  • Extremely helpful course of tutoring. Thank you a lot.

    Tatsiana D.
  • Our tutor is organized, energetic, and takes the interest of our son. We appreciate the individualized attention to his needs. We are extremely happy with the service we are receiving.

    Tina & Michael S.
  • The tutors are young intelligent and enthusiastic. They truly have an interest in helping their clients to achieve their goals. Thank you

    Shawn & Bev M.
  • The convenience of in-home, high quality tutoring!

    Tammy H.
  • The housecalls are a huge bonus, and the credentials of the instructors first-rate.

    Patrick P.
  • professionalism of tutors quality of tutors in-home service

    Heather & Scott R.
  • Great pairing, Kaeden grades were dramatically improved. Alisha was able yo quickly identify gaps and came up with a learning plan that Kaeden really responded to. Your service had been very flexible, tailors to needs of each student and we have seen wonderful results.

    Anjie & Amit K.
  • We liked the fact that the tutor (Hamed) came to our home. He was punctual and flexible and got down to work right away.

    Kang H.
  • We love Angela's tutor Heather Dryburgh!! She has been a perfect match for Angela. She is very positive and upbeat, while thorough at tutoring. Angela has shown major improvement in Grade 11 University Math and really looked forward to having Heather come over!

    Lori & Steven Q.
  • Excellent.

    Albert H.
  • tutor we had was great. flexibility. customer and student focus.

    Gerda & Chris Z.
  • I appreciated the one on one attention and the tutor coming to our busy household. Both our daughters are in high school and needed some tutoring with different subject. The tutors were well matched to their needs and both girls were successful in achieving their academic goals.

    Kate B.
  • Laura was friendly and knowledgeable in organic chemistry. She was able to explain concepts clearly and helped greatly with my understanding

    Wes P.
  • Jennifer Cameron was a fantastic tutor!!

    Dianne L.
  • I like the convenience of the Tutor coming to my home. I appreciate the flexible scheduling for lessons.

    Josline M.
  • Our tutor Alex was extremely engaged in her job to assist our daughter with the French language. Alex would bring in material like books of interest for our daughter and would play creative games with her too. By doing this, she totally gained the interest and trust of our daughter immediately and even though she is eight years old, she enjoyed the full hour speaking, listening and reading French. ...

    Janis & Grant W.
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  • Very knowledgeable and courteous tutor.

    Sarah C.
  • Lovely tutors.

    Karen & Ian M.
  • The personal attention to the child's learning needs and positive approach have made a tremendous difference to our daughter's attitude toward learning (she looks forward to every visit!) and also to her ability to read. We are very impressed. Would highly recommend this service to other parents.

    Adrianna R. & David D.
  • excellent tutors, very professional work ethic,

    James & Lynn C.
  • Tutor Doctor is always very professional, accommodating and has always put what will be best for my childs education first. My experience with Tutor Doctor has exceeded the expectations that I had.

    Stephanie M.
  • We had been assigned a tutor within a few days of requesting one - very impressive!

    Barb D.
  • Very well organized. I was impressed at how quickly you were able to match our daughter with a suitable tutor that met her request (for a female tutor). I appreciate the regular email session updates, and with our busy lifetstyle - the home visits are a huge plus. It allows us to get a few things done at home ie; cook dinner etc., and also we can interact with our other kids while our other child ...

    Sheryl & Max H.
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  • Fast, efficient, great feedback/reports

    Tanya & Dan Z.
  • We are very happy with our Tutor Doctor services. Shelley is great with out daughter. Shelley is very calm, patient, and professional. We highly recommend Tutor Doctor.

    Jenn & Mark J.
  • Convenience and highly trained tutors.

    Jennifer & Brian H.
  • very quick to respond to requests and the tutors are knowledgeable

    Tom G.
  • Efficiency, Great Customer Service and Excellent Tutors.

    May T.
  • My particular tutor Himanshu Gupta, was not only just skilled in math he was very patient as well as organized.

    Terri M.
  • Individualized teaching and come right to our home.

    Helen & David A.
  • There is nothing about Tutor Dr. that I don't like!!!! After 5 months of tutoring my daughters language grade increased from a C to a B! not only that her self-regulation with her school work has improved as well as her focus and desire to be a better student. Laura Baker is an excellent tutor and a perfect fit for Abigail. Thanks Tutor Dr.!

    Kim W.
  • variety,knowledge,professionalism,reliability,punctuality

    Angela T.
  • My tutor seems to really know exactly what things to focus on when we are doing our tutor sessons. Money well spent!

    Melissa V.
  • The responsiveness to my child's needs and the professionalism all have shown.

    Kim P.
  • Flexibility of times Tutor comes to the house Tutor listens to parents concenrs and pushes student

    Elizabeth K.
  • I love the fact that you come to my house! With our busy lifestyle, this is a great option, as driving takes up valuable time each evening. It also makes for a comfortable setting for my son to learn.

    Kandy & Doug S.
  • The tutors are very good and highly professional

    Femi S.
  • Magen is a super nice person and she has done an amazing job with Madyson.

    Matt & Tracy A.
  • Tutors were very professional, timely and had an excellent rapport with their students.

    Jerry & Mary-Jane C.
  • At home service and very flexible. The tutor feedback on the session is helpful.

    Siva M.
  • You get top-of-the-line tutors for the lessons.

    Tayo & Doyin A.
  • The tutor works well with my son and allows me to guide to ensure the homework between sessions is enough to stretch his abilities Nost important - she comes to our house - one less thing for me

    Karen M.
  • I like that the tutor was matched to our daughter's needs and learning styles. As well the home visits made it much easier to accommodate into busy schedules. Our daughter really enjoyed her tutor and appreciated his patience with her when she was frustrated or distracted and always helped to get her focus back.

    Andrea & Jason M.
  • The tutor we have is exceptional!

    Laura H.
  • The tutor was excellent and got along well with my son. He was very flexible with the schedule and conveniently always came to our home.

    Natalie S.
  • So far, I haven't be dissatisfied with any part of Tutor Doctor's services!

    Mario & Trasi P.
  • Being able to match the appropriate tutor to the student, also, the promptness of the sessions and the abiltity of the tutor to detect the students' strengths and weakneses. Thank You

    Joan W.
  • the personalized attention that focus on what is needed

    Celwa E.
  • Now, I have a great tutor.

    Yasuhisa O.
  • skilled and caring tutor, thank you

    Heather & Chad R.
  • Flexibility of the tutoring plan and of our particular tutor. He is amazing1

    Tannis M.
  • There is nothing I do not like

    George & Teresa S.
  • I am pleased with my son's math and science tutors

    Susan & Dougald M.
  • My daughter's marks increased dramtically in Biology and she continues to do lot better in her other courses. The tutor really knew the material and helped explain concepts that were not understood initially in the classroom.

    Chris & Karen M.
  • The home visit prior to booking tutoring sessions answered all of my questions and the staff were very personable. The tutor (Gr. 11 Advanced Functions) was prepared, punctual and a good fit with my daughter. She looked forward to her tutor sessions each week. The tutor followed up on commitments eg. sending practice exams, scheduling extra sessions before a test etc. In my daughter's words, My ...

    Susan & Barry H.
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  • I love the one to one tutoring , the flexibility of the sessions and that the tutors come to the home. It is especially wonderful to have child learning in his own environment and not rushing here and there. That means I Don't have to pack all the kids in the car to get my son to the tutor. My time is precious and this is the perfect solution for our busy household.

    David & Bridget H.
  • The personal one on one tutoring. Our child has responded very well to this program and looks forward to it. We also like the reports after each session.

    Larry C.
  • #NAME?

    Ashley R.
  • Genn is very personable, she adapts to our daughters learning style. She comes to OUR home which gives us the opportunity to multitask while our daughter is learning. The prices are very comparable with other tutoring establishments.

    Naomi & Rick B.
  • Flexible to our scheudle, follows current curriculum, actual teachers, dependable, prepared

    Scott K.
  • customized to student's needs supremely convenient wonderfully competent and positive tutor

    David & Allison N.
  • It is in house; the teachers we have had are young, relatively new to the field with fresh ideas. They have a good approach to working with our son and are very positive. They use positive reinforcement a lot and are good at correcting in a way that does not make the student feel bad. They understand what it is like to need help and are very supportive in their approach. They are well prepared and ...

    Penny & Kingsley M.
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  • Our tutor is very good with our child, he is able to engage him quite consistently. He makes learning fun, but is stern on rare occasions when this is called for. The little surprise gift that he brings each time, always an educational toy, increases our child's interest even more, no doubt.

    Roger P. & Deborah T.
  • I love that Tutor Dr found a tutor that suited my daughter's needs perfectly and that I have constant report and communication.

    Charlene C.
  • You found us the perfect tutor that has met all of our needs.

    Robert M.
  • I like that the tutors are specifically selected to meet the needs for that course. I also liked that they come to you. My tutor was very helpful, knowledgeable, pleasant and patient. A wonderful service.

    Susan S.
  • excellent ----very professional and organized , thanks for such a good year my son so enjoyed his tutor and it greatly increased his confidence and math skills

    Brenda W.
  • Your tutors are very flexible and professional.

    Yuan Y.
  • The tutor was very good at working with my daughter. Very good at explaining things in diff ways to help her understand concepts

    Kathleen M.
  • Any questions or concerns were responded to and solved immediately by Nathan. The tutors were exactly what our nephew needed. They were very professional, friendly, reliable and trustworthy and Harry really liked working with them, which was important to us. As a result his attitude to homework assignments changed, and his marks improved noticeably. We also particularly liked receiving the ...

    Jane & Jay J.
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  • #NAME?

    Nicole & Darrell R.
  • I like that the tutor is very professional. Our tutor provides us with regular feedback. It is great that the tutor comes to us.

    Tammie & Mike M.
  • The time spent ensuring that you have the right tutor for the student. Flexibility with scheduling.

    Deborah C.
  • It is updating me on my daughter progress It is flexible adjusting to my daughter time Friendly tutor and no pressure added on my daughter

    Anna B.
  • Very personalized and interested in fitting child's needs to correct teacher

    Barb D.
  • The tutors were very knowledgable and always on time and accessible. They even helped answer my daughter's questions via e-mail when required.

    Terry C.
  • Tutors are qualified teachers familiar with current curriculum. We love that she came to us which fit in with our busy schedules. Our tutor was very flexible with making sessions fit into our weekly schedules. She was very open to working on whatever we felt would most benefit our child.

    Judy & Ken & Laura M.
  • they come to my house

    Randy M.
  • I love the way The Tutor Doctor matches the tutor to the student. They did an amazing job with matching for our teenage daughter. I love the fact that the tutor comes to you when the time works for both parties. The Tutor Doctor also was prompt in acquiring the text books for my daughter and her tutor to work from in the summer time and the off semester. I Love The Tutor Doctor!

    Tina C.
  • The flexibility is great as my daughter has a busy schedule with work and extracurricular activities. Our tutor is very knowledgeable on the subject. She is also very personable and punctual.

    Holly G.
  • Courses are very well re-explained and reviewed with extra help for assignments. Tutors see where can be the problem and give additional exercises to practice. Push and encourage the students to work better.

    Monique & Qiang L.
  • The tutor I engaged for my daughter last year is outstanding. My daughter's mathematics mark has improved greatly. My daughter has an excellent rapport with her tutor and has done a great deal to increase my daughter's confidence in her mathematical abilities.

    Cornelia B.
  • The tutor comes right to my house and is always prepared. She is in constant contact with the school and knows what my child is needing.

    Christina M.
  • It's so convenient, with our busy lifestyle, and my other children don't have to wait around bord at an offsight tutoring program. My son has already developed a good relationship with his tutor and he is also more comfortable at home with a quiet relaxed atmosphere.

    Justin & Kelly A.
  • I liked how well Nathan matched up our kids to the tutor.The match was perfect, and she was able to greatly improve the reading and writing skills in all 3 of them, as well as made connections with each one which kept them focused and interested. We also work shifts and is hard for us to schedule fixed weekly visits, so having the flexibility was important to us. Thanks for everything, look ...

    Chris & Melissa R.
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  • The instructor related very easily to my child. The one on one was fantastic. Not like other tutoring places that have one instructor for 3 or 4 children.

    Marcia R.
  • I like the opportunity to learn French. My tutor is a very nice person, and is good at her job. My tutor is easy to talk to, and good to be with.

    Melissa L.
  • Tutoring in your own home

    Alan S.
  • The set up was quick and easy. The tutor was great. On time and straight to work and knew the work well.

    Bob L.
  • Friendly adaptable tutors who work to meet the individual needs of my daughter

    Pam S.
  • Flexible scheduling, tailored tutoring, knowledgeable staff.

    Beili R.
  • Come directly to the house and very flexible with schedule

    Catriona M.
  • professional team

    Paul S.
  • We like that the tutor comes to our home and is able to work with our child on a one to one basis. The tutor can tailor the sessions based on what's happening in class ( solving problems or getting ready for tests). The sessions work with and around our schedule not a set day of the week. It's great to see how well prepared the tutor is when she arrives at our home - practice questions etc

    Chipman P.
  • convenience, our tutor.

    Joellen W.
  • The feedback e-mail is useful. The tutor is able to be patient and try different strategies to work with some of my child's challenging behaviors and keep her motivated. The tutor has lots of energy and is firm but kind, so I feel like time isn't being wasted.

    Jennifer K.
  • Our tutor Samantha is great with our daughter and has been very helpful with tips for us as well.

    Becky M.
  • The individualized learning experience. The connection between the tutor and the student and flexibility in terms of timing , content and tutorials.

    Ridha B.
  • the tutor we have been matched with, Derek, is enthusiastic, patient and my children have responded very well to him. I am very pleased so far.

    Maura T.
  • the tutors are well-matched to the students, in home tutoring, tutors knowledgeable in their fields

    Susan A.
  • High quality Dependable Invested

    April S.
  • You come to the home and the report summaries.

    Ginger P.
  • Appreciated ur effort to set up my chd with a tutor who would address her academic needs, if the fit was not working you do not hesitate to reevaluate and send another.

    June H.
  • Good communications with client/student

    Rachelle V.
  • It is convenient and tailored to my child's individual needs.

    Leanne T.
  • You come to us. The calaber of teachers you employ. The follow up with clients. The professionalism of the company. The relief as a parent when you cant do grade 11 math! $ can solve some problems.......

    Heather G.
  • One on one interaction

    Carolin H.
  • The tutor is very friendly and she is very energetic. My kids like her and are eager to have every week. She is very organized and knows how to interact them. We also like that we get report from the tutor after her session every week.

    Krish A.
  • Reliability

    Vasavi P.
  • Very professional and I loved the weekly feedbacks.Tutor was always on time.You also found the perfect match for my child.

    Judith F.
  • I am a university student, and I have multiple tutors though this company, and they are all specialized in the class I am taking. They also are willing to meet in a place of my choice, which is very beneficial to the student.

    Jennifer C.
  • The tutor

    Jamie E.
  • -friendly Tudor that's been getting along great with out son -work with our schedule

    Kimberly C.
  • The tutor that was selected for my daughter is a perfect match. I love the way she explains the material to my daughter and I can see that my daughter's confidence went up considerably in math. It is convenient as the tutor comes to my home. Great job Tutor Doctor!

    Joanna K.
  • I like that you try to match up the tutor with the student, that many of the tutors are teachers, that they come to your home and that you get immediate detailed feedback emails from each tutor session.

    Michelle B.
  • Immediate tutor available, flexible timings as per our needs

    Kashyap C.
  • Fast, friendly, reliable

    Danielle B.
  • Fast replies to emails and feedback . Flexibility with scheduling . Pleasant tutors Please do NOT display our names thanks

    Pam & Kirk H.
  • the tutors are highly educated, service is prompt and efficient friendly and respectable staff thank you for everything!!

    Denise & Kevin G.
  • Melissa was a great fit for Sam and for our family!

    Lianne R.
  • Quick mach with teacher.

    Guijie W. & You Yuan S.
  • Professional tutors

    Mary M.
  • My daughter's tutor is Emily Palmer. She is friendly, flexible and is able to explain concepts in a clear and easy to understand manner. She has helped by daughter improve her science mark substantially. I would recommend Emily to anyone.

    Michelle L.
  • That u come 2 my son and on a good time that suits Alex. Very friendly and helpful with teaching Alex a way he can remember thanks

    Alethea M.
  • It is very convenient right to the house and one on one

    Maureen V.
  • It's convenient that you come to our home and you have a very qualified tutor work with our child.

    Lucy H.
  • Knowledgeable tutors,good communication and feedback.

    Herbert N.
  • Tutors are made available to the students at a time and place that is convenient for us.

    Gina F.
  • Having a tutor come to our house where my son is comfortable and on our schedule is very convenient. Last year, we saw an improvement in his grades after tutoring. He is having difficulties again and will be off to high school in the fall, so we recently started up again with tutoring sessions.

    Kate K.
  • helping my daughter to improve her math skills

    Jaya T.
  • Quick response time. Able to carry tutoring hours over to use at any time for any subject.

    Debbie D.
  • Our daughter has received a number of tutoring sessions and has clearly improved her language skills in Grade 2 for both French and English. We found a definite improvement even after the first 3 or 4 sessions, actually. She really likes her tutor and enjoys the one-on-one learning environment. Her whole attitude toward school has improved with the self-confidence in reading she has acquired. We ...

    Adrianna R. & David D.
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  • Convience and professionalism, as well scheduling flexibility.

    Patricia S.
  • I like the convenience of the tutor being able to come to our home. I like the fact that our English tutor was a certified teacher. I like the flexibility of the times you set up to meet and I would like to highly recommend Kaylan Sharp for an English tutor. She was fantastic!

    Laura K.
  • It was nice to have my tutor come to the house and she was very helpful and knowledgeable.

    Dorli H.
  • Convenient, Tutor able to work with our schedule. Tutor able to assit our daughter well.

    Joanne G.
  • The help my daughter received from her tutor. It really gave her some relief from her struggles with the math she was working through.

    Catherine I.
  • My son's marks improved to where I want them to be and he is more confident. The tutor service is very convenient and professional.

    Fraser & Shelley W.
  • I love that the tutor comes to our house. Times were very flexible. She was easy to get in contact with via email. Good rapport with our son.

    Deirdre & John G.
  • consistency, quality of tutor, assesment

    Debbie P.
  • I would like a little more feedback regarding my child's progress - weakness - strengths. Also, I believe that some people might find the tutoring fee to be a little too high. My child's tutor is very enthusiastic about teaching my child and she always comes prepared. My child never brings any school work home, however, her tutor is aware of the level that my child is at, and always brings ...

    Rhoda & Pat G.
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  • Excellent tutoring and flexability in scheduling!

    Lynda & Nate B.
  • the flexibility of the tutors to meet our schedules and coming to our home

    Sherry M.
  • Great individuals who tutor. Friendly, punctual and knowledgeable about their subject areas.

    Rasha B.
  • Home tutoring

    Abhi & Adrian H.
  • I like that i dont have to drive my daughter somewhere else during the week.I like the updates on how she is doing.

    Kimberly & Paul W.
  • It is great that you have very capable people available to teach all subjects. I really like that you come to the house, so it saves a lot of time for the parents.

    Suzette J.
  • One on one and in home

    Clara J.
  • Learning was personalized to my schedule. That worked well for me.

    Paul S.
  • I like the personal approach that Tutor Doctor takes. I appreciate that you come to my house and that my daughter has one tutor who helps her with two subjects. Alex is great with my daughter!

    Darlene C.
  • I am very pleased with the tutor I was matched with although it is quite expensive . I feel so much more confident in my studies.

    Charlene C.
  • I thought that Chris was a wonderful tutor. Very patient and very accomadating working around my daughters busy schedule. Thank you

    Anita H.
  • Very pleased with both tutors that Joanne has had. They have worked very hard to improve Joanne in math and biology. Both tutors have been knowledgeable and have personalities well suited to working one on one with a student.

    John & Irene N.
  • Friendly and courteous

    Rajeev & Mandeep W.
  • Really appreciated that the tutor was able to come by on the weekend prior to exams and the flexibility to be able to change the time of the sessions. Took the time with my daughter to answer all questions and make sure that she fully understood each and every math problem they worked on.

    Janet O.
  • qualified individuals that match the personality of the child

    Jennifer W.
  • Well we started off a little problematic...As our tutor was having some health issues...Nathan worked hard to find a replacement...Our Second replacement ended up moving and again Nathan worked very hard to find another replacement...Who has turned out to be an amazing tutor...I guess the third time really is a charm...We could not be happier with this service and plan to continue using it this ...

    Shelley A.
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  • I was very happy that you were keeping me in th loop as a parent with onstant reports.

    Sheryl S.
  • That you travel to our home & have a program to suit any individual need.

    Carol & Bill K.
  • The tutors that were selected have been a great fit for my son. They arrive on time and are responsive to any of his concerns

    Lisa M.
  • We like that the tutor is available to come out to the house. Jessica has also gone the extra mile and contacted the teacher to discuss Madison's weakness, etc. She has been fantastic and easy to work with.

    Jackie A.
  • the friendly tutors, that are knowledgeable about the subjects they are tutoring for. That the professor was able to meet with me on my schedule and where ever it was convenient for me. My tutor was very informative and wanted to see me succeed to my best potential.

    Margaret R.
  • I like the in-home service. Allowing the child to work in their own environment - being comfortable - should help them be more successful

    Diane & Chris H.
  • The tutor for my son was well matched to my son's personality and he was very helpful explaining math concepts.

    Jane B.
  • Quick response to our needs by Nathan and high quality tutors like Gen

    Greg R.
  • Convienent, flexible and tailored to the student.

    Laurie R.
  • Convenience of coming to our home, our child was very comfortable having her lessons here.

    Jon & Krista S.
  • Tutor Doctor provided tailor-made services to suit the needs of our son. The improvement in his attitude and skills was remarkable after only a few sessions with his tutor.

    Jill & Michael T.
  • I like the feedback from our tutor on a weekly bases and also like that my daughter is matched with a person that can relate to her. Always pleasant and friendly.

    Krista & Terry G.
  • Navigating this pandemic and keeping education on track is a bigger challenge than ever before. Our son is in Grade 11 and we have used Tutor Doctor before but this year they are more necessary than ever. EMMA is AWESOME! She is not just a great teacher but a wonderful caring person. She is the perfect match for our son. Emma is flexible enough to work with us when we need her most. She goes over ...

    SUSAN, london
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  • We have truly had tremendous success with Tutor Doctor. Our son has had great academic gains but also grown more proficient with organization and integrating technology skills. We have been blessed with partners like Kate and Emma who have been key to our success. We continue to use Tutor Doctor pro actively to ensure a better outcome for high school and life skills. thank you TUTOR DOCTOR!

    SUSAN, london