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Meet Our Team

Tutor Doctor Chandler Gilbert

Here Are Just A Few Of Our Valley's Local Academic Coaches

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    Meet the Owner



    Kimberly identifies with many of Tutor Doctor’s families. She is a single mother to two Middle School-aged children, running a local business. She understands the challenges of managing a career, shuttling kids to and from sports and activities, planning family meals together - all while trying to help the kids be successful in school and raise them to be well-rounded kids with strong character and positive self-identity. And, she uses tutors and mentors to remediate gaps and to help her children develop holistically! Having come from nearly 20 years in Corporate leadership roles, hiring and developing teams, I saw the opportunity to start branches of Tutor Doctor in Arizona as a way to make a personalized and lasting impact during the formidable years in our children’s lives, and help them transition into the working adults of tomorrow. There are 3 major life, professional, and character skills she sees our children lacking: * Inability to set and achieve goals. This leads to lack of motivation or belief in their own significance or autonomy. * Lacking self-advocacy. When they need help, or believe an error was made in their grades, they don't speak up for themselves and ask questions. * Executive Functioning. Time Management and Organization are severely lacking. Schools hand out planners and post assignments online, but without showing kids how to use these tools – and holding them accountable to it - they do not develop the skills they need to be successful in college or the workplace. Kimberly’s mission is simple, but not easy: Help today's students become tomorrow's successful adults.

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    Meet our Leadership Team

    Charme' Thierault Smith, M.Ed.

    Education Consultant & Community Engagement 

    With over 30 years in education, from kindergarten to college students, my goal has always been to help ALL students reach their potential. To successfully do this requires gaining a clear understanding of what each student's needs are, setting short and long-term goals, using techniques that meet their learning style, providing regular understanding checks and adapt as needed, and adding in executive functioning "soft skills" practice where needed. However, it also involves learning about interests, what motivates each student, and having fun along the way!Hello! My name is Katie Lehman. I am currently student teaching for Master's in Secondary Education at Gilbert High School. I grew up my in Gilbert, but left for a brief time for my undergraduate degree from Colorado State University. I enjoyed the mountains, but life brought me back to the desert! There are so many skills, not only knowledge based, but life based, that I would love to help you learn. I can't wait to meet you and hopefully we can grow together! In my spare time, I love to read, hike, go to concerts, hang with my family and pets, and to travel, especially to the beach. I also love to do interior design and am always on the hunt for unique finds!

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    Christine Boppert, M.A.Crockett

    Talent Acquisition and Learning & Development Specialist

    Hello, my name is Christine and I have been a teacher in Arizona for the past three years. Before moving to Arizona to teach, I grew up and went to school in Connecticut. I received my bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and Liberal Arts from Southern Connecticut State University in 2016. I recently completed my master's degree in Sociology with an Emphasis on Education from Grand Canyon University. Working with children has always been a passion, and I enjoy being able to work in the Tutor Doctor setting and support the Valley’s families. On a personal note, I love to read, draw, volunteer, and find the newest restaurants in the valley. Road trips and weekend getaways are amazing in the southwest, and I take them regularly. I have a pet turtle named Herman and he is almost ten years old.

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    Meet some of our Tutors

    Brian M

    Math and Science Tutor

    In the duration of my time as a math, chemistry, and physics tutor with South Mountain Community College, I built experience presenting information in a logical, concise format as well as the ability to navigate and pinpoint the issues students might be stuck with – academic or personal. It often to led to great, insightful conversations. I emphasize the importance of the connection with others through positive interaction and empathy.

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    Betsy C

    Elementary tutor

    I'm a certified elementary school teacher for grades K-8. I taught in the classroom for 4 years teaching 5th and 6th grade as well as students from ages 3 to adult while in Japan teaching English.

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    Andrew F

    English and writing tutor

    I believe having excellent temperance and exercising good communication are necessary building blocks to live this life and excel inside of it. My dog Arrow and I love exploring various trails and dog parks around the city. When we're not doing this, cheering on the Phoenix Suns and spending quality time with friends and family also makes for a well-rounded and ultimately fulfilling time.

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    Bethany S

    Elementary, History and Essay writing

    To me, one of the most important aspects of tutoring is not just helping my students feel comfortable with the subject, but to achieve a balance between school and work or personal life.

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    Islam W

    AP, SAT/ACT Preparation

    When I am not working I am probably tinkering with my car or motorcycle or one of my many 3D printers. My fiancé and I love the outdoors.

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    Dr. Marian F,Robin

    AP Test Preparation and science tutor

    I am from Dallas, Texas! I moved to Phoenix to complete my medical training in Psychiatry and I'm loving it so far. My hobbies include weightlifting and traveling. My favorite philosophy to use when teaching and tutoring is: See one, do one, teach one. I really believe you truly understand a subject matter when you can teach it to another individual.

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    Morgan S

    ASL Sign Language Tutor

    I absolutely love reading books; my favorites are high fantasy compendiums and mystery/thrillers. I have a distinct passion for ASL and the deaf community. My teaching style is optimistic and peppy; I try to not let mistakes wear me down, but instead see them as opportunities for growth and improvement.

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    Chandni M

    French and Biochemistry Tutor

    She double majored in Biochemistry and French from University of Toronto and is fully bilingual in French. She has a decade of experience tutoring kids of all ages.