5 Awesome STEM Careers Teens Can Explore

It’s no secret that the tech industry is booming – and many of the most desirable careers today are found in this sector! Check out these 5 awesome STEM careers teens can explore.

1. Web developer. It’s no understatement when we say everything happens online these days – shopping, banking, entertainment, communication, you name it! We use the internet in countless ways throughout our daily lives, and web developers are an in-demand job position in nearly every area of tech. The great thing about web development is that teens can start learning right away, without even spending a dime – that’s right! As long as you have access to a computer and a keyboard, you can start learning HTML right now to create your very own website. Trusted organizations like W3Schools have been offering free HTML tutorials for decades, and these resources are a great place to get started on your web design journey!

2. Software programmer. When we use our computers and devices, the internet is undoubtedly a core component – but how do we actually use it? The apps, of course! Software developers are responsible for the programming of code required to create mobile apps, computer software, video games, and much more. Several different programming languages exist for different purposes (Java, Python, etc.) and many software developers choose to specialize in the ones they find most intuitive. To learn more about how to get students excited about coding from an early age, click here!

3. Statistician. If your child enjoys math, they may find the world of statistics to be fascinating! Statisticians crunch numbers to make predictions and provide data. The great thing about being a statistician is the job variety – statistics are used in virtually every industry! Statisticians help companies decide which products to design, determine ratings for television and movie audiences, provide direction to our government budgets, and much more. Learn more about what statisticians do here.

4. 3D designer. Since the original Pixar animation boom of the 1990s, 3D modeling has been an in-demand skill for the better part of three decades. If your teen is artistically inclined, learning to design objects in 3D is a great way to combine their creative side with current STEM applications! Besides mainstream entertainment, the use of 3D modeling can be found in many other areas of science – medicine, geology, geography, architecture, product design – the list is endless. What a lot of people don’t realize about 3D modeling is that it’s actually free to start tinkering! The open-source software known as Blender is free and has been used in countless ways, ranging from NASA web applications to video game universes. Television shows created entirely using blender are coming out on Netflix, and several major motion picture studios have announced they are hiring Blender artists. For teens who already enjoy creating art, learning to use Blender may be a match made in heaven!

STEM careers are the future, so it’s a good idea to make sure your teen is equipped with all the essentials. Check out these 5 valuable computer skills they need to know!