3 Awesome Hobbies to Start Over Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is here. Rather than spending all day in front of a screen, consider taking up one of these awesome hobbies!

1. Photography

Of all the hobbies out there, photography is likely one of the most accessible. In today’s day and age, the majority of people have high-resolution cameras in their pockets at all times thanks to technology. Our phones are capable of snapping higher-quality images than the most expensive digital cameras of the past!

As a result, almost anyone can get a head start in photography. That said, the rabbit hole can be quite deep – with digital cameras, film, filters, and lenses, there’s a lot of room to grow in the world of photography!

As an added bonus, we also love that photography encourages artistic expression and self-acceptance. Learn more about how photography inspires creativity in students!

2. Music

Much like photography, music-making has become far more accessible in modern times. Many types of software are available – Apple’s GarageBand being a popular example – which allows creators to make music using virtual instruments. In fact, many of the most popular genres today (ranging from hip-hop to lo-fi) are created almost entirely on computers using samples and virtual instrumentation.

That said, learning to play a physical musical instrument is incredibly rewarding itself! Of course, the barrier for entry is much higher – both in terms of time and money. Not only does learning a musical instrument take years of dedication and practice, but acquiring one can also be a costly endeavor.

Either way, learning to play a real instrument is a wonderful hobby and an excellent way to encourage self-expression. Learning a musical instrument can even have academic benefits as well! Learn more about how playing an instrument strengthens your brain.

3. Visual Art

From sketchbook doodles to canvas portraits, creating art is a highly engaging activity for students of all ages. Besides providing a wonderful outlet for self-expression, creating art also improves fine motor skills, cognitive development, and even mathematical abilities.

In fact, studies have shown that the act of creating art is extremely important for early childhood development. This also happens to be the main reason why art is often recommended to younger students who wish to pursue a hobby. Whereas photography and music can require a bit more technical knowledge to progress, art is virtually accessible to everyone from childhood – who remembers finger painting?

Like photography and music, art also has endless room to grow. With thousands of different mediums and styles to explore, the possibilities are quite literally endless!

Students often have a tendency to “zone out” with electronic devices during the summer months. As a result, we encourage parents to organize alternative activities ahead of time! Check out some summer learning activities the entire family can enjoy.