6 Podcasts to Inspire and Motivate Young Girls

Podcasts are a great way for young girls to expand their horizons and transform their worldview. It is a media format that can be educational and engaging, while decreasing screen time, and can be listened to while going on walks or during their ride to school. If you know a girl (or boy) who would benefit from learning more about amazing women who made history, courageous girls who aren’t afraid to speak out, or simply want some good advice, Tutor Doctor’s list of podcast is sure to get them inspired!

1. Encyclopedia Womanica

Do you ever wish you heard about more women in history growing up? With just 5 minutes a day, you and your teen can learn about different incredible women from throughout history with this award-winning podcast.

2. The Michelle Obama Podcast

No longer in production, but with hours of content available to be listened to. The former First Lady takes a deep dive into conversations with loved ones—family, friends, and colleagues—on the relationships in our lives that make us who we are.

3. TED Talks Daily

From topics like Artificial Intelligence to Zoology, join host and journalist Elise Hu as she is joined by the world’s leading thinkers and creators to change your teen’s perspectives, ignite their curiosity, and learn something new.

4. Tough Girl Podcast

Sarah Williams is on a mission to help increase the number of female role models represented in the media. In her UK-based podcast, she interviews amazing women about their achievements and challenges. This is podcast celebrates women who demonstrate the true meaning of girl power, and is a great source of inspiration, motivation, or advice for girls looking to take on their next challenge.

5. Let’s Be Real with Sammy Jaye

A podcast for teen girls hosted by a teen girl! Join Sammy Jaye as she has powerful and candid conversations with celebrities, activists, athletes and influencers, while discussing real-life issues – from mental health and political activism to pop culture and more.

6. What’s Good Games

It’s no secret that there needs to be more thoughtful female representation in the video game industry. Join hosts Andrea, Brittney, and Kristine, who have 30+ years of experience in the video game industry, for video game news, analysis, commentary and funny stuff for girls who loves games.

With the amount of information available on the internet, the media our children are exposed to matters, as it will shape their values and ambitions for the future. Representation helps girls see themselves in their role models, and is an important part of raising confident, independent individuals. During this period of self-discovery, it’s important to share resources with your children that are rich with positive and motivating messages to help guide them to success.