Volunteer Opportunities That Look Great On Any College Application

It’s no secret that colleges look favorably upon extra-curricular activities and community service when reviewing applicants. To help your student get the upper edge, here are our tips!

Consistency. When it comes down to it, consistency is going to be the number one most impressive factor when it comes to showing volunteer work on your application. Once you find an organization or cause you are passionate about, stick to it. Colleges are more impressed by students that have years of consistent work with a specific cause or interest rather than students who volunteer for short runs at multiple organizations. Not only does consistency show that your volunteer work is genuine but also provides evidence of dedication, both of which are valuable qualities for any prospective student to display.

  • Tutor Doctor Tip: Consistency is also highly looked up when it comes to other extra-curricular activities as well. For example – if a student has 3-4 years experience playing a musical instrument or in a band class, this would also be an impressive accomplishment to a college application.

Local community service. Volunteer work for larger organizations certainly looks great, but there’s also something special about doing local service work that directly benefits your community at large. Park cleanups, food drives, and community outreach programs are examples of volunteer activities that show you have respect and dedication to the people and places that surround you. This isn’t to say that volunteering for larger organizations is less preferable, as both are fantastic (the next section is about that!) – however, some students in rural areas and smaller communities may not have access to larger charity drives and volunteer organizations, so we always recommend looking for local opportunities as a great place to start giving back!

Charity and organizational work. If you do have the ability to work or volunteer for a larger organization that you are passionate about, by all means – do it! Consistency is still the most important factor here, and any organization you choose to dedicate your time to should reflect your personal interests and goals. Whether it’s volunteering at the YMCA or donating blood at the Red Cross, we encourage students to find a cause or activity they are passionate about and pursue it further.

Sustainability practices. Respecting our planet and living “green” is more important than ever right now due to global warming and climate change affecting us every day. Volunteer work that helps the planet at large looks especially good on college applications – ocean and beach cleanups, for example. Sustainability is highly needed in today’s world, and volunteer opportunities that reflect this are respectable on any college application.

Fundraisers. We think fundraisers are great because of two main reasons – one, students can easily get involved through their schools – and two, fundraisers often give students a chance to take part in the planning process. Organizing a fundraiser is a lot of work, and both participating and coordinating consistent fundraisers are fantastic additions to your college application.

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