The Most Common Reasons Parents Choose to Homeschool Their Children

Parents often reach out to Tutor Doctor to ask if homeschooling is the right choice for their child. Here are the most common reasons parents choose to homeschool their children:

Where your family lives. Where you live is a big factor in deciding if homeschooling is right for your child. Families that live in big cities or high-density areas may choose homeschooling to avoid overcrowded schools. On the contrary, families that live in rural areas may have trouble commuting to school, especially in regions where weather conditions can be harsh. When it comes down to it, families will have to consider their own unique situation when determining the potential benefits of switching to a homeschooled routine – and geographic location can play a large role in making that decision.

Quality or style of education. Parents may find that the curriculum offered by local schools isn’t on track with their child’s needs, or they are not satisfied with the quality of education being provided. In other cases, families may hold personal or religious views that are not reflected in local school systems that they wish to incorporate into their child’s education. And in other situations, children with exceptional needs, disabilities, or medical conditions may require specialized programs designed around their circumstances. Parents will have to decide if local schools are able to meet their child’s individual needs or if homeschooling might be a better option for their family.

Career or life circumstances. In many cases, parents themselves have careers that require them to relocate frequently. This is especially common in military families. Other families may have a desire to travel or wish to move often, and will integrate homeschooling into their family’s routine to avoid the stress of constantly switching schools. Finally, some families choose to homeschool if their child has a busy schedule themselves (professional athletes, working in the entertainment industry, etc.). In summary, homeschooling can be a good choice if your family’s unique circumstances conflict with a “standard” school schedule.

Safety concerns. In the past, this reason was generally lower on the list (in terms of common reasons why parents might choose to homeschool their kids). For the most part, safety concerns are mainly prioritized in children with certain medical conditions or severe allergies. In these cases, it’s not unusual for families to consider homeschooling with safety being a primary concern. There are many options with a homeschooled curriculum, ranging from private instruction to grouped pod learning models.

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