At-Home Learning Resources for Parents


Approximate ages: 5-11

Subjects: English, Reading, Math

Online word, math, skill, and strategy games for students up to grade 6. This site is kid safe certified.

Adapted Mind

Approximate ages: 5-13

Subjects: Math, English, reading

Used by many US and Canadian schools. Online math games for K-8 students and online reading games for K-6 students. A parent’s email address is required to save progress, but no confirmation link is needed. A subscription unlocks a progress tracker and additional games.

Canadian Space Agency

Approximate ages: 5-adult

The Canadian Space agency provides a wide variety of learning materials for all ages, including interactive games, podcasts, exhibitions, and photo and video galleries. Register for the Junior Astronauts program and your child could be selected to attend a special Junior Astronauts camp at the Canadian Space Agency headquarters in Saint-Hubert, Quebec!


Approximate ages: 5-adult

IXL offers curriculum aligned practice questions and interactive lessons for math, reading, and English Language Arts. Students can work through grade level concepts in a logical sequence. The free site limits the number of questions that can be answered per day, but the subscription unlocks unlimited questions and additional features. IXL contains curriculum aligned with the United States, Australia, the UK, Canada, South Africa, and more!

Khan Academy

Approximate ages: 5-adult

Khan Academy is a non-profit that offers free lessons, practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard. The material offered includes math, science, economics and finance, arts and humanities, computing, and test prep for kindergarten/year 0 to graduate school.

NASA Kids’ Club

Approximate ages: 5-13 with STEM content for ages 5-adult

NASA Kids’ Club contains games, stories, and at home STEM activities to teach your child all about space! Check out the NASA Audiences tab for STEM content for students of all ages. You can also check out the NASA digital library filled with real images and videos from space, using the Galleries tab.

National Geographic Kids

Approximate ages: 5-13

A kid safe site featuring interactive games, videos, articles, books, science experiments and more! Subjects include science, history, geography, animals, just to name a few.

Visit for more great content specific to learners in the UK, Ireland South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand (There is great stuff available on NatGeoKids for kids outside of these countries too!)

Thought Co.

Approximate ages: 5-adult

Thought Co is a premiere reference site with expert create educational content. Find articles about almost everything related to science, tech, math, humanities, and languages. There is also a resource section with helpful education articles for parents!


Approximate ages: 6-13

Subjects: Math

An interactive online adventure game platform to practice math skills. Parents email is required for login. Students may have a class account, but it is not required for play. Used by many Canadian school boards for math practice.

PBS Kids

Approximate ages: 5-10

Subjects: Math, English, reading, social studies (history/geography), science, Spanish

A kid safe site with videos and learning games featuring some of your child’s favorite TV characters. Video is only available in the US.