10 Reasons Online Tutoring is a Great Addition to Your Child’s Tutoring Sessions

Online tutoring with Tutor Doctor is an excellent resource for students to take advantage of as a supplement to their normal academic routine. Here are 10 reasons online tutoring is a great addition to your child’s tutoring sessions!

1) Convenience. Online tutoring is a perfect choice for families with busy schedules. When “life happens” and the normal tutoring time isn’t an option, using an online platform is an ideal alternative for students in need of academic support. Just like Tutor Doctor’s in-person tutoring, online instruction provides students with supplemental personalized instruction and exercises from the comfort of your own home.

2) On-demand learning. From pop quizzes to last minute assignments, online tutoring is a great option for students crunched for time. In these types of situations, online tutoring can provide a learning resource at the click of a button!

3) Accessibility. Online tutoring can help to avoid a lapse in your child’s academics during school closures, bad weather conditions, and public safety concerns.

4) Adaptability. Students all have different learning styles – some are visual learners, others learn by hearing information being taught, and others prefer a hands-on (tactile) approach. Online platforms allow the instructional methods and practice exercises to be catered to your student’s learning style.

5) Customization. Online platforms offer an incredible amount of flexibility, allowing instructors to utilize a multitude of tools during the instruction process. From digital whiteboards to virtual classrooms, online tutoring provides limitless possibilities.

6) Recording. Referencing your notes is easy with online tutoring! With all sessions logged and recorded, students can easily look back at lessons and instructional material when reviewing. When preparing for an exam, this feature makes creating a study guide a breeze!

7) Progress tracking. Online platforms allow students to easily track their progress, gauge their improvement, and pinpoint areas that need revisiting.

8) Studying. From flashcards to practice tests, online tutoring is a perfect solution for students when preparing for exams or finals. Online tutoring lends itself particularly well for test preparation. At Tutor Doctor, we’re experts when it comes to test prep – including SAT, ACT, and AP exams!

9) Communication. Having the ability to virtually work alongside their tutor gives students real time feedback on their progress. Interactive online platforms allow students to easily ask questions and request clarification if a concept isn’t making sense or additional help is needed.

10) It’s fun! Online tutoring is a different experience from traditional in-person learning. The interactive nature of online platforms, combined with unique visual elements and engaging activities, make online tutoring a blast – especially for younger students!

With the current global situation regarding the coronavirus, online tutoring is an ideal solution for students to continue receiving academic support during a time of social distancing and added safety precautions. For more information about our online tutoring options, click here.