5 Ways to Teach Children About Leadership

We all want our kids to grow up being confident and motivated individuals, ready to take on any challenges that come their way. Having strong leadership capabilities is tied to self-confidence and can help students to develop a lasting positive identity. Here are some great ways to teach children about leadership.

1) Introduce them to other great leaders. Let your kids be inspired by showing them individuals with strong leadership qualities. From historical figures to active community leaders, introducing your kids to people that have made a positive impact on the world is an excellent way to demonstrate the powerful effects of having leadership qualities. Ideally, we want our kids to be inspired by individuals they feel a personal connection towards. Whether it’s their favorite athlete or a popular musician, having a role model is a healthy way for kids to start considering their own future goals and aspirations.

2) Help them to engage opportunities where leadership is valued. Giving your kids a chance to practice their own leadership skills not only provides a massive confidence boost, but also shows them the direct benefits of effectively managing responsibilities. Volunteer work or youth programs are both great ways for kids to get involved with their communities while developing valuable interpersonal skills. Whether it’s a park cleanup or a neighborhood yard sale, learning how to organize and coordinate our efforts is important when pursuing any goal.

3) Encourage them to be themselves. Leadership is directly tied with confidence; when kids have a positive self-image, they are more likely to exhibit strong leadership qualities. As we’ve discussed in our blog on peer pressure and peer influence, our formative years in school can be a challenging time where opportunities to make responsible choices may be tested. We want our kids to be leaders, not followers – by having confidence in themselves and their own abilities, children are more likely to follow a path of positivity towards success.

4) Have them work with a mentor. Kids of all ages are impressionable, and a positive resource like a mentor can be an incredibly valuable tool. Working with a confident individual is an ideal way to directly display leadership qualities for students of all ages. Tutors can be excellent mentors themselves, as the process of working towards a common goal (whether it’s improving a grade or finishing an assignment) is an effective way for kids to develop and implement their own leadership strategies. At Tutor Doctor, we believe that tutoring is a lot more than just pure instruction. The tutors with work with focus on building a rapport with their students, which helps to gain a deeper understanding of a student’s strengths and challenge areas. Tutors are confidence-builders, and confidence is a key component of leadership!

5) Demonstrate strong leadership yourself. When difficulties come up and “life happens” as they say, sometimes the only way to move forward is to take charge of a situation. It takes leadership abilities to make tough decisions, and you can show your kids how to properly respond and act in challenging situations while demonstrating the importance of strong leadership capabilities. From classroom participation to future job promotions, leadership skills are incredibly valuable in many areas of life.