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Five Ways to Help Your Student Feel Less Frustrated

Students are extremely talented in many areas, but sometimes their emotions can get the best of them. What do you do when your student gets frustrated with schoolwork? Here are some reasons they might be upset - and ways to help them out. 

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  • Start Planning Now: Tips for Developing a Strategy to Boost Your GPA

    GPA is a numerical representation of a student’s overall academic achievement. Of course, there are many objections to this mentality – grades themselves aren’t always an accurate representation of a student’s abilities! Despite this, GPAs remain an important figure, especially for high school students. Tutor Doctor has some great tips for developing a strategy to boost your GPA!

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  • Tutor Doctor Success Story: Closing the Confidence Gap

    One of our tutors writes about how helping their student believe in themselves again made their confidence and grades soar!

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  • Learning Is Not Just For School - It's a Lifelong Skill

    Lifelong learning is about so much more than just simply learning to pass required exams to move on to the next level. It’s about learning new ideas and gaining an understanding of different concepts and topics throughout our entire lives.

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  • Are you ready for Back to School? Tutor Doctor's Tips to Get Organized!

    Back to School will arrive before you know it, so it’s best to get organized now! Making sure you are ready in advance helps to alleviate the stress of starting a new school year. Tutor Doctor has some helpful tips to make sure you are prepared.

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  • The Summer Slide is in Full Effect! Now What?

    Summer learning loss is a serious issue for many students that don’t partake in educational activities throughout these months. Studies of this phenomenon have shown that summer learning deficits can leave some students months behind when entering the new school year. At Tutor Doctor, we highly encourage summer learning!

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