Tutor of the Year Award 2017!

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Nominations and voting for our 2017 Tutor Doctor Tutor of the Year Award opens on March 7 - we will begin receiving nominations from our customers right here. Every year Tutor Doctor picks a tutor who best symbolizes the hard work and dedication it takes to really shine as a tutor and we need your help! Vote for your favorite nominated tutor when voting is open between March 7 - March 24 HERE.

In truth, serving as a tutor takes more than the average job, and excelling as a tutor requires even more. Thanks to the in-home one-on-one tutoring methods employed by Tutor Doctor, the job entails entering the homes of students, sitting with their families, and leading an organized effort to help those students in every way possible.

So much depends on doing well in school. Students need to do well in high school in order to get into the college of their choice, while help is often needed to succeed in college, professional certifications and other academic requirements of adult life. All these stages of learning play a key role in the achievements of every individual, and that means a good tutor can be a vital source of assistance, encouragement and training.

It can be so stressful, especially as a young person, to shoulder the burdens of education. There are so many possible reasons why a student might struggle in school, ranging from differences in learning styles to diagnosed learning exceptionalities. When a student struggles in school, their confidence can drop, making things even tougher.

When students or their families reach out to Tutor Doctor, they are sometimes in a state of immense stress. A good tutor, therefore, plays a caring, supportive role even before the student’s academic needs are addressed. Additional work takes place behind the scenes, coordinating between student, parents and teachers to ensure every potential learning weakness is identified and addressed. It takes time and immense dedication to accomplish this.

One such tutor is Janet Barnes, the winner of Tutor Doctor’s 2015 Tutor of the Year award. She is a truly dedicated educator. A proud grandmother of four, she taught in the public school system for 28 years and is now a tremendously hardworking tutor who embodies all of the values we treasure at Tutor Doctor. Enthusiastically nominated for the award by one of her students, Ms. Barnes is a beloved member of her community.

Tutor of the Year

At Tutor Doctor, we strive every day to maintain the highest levels of professionalism, and we’re therefore proud to hold up tutors like Janet Barnes as examples for all of us to strive for. Soon we will be announcing our recipient for 2017. But regardless of who gets awarded, we’re very proud of the work we do and all the lives we have changed. And lives do get changed with the help of Tutor Doctor, every day, in countries around the world.

As we said -- it’s more than the average job.

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