How to Choose a Tutor For Your Child

At the start of a new school year, it’s all too easy to fret and worry about your child’s academic success. The good news is, you and your child don’t need to face these worries alone. A skilled tutor can really help a student develop new skills and abilities they never knew they had. In fact, a tutor can make a world of difference in a young person’s life. Choosing a tutor, however, can be challenging, so here are a few tips that might help.

Does my child really need a tutor?

It can be difficult to acknowledge your young person’s academic weaknesses, but it really shouldn’t be. Every human being has weaknesses (as well as strengths). In fact, be glad, because identifying areas that need help is the first step in overcoming those areas. In truth, however, a smart parent doesn’t just hire a tutor to boost grades in problem classes. A good tutor has the skills and experience to help your learner in countless ways. The goal should always be about far more than boosting grades — it should be about helping your child find excellence in school and in life. A good tutor can help you make that happen.

How can a tutor help my child?

Struggles in school can set up an awful cycle. A learner feels disappointed, then starts to feel increased stress, then starts to lose confidence, then starts to decline academically, and round it goes. A good tutor can help break that cycle. Not only can problem areas be addressed, but the student can learn to cope more effectively with obstacles. Breaking the chain of insecurity and shame can empower a young learner tremendously, equipping them for lifelong success.

What’s more, a dedicated tutor offers much more than academic know-how — ideally they will not just help your student learn specific subjects, but learn about how to excel in school. This includes study tips, lifestyle changes, organizational improvements and more.

What if my child has an exceptionality?

A huge percentage of young people have learning exceptionalities such as ADHD, dyslexia and so on. Happily, society is gradually abandoning the stigma associated with these challenges. Even better, a growing body of knowledge can equip parents and students alike with the information they need to find a path to educational excellence no matter what issues they may have.

Good tutors have a full understanding of every exceptionality under the sun, and can offer coping strategies and study skills that will not only get them through school but achieve inspiring and amazing feats of academic excellence.

What exactly should I look for in a tutor?

It’s important to be a bit choosy. Sometimes a high schooler with skill in a needed subject area will get the job done. But for the best outcomes possible, it’s important to find a tutor who has a great many skills that go beyond academic subject areas. The best tutor is someone who understands all the complex and overlapping aspects of student life and can help your learner improve not just in one subject area but help them develop as a person. This requires skills, training and experience.

How important is a tutor’s personality?

Don’t underestimate personality. At Tutor Doctor, we employ a tutor matching system that helps connect students with a tutor who is the best fit possible. It’s critically important for student and tutor to connect. This helps the student relax, de-stress and concentrate. Good tutoring is a collaborative effort, and that means everyone involved will have to work as a team — not just student and tutor but parents and teachers as well.

The most important characteristic is heart. An experienced tutor understands just how much a young person can be transformed with the right sort of help. Imagine an adult thinking back to their school days and pondering the many things they wish they’d known back then. Well, a good tutor will give your student all the tools and knowledge they might otherwise miss.