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  • Excellent information (in the session note)! So proud of you guys. Makes me so happy to see his hard work turn into academic success. Great to see him taking personal responsibility also. Keep up the great work with him. Great way to start off his high school year.

    Wade G.
  • Kathleen and her team have been phenomenal in every area of their services. Working with our foster youths sometimes can be very challenging but Tutoring Doctor have proven to be an exception. They are patient, caring and compassion working with our youths first and foremost. And on the professional aspect, they have helped many youths academically in the areas the individuals have been struggling ...

    Dora P, Wenatchee, WA
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  • As an FYI – Brooke rocked it in school this year. Her growth in the state test was 99% in reading and 89% in math. Dani has played a HUGE role in Brooke’s growth. Cheers, Annette

  • Turner finished up with 5 A’s and 1 B+, he is done for the year!! I cannot tell you how proud of the work you guys did together. You kept him organized, we’re firm when needed and helped him tremendously!! Not easy doing what you guys accomplished this year online! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, like I said before you have become part of my family!! Would love to meet you in person soon ...

    Wade G.
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  • I just wanted to let you know that your student received an award from me on the last day of school for his overall growth on the Math - Smarter Balanced Assessment the students took in May. He grew a total of 102 points, being the male student that grew the most overall in my entire Core 2 class! The average growth for a students at this level in math is 24 points, so your student surpassed that ...

    Happy Teacher
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  • Marjie is such a great tutor. She is a great teacher, patient and very encouraging. We are very thankful to have her.

  • Yes Marjie has been great! I think my son really likes her!! Maybe even looks forward to her coming... Watches for her and opens the door when she arrives.😊 He tells me what he’s learned after she leaves. I think it’s a great fit.

  • So we have been very happy with Beth (tutor) and with the tutoring. Our daughter has improved and is becoming more confident. Beth is amazing and has been great with her teaching and patience.

    Corrie D.
  • We are really enjoying our tutor. Our student can be a tough kiddo when she is restless and tries to avoid doing work but our tutor is patient and pushes her just hard enough.

    Jodi T.
  • My tutor is truly patient and comfortable to study with!! I literally learned something new every minute of the hour we spent together. He was very inspiring and I am so happy I made the choice to have a tutor

    Vanessa P.
  • Barbara is fantastic!!! It’s been so great having her as a resource for Hunter this summer. His reading has drastically improved. I don’t think he will be so behind his peers this year which is a huge relief.

    Heidi L.
  • Thank u for all the tutoring help! She got an A- in her course!!!!!!😀

  • Thanks for checking in. You & Jessica have been wonderful to work with. Troy working said his time working with Jessica was very helpful. He took the SAT few weeks ago & we should be getting the results this week I believe. I know we have 7 hours remaining & would like to roll those into working with Jessica in Sept. with his math class (forgot at moment which one it was) and also for help in ...

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  • I think everything is going great so far! Barb is amazing!!! He has problems concentrating, which is fairly standard for him. I’m not sure how to overcome that particular obstacle; but he really is enjoying it.

  • My grandson, Rhys, has great rapport with his tutor, Barb Sorenson. He has really progressed with his reading since they started working together.

    Marty Ford, Wenatchee
  • It was my good fortune to have Tyler as my teacher. He is an excellent teacher and person. He understood the slow pace I needed. His written instructions will be very helpful.

    Bob C.
  • Personalized communication from the top down. We have a unique situation with parents and step parents supporting the same child. Your services are extremely sensitive to all of our expectations. We are all kept well informed of our sons status.

    Mia M.
  • I love the willingness to work with us on schedules and come to our house.

    Cyndi P.
  • Outstanding business! Tutor Doctor helped my son prepare for a math placement test at Wenatchee Valley College. Kathleen McNalty outlined a timeline and payment structure to help maximize my son's tutoring sessions. Tutor Doctor communicated the details of each tutoring session and the amount of tutoring left in the contact. I will be eager to work with Tutor Doctor again should the need arise.

    Jill, East Wenatchee, WA
  • They picked a very good match for my student and prepared him well for the ACT and SAT.

    Debbie T.
  • Our daughter went into her first test of the semester feeling quite confident from working with Tutor Doctor. She scored a 92% on her test! We were so happy for her, and she even surprised herself.

    Jan T.
  • Tutor is patient and works a variety of methods to teach the concept being worked on. Tutor recognizes when it's time to lighten up and when it's time to push on, she is great.

    Cyndi P.
  • Success, I was successful in downloading my audio books to put on my nano. I want to thank you for taking the extra time to come to my home to help me out. I really appreciate your efforts even though I had an unusual request. It helped to contact the library and set up an appointment to get the extra help I needed to download the books. There were some steps that were missing in the process of ...

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  • Thank you so much he is really enjoying the time with you. He was able to read a book with little help. You are amazing!

    Evelyn Z.
  • Kathleen McNalty, who runs the Tutor Doctor company in our area did an excellent job of matching and setting up Spanish II and Pre-Calc tutors for my son. The tutoring sessions seem to be really be helping him gain the confidence and skills to do better at school in these classes.

    John D.