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“We are committed to making a difference in the lives of the students we work with. Increasing academic performance is the tip of the ice berg – we believe that success in the classroom nurtures lifelong organizational skills, confidence, and self-worth.”

What do we do at Tutor Doctor?

At Tutor Doctor Tulsa, we meet students where they are at and guide them to achieve beyond what they thought was possible for them. We offer exceptional, reliable, and affordable one-to-one tutoring services to the greater Tulsa community.

How do we do it?

My expertise in educational neuroscience where I teach students and teachers on how the human brain truly learns, combined with more than a decade of teaching and educational leadership experience across elementary, middle, and high schools and universities allow me to get an in-depth understanding of where a student is truly at, where they need to get to and what the best possible pathway is to ensure they consistently achieve well and beyond what they thought their potential was. All of this is made possible by the wonderful tutors who work at Tutor Doctor Tulsa who share a single-minded passion for learning and changing the trajectory of our students’ lives.

Who are we?

Tutor Doctor Tulsa is owned by Shardul Kaneria who also serves as the Tulsa Office Educational Consultant. Shardul is an experienced educator with 10+ years of teaching experience across Grades 5-12 and at university level. He has also served in multiple leadership roles such as Head of Science, Head of Gifted Education, College Research Lead and Director of Student Progression. His obsession and passion for educating others led him to leave his career in dentistry and pursue a career in education. Shardul comes from Melbourne, Australia and holds a Masters in Teaching and a Masters in Educational Neuroscience from University of Melbourne, an institution that has consistently ranked in the top 50 universities worldwide.

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