About Our Tutoring in Sunnyvale Mountain-View Cupertino

In-Home & Online Tutoring Services

Whether you or your student require help finding success in the classroom, we’re confident you’ll be able to find help in Tutor Doctor. Every day, we work with countless Sunnyvale Mountain-View Cupertino tutors to offer both in-home and online tutoring sessions to adults of all ages in the local and surrounding areas. From science to math to language studies, the tutors we work with are experienced in a variety of subjects students commonly need some help in. Along the way, our tutors work to instill positive skills such as time and project management, such as helpful study habits.

At Tutor Doctor Sunnyvale Mountain-View Cupertino, we believe in providing every student we work with customized tutoring services. Using an advanced tutoring process, we work to match your student with a tutor that works with your child’s differences, never against. From learning style to pace, the tutors we work with consider everything while providing your student with a personalized learning plan that takes their current curriculum and works to fill in any knowledge gaps that may be present.

The Tutor Doctor Difference

The real difference in our tutoring company is seen in our proven process. In fact, Tutor Doctor has helped more than 200,000 families succeed and learn to love learning using our refined system.

Our process includes:

  • Assessment – During a complimentary consultation, our team will learn your student’s preferred learning and personality style, as well as their unique needs.

  • Matching – With the help of our advanced matching system, we’ll match your child with a local private tutor who will be able to adapt, and provide, what your student needs.

  • Tutoring – Now the fun begins! Your student’s tutor will use proven teaching strategies to build onto their current curriculum, as well as work to close any knowledge gaps that are found.

  • Support – Along the way, you’ll know exactly how your student is doing with weekly progress reports and communication for your student’s tutor and our support team.

Regardless of the subject your student may need help with or night class you’ve found yourself in, we’re sure you’ll benefit from our proven tutoring process that has been used to help students match with over 24,000+ tutors in 15 countries. Beginning with our complimentary consultation, you’ll see the difference we’ll make in your family’s life.

Request your complimentary consultation today by giving us our team a call at (408) 882-1821 or by contacting us online.