We have great tutors. Six of them were nominated for Tutor of the Year!

Here is an example of who could be working with your student!

Claire – When we met Claire, we already had the feeling we had known her a long time. She’s incredibly warm and friendly and we are so thankful that our son was paired with her. She gets right down to our son Kellen’s level and is genuinely interested in his day, how he’s doing and what’s on his mind. This is why she’s able to connect with him as a teacher. She makes her lessons fun and practical and she helps him have confidence in math. The hour zips by! We hope you’ll consider Claire for this award, you are really lucky to have her!

Megan – Megan has helped Gabriel in his transition to high school. She has given him the confidence, tools and knowledge needed to engage in class. She is patient and has really gotten to know my son and what makes him “tick”. She is a blessing to our family because he enjoys his tutoring time with her. Also, she has been really flexible with her schedule when he needs an extra appointment or to change his day due to a test or confusion of a topic. Thank you Megan!

Shelby – Shelby is smart and very understanding of my style of learning. She always make time for me whenever I need her help. Because of her dedication, I passed two of my GED subjects. Now we are working on my third subject. This year I will be able to get my GED.

Shelby – Very interactive, approachable. Act as advocate of my son at school. Flexible and understand my son needs, strengths and weaknesses. Adapt her teaching techniques to the way he learns

Liz – This student moved from a school of 300 students to a school of over 3,000. With a much different type of curriculum and class size, Liz has consistently directed the student to improved study habits.
Liz has helped the student with 10th and 11th grade material. Liz finds the area of need and focusses on the “stuck” portion of the curriculum.
The student now always looks forward to her tutor time. The student comes to the table with questions/ assignments to ask Liz.
Liz has also encouraged the student to be her own voice in the class room. Wonderful tutor.

Rachel – She is good and the best