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  • ability to meet student need

    Don N.
  • The quick response to any concern we have and the professionalism of the the entire team.

    Javier P.
  • Ann has been great with joe! She is flexible and really stepped in at the end of the quarter =â G

    Julie K.
  • Listened well to parent during first consult, resulting in a great tutor match.

    Terri P.
  • We like that your Tutors come to our home for the tutoring services. We also like that our student has to block out the time to study while the Tutor is here.

    Kyle S.
  • We are very happy that we chose Tutor Doctor for our son. Carl and Shelly were great with every step of the process. They found a great tutor, Roy for our son and it's working out great. Kudos to Carl, Shelly and the whole team. Hieu

    Hieu N.
  • The exposure to quality tutors. Mike, working for TIS, has been a terrific addition.

    Robert B.
  • Very professional and catered to the needs of our child. Shawn is a perfect match for Will. She keeps his focus and attention by balancing the important tasks with fun games to keep his interest. Has been a real pleasure!

    Jodi M.
  • I appreciate and am grateful for CarlG¦+s time that he spent at our home interviewing us and getting to know our family and our sonG¦+s needs. He spent quite a bit of time at our home getting to know us and our son. He asked thoughtful and inquisitive questions, with the goal of pairing him with the right tutor. We hired the Tutor Doctor to help raise our sonG¦+s SAT scores. Although our son is ...

    Tina J.
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  • It's matched to the student, specifically and my student has been successful and happy with it as well

    Heather S.
  • You took the time to get to know me and my learning needs. My doing this I was paired with the perfect tutor!

    Carley W.
  • Tutor Doctor matches the Tudor to our child. He has improved steadily in math.He enjoys having the Tudor session and looks forward to Robert coming

    Tracy E.
  • I appreciate that Matthew's tutor has been willing to meet him at a convenient location, has good organizational skills that she is passing along to him and has been able to deal with the innate spaciness of kids his age.

    Laurie W.
  • I believe you listen to what we needed and match us up with the perfect fit . I would highly recommend Tutor Doctor .

    Bryan C.
  • Our tutor Mary is such a great asset to our son, Alex.

    Angie J.
  • Personal attention in matching kids and families up with the best tutor. A great tutor who is committed to my child's learning and success over the long term.

    Abby G.
  • I like how the tutor catches on to the student learning style right away.

    Mary M.
  • Able to schedule tutor to split the twice weekly visits in both parental homes. Excellent matching for our child.

    Kris M.
  • The fact that you customize your service base on the students needs and the flexibility.

    Lehem C.
  • Prompt, personal, consistent.

    Kate B.
  • I love how Gretchen is always on time and very friendly. She is always very encouraging and keeps the lessons moving quickly.

    Laura J.
  • I like that the tutor comes to our house and is flexible about scheduling.

    Casey B.
  • The process has been very easy from the beginning. We were able to get a tutor started quickly and our daughter has been matched with a tutor that is perfect for her.

    Dmitria B.
  • Clint is an excellent tutor - he worked very well with Ryan and Ryan looked forward to his sessions - thank you

    Nancy M.
  • the tutor was very nice and helpful

    Cynthia C.
  • Michael has been so helpful with Nick. He's been understanding and flexible with our crazy schedule. Nick was even awarded a Sellwood Ambassador award this spring for his abilities in math - something he never thought would happen! It's been very rewarding to have Michael helping.

    Christina M.
  • Very professional, excellent attention given to student at every level. Tutor,Jeremiah,is knowledgeable, and focused so that the hour is spent constructively.

    Cheryl F.
  • I like the personal connection that my daughter has made with her tutor. They make a good team.

    Kim M.
  • Prompt response and the Tutor (Ted) has been terrific. Both flexible and knowledgeable. Really relating to our son.

    Rob M.
  • The tutors who come are very knowledgeable, and patient and are paired with our familyG¦+s disposition and needs very well. Also, I very much like that that the service remains consistent, even if a particular tutor may stop working or change their hours. We only needed to explain our needs once at the onset of our work with tutor doctor and they paired us with new tutor within a week of when the ...

    Amy C.
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  • Robert is always on time, flexible, easy to reach, and willing to work in various tasks

    Trisha G.
  • Well matched tutor, able to have tutoring at home, have seen progress.

    Courtney D.
  • Personalization of the program for my son. The services are flexible and most importantly the thoughtfulness of the tutor match with my son.

    Paula R.
  • Everything! No complaints!

    Deanne G.
  • The communication emails after each session. Also, I feel that we were matched we a great tutor for our son.

    Chelain D.
  • Convenience and our tutor is excellent

    Jone S.
  • Everything! Service, the quality of tutors, the follow up every week.

    Luna J.
  • I like the customized pairing of tutor-to-student process. My tutor is a perfect match for my daughter needs.

    Cheryl J.
  • My daughter's tutor Ryan Swoverland is a perfect match to work with her. He has helped her from a D/C grade to a B/A grade! He's been very helpful from the simplest of questions to researching complex equations from my daughter's teachers.

    Debbie B.
  • #NAME?

    Jackie M.
  • That your tutors come to our home. That your tutors' schedules are flexible when sessions need to change. That Tutor Doctor fits within our budget. That your tutors are awesome!

    Stacey S.
  • That you come to our home, we see the same tutor every time and if one tutor isn't clicking, then you worked hard to find one that does.

    Allison K.
  • That it works around our busy schedule! The idea that I we feel the tutor is not a march for our needs you can change. That we were able to start some hours wih our younger son was Famtastic too! Thank you tutor dr.

    Teri R.
  • Excellent personalized service. Tutor Doctor really took the time to know and understand my students needs.

    Kimberley B.
  • We have the best tutor ever! Some times it comes down to the basics, of teaching how to prioritize and organize the assignments. Thank you

    Mike C.
  • We are not just money to you - you care about the outcome of the tutoring sessions

    Carrie P.
  • From the first session with our son, tutor Michael Jones was able to pin-point deficiencies in our son's math skills and begin correcting them. Our son's math skills (adv. algebra) began to show improvement almost immediately. His attitude towards math class and school in general is more positive.

    Sarah H.
  • I like it cause you help when it comes to my childs needs or parents needs. Things weren't working out with our old tutor and I called and talk to Renee about my childs problems and his grades at that time and she fixed it for us. Thank you for your help. The new tutor is good and I feel it's going to help my child out.

    Cindy T.
  • I really like the progress that Justin has made with Mr. Poole. His math scores have gone up 20 points on standardized tests and he is gradually catching up to his peers. He is even helping other kids in his class when he can. This is a complete change from last year when he was resistant, discouraged and totally lacking confidence. Being taught one on one has really helped. Mr. Poole is ...

    Laura M.
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  • Can access different tutors with varying expertise.

    Meghan C.
  • Honest and always on time, when tutor doctor say it can be done, consider it done, very reliable. I would definitely recommend them to my family and friend.

    Mounira F.
  • At our house and great tutors.

    Joseph L.
  • I like the level of staff that are used for the tutors. Trying to find good people is hard and you come to me in my home. Ask Sarah. I am in my pajamas during most of Caden's sessions.

    Tracy N.
  • The individual who was selected to tutor our son is a great match to move skills and knowledge further in Calculus. He is dependable, on time, interacts with my son in ways that are supportive but holding him accountable for his work. Great role model as well. We appreciate the attention to detail and the reports that always come back to us in a timely manner so we, as parents, can partner with ...

    Sandy K.
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  • I believe you to be very thorough and professional. Our experience with working with one of the tutors so far has been a very positive experience. Highly qualified, professional, and good communication.

    Vicki S.
  • Our tutor has done an outstanding job working with my daughter to make sure she understands the work and that she is prepared for assignments and upcoming tests. It is because of his help, she was able to go from a C- to a B+ in her math class.

    Nancy S.
  • Competent tutors, flexible schedules, company is a real business so I do not have to deal with persoanl whims of tutors that I have hired through personal connections.

    Diana K.
  • I like that you take the time to understand the child's personality, in order to find the right fit. It makes a huge difference to have a good connection with a teacher in a one on one setting.

    Emily T.
  • I like having someone come to my home and the quality of tutors.

    Phyllis S.
  • The ease of having the tutor come to my house. The competence of the tutor and the way that he was matched to my request.

    Michael M.
  • I like the fact that you can try different tutors until there is a good match. Our current tutor is a perfect match for my daughters learning needs.

    Kim L.
  • Convenient, well marched, experienced tutors

    Leonore L.
  • they worked!!! great tutor communicated very well with us and our daughter.

    Rachel B.
  • Tutor Doctor takes the time to understand the needs of each student and match them with a tutor that has similar interests and prior experience working with the subjects and individual needs of my child.

    Al S.
  • Our tutor exceeds expectations. He is a thoughtful, reliable and talented teacher. His creative and careful approach has inspired our student. Also, we appreciate the tutoring in-home. We find the e-mail summary updates of each tutor session helpful.

    Nalani W.
  • i feel very comfortibale with eli. he is kind and repectible. and i truley feel that he cares about my daughters educational journey . that she could not achieve in public schools. it tutors like eli that make these things possible. keep up the good work tutor doctor. i appreiate your services and pray that god will bless you in every part of your work. good day the tillman and johnson family

    Mark J.
  • Loved the intake and matching process. You were able to find the perfect match for my son. This was the key to success.

    Dana S.
  • Good tutors.

    Douglas D.
  • I like that Tutor Doctor recruits, interviews and does background and reference checks on the tutors so I don't have to. and having someone come to our home for tutoring is a wonderful time saver for us.

    Noreen L.
  • The way you interview the family and student to ensure that the tutor you pair up with the student will be as compatible as possible. I also feel that receiving the Tutor Doctor session review from the tutor is very helpful.

    Kate S.
  • I like the personal attention that is given at every meeting.

    Dixie M.
  • Professional demeanor, careful consideration and evaulation of our daughter's needs, rigorous tutor screening and matching process.

    Sandy S.
  • I like that the tutor is willing to meet our schedule even if it is a Sunday. Our tutor has helped my daughter with her organizational skills. My daughter is difficult, but the tutor hasn't giving up on her, and offered lots of praise and encouragement.

    Pam B.
  • The extra tutoring support, and the consistency with that support has helped our daughter show great strides at school.

    Jamie B.
  • My son likes the tutor, and they are making progress.

    Martin S.
  • Tutor reports - the obvious care and concern Kristin has for Audrey's well being and learning experiences - Kristin joining teacher conferences - Kristin readily talking with us about ideas to get Audrey 'unstuck'. She shows us that she thinks of Audrey 'off the clock', so we get much more than our tutoring hours that we pay for. Thank you.

    Pam M.
  • The flexibility of the tutors has been really good. I'm very happy with our current tutor.

    Brett D.
  • Flexible hours

    Jian Z.
  • I love how our tutor comes to us at a convenient time. It's the only time I've seen Elliot be so motivated to do school work!:-) I appreciate the feed back form since keeps me informed of their plan

    Jill C.
  • Personalized to our needs. tutor comes to our location

    Lane H.
  • There is a genuine effort at Tutor arrange good location and times for tutoring sessions. This flexibility is important to us. It is a comfort to know that we are not dependent one person to serve our tutoring needs. Your staffing allows us to work for a good fit without concern for lapses in service.

    Joseph C.
  • one on one service

    Tracy D.
  • I appreciate the flexibility in available tutoring times. But primarily I am very pleased with my son's tutor. He's a skilled teacher and keeps the session on task, but has also established a successful rapport with my son. It's making a difference.

    Kateri W.
  • So far, it appears that the tutor is a good match with my son.

    Melissa P.
  • I like your the fact that you do testing at home, and that the tutor comes to our home, and that tutor tries her best.

    Julia A.
  • Our tutor, Tyler, is very knowledgeable and energetic! He engages our girls and makes them think. I really like the detailed session reports.

    Britta D.
  • The tutors have been very good. I like the customer service. It makes it quite easy to ensure that have a tutor for my son. All of the tutors have been instantly engaging and seem to know how to hook my son into the session.

    Patrice C.
  • Primarily it's that my son says it is helping him.

    Sherry W.
  • I appreciate how flexible the service is in terms of meeting the needs of the moment. My daughter's tutor has been great at communicating with both of us and going the extra mile to be able to meet with her at school which is a huge convenience and I think a better environment for our daughter.

    Mary K.
  • I like that you offer one on one in home tutoring sessions. I also really like the receipt and report that is sent after every session via email. Such excellent feedback that is quickly delivered! Cheri

    Cheri C.
  • One factor that had me sold on tutor doctor is the tutor comes to my home. The other is I love the fact that the tutor writes up a review report for the parent after every session.

    Teri W.
  • I love our current tutor--Bill. I wish we wouldn't had wasted so much time (and money!!) on our first tutor and the one recommendation I would have is to screen new tutors better...experience and professional presence is very important.

    Kent S.
  • flexibility and service

    Shirley K.
  • It has worked very well for my son to have someone come to our home. He's in an environment where's he's comfortable and can focus on learning. He can also use some of his own things to learn -- which has been great.

    Jennifer M.
  • Friendly staff. Very thorough in the interview and helpful with suggestions.

    Pam M.
  • Convenient - having Alison come to our home is great. She is also flexible with her schedule and what subjects she helps with.

    Lois M.
  • Your professionalism, flexibility and compassion.

    Margaret G.
  • Tutor is professional, prepared and effective.

    Jeff S.
  • Personalized matching of tutors with the children. E-mailed summaries.

    Madi N.
  • Our tutor Emily is punctual, professional, friendly, knowledgeable and great at working with our 12 year old son who has challenges concentrating. She has been great keeping him focused and finding ways to engage him in the material to achieve understanding and complete work.

    Amy, Portland, OR
  • Effective effort made to match personality of tutor with student, terrific tutor, reasonable prices, flexible scheduling, prompt and descriptive reporting - all in all, very professional.

    Christine D.
  • I like the personalized approach that your tutor provides and follows up (reviews work) from prior lessons. My daughter enjoys the time and reading with her tutor. Reading had always been a reluctant chore for her.

    Tammy W.
  • Excellent tutors

    Louise K.
  • Love our tutor Anthony who has connected well with Koh!

    Mark S.
  • My 9th hour request for a math tutor surpassed all expectations!!! My son is junior at Wilson and has had many challenges succeeding with the teachers there. Monika spent 2 hrs in Sunday and 2 hours on Monday with our son. Can't tell you how excited he was to achieve a 82% on his final.....this is when he's been hanging around a 70% overall grade. Anyway.....I can't shout loud enough that for our ...

    Jenn V.
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  • Amanda has been great with my daughter. She has adapted to the way my daughter learns as opposed to the other way around.

    Barry M.
  • We have an excellent tutor.

    Kirsten M.
  • Great communication with the tutor. The flexibility of being able to assist when needed.

    Mike C.
  • Great knowledgeable tutors!

    Heather B.
  • The services have been highly tailored for our daughter's learning style. It has assist our daughter to grow in a way that is healthy.

    Christina S.
  • I actually already have recommended it to a friend. I like how the tutor comes to my home and I like that we were able to get someone to come 3 times a week. I think the price is reasonable too. And, we really like the tutor we were matched with! (Max Senf)

    Kimberly A.
  • It works! This is our second consultation. First was with an older son. Both times, my boys improved their math scores very quickly after the tutor sessions.

    Allyson A.
  • Tutor Doctor has not only done fantastic work teaching my son how to read, but also done a wonderful job of coordinating with his school. My son loves to read. Thank you!

    Elisabeth S.
  • Very personalized evaluation of needs. Tutor selection process very efficient...great tutors! Great team!

    Mary M.
  • I think the assessment was very good and that the tutor assigned to my daughter has been great. It has made a big difference in her happiness, and I expect it will help her complete the year successfully in math.

    Aaron D.
  • I like the flexibility and the pricing.

    Nancy S.
  • We've been with Tutor Doctor for almost 2 years. The thorough consultation + great match of tutor Alex has been amazing. Alex is great with our son. He's managed the pandemic and its craziness and digital and in- person learning with grace and humor. There isn't a subject he cannot tutor. For the past two years and especially this season, we are so thankful for Alex and Tutor Doctor.

    Brooke Z., Portland, OR