Meet the Owner/Team

Meet Our Team

Tutor Doctor Tutor Doctor of Portland Metro

Carl Pruett


I grew up in Southern California with a short stint living on the Island of Oahu for a few years. I can count more than 20 part-time jobs through my teens and early twenties before I settled in on two passions – music and teaching. I performed in a rock band in the early to mid 90’s while finishing my degree, choosing to pursue a professional teaching career with the guidance of friends and colleagues who expressed I had a knack for teaching (less so as a professional musician – but more on that later).

I hold an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership from Concordia University, and B.S. Kinesiology from California State University, Fullerton. I am a certified Testing Specialist as well, working in close partnership with Educational Diagnosticians in the greater Portland Metro area.

Eight years of teaching middle school and high school students as a resource specialist led me to a clear understanding on the importance of making a one-on-one connection with kids and youth. In 2012 I took that inspiration to purchase a one-on-one tutoring franchise here in Portland – you know it as Tutor Doctor. Now, ten years later…. After completing my ~1090th Education Consultation, ~920th tutor interview, and ~3400+ tutor / student match as of June 2022, I can tell you I made the right career choice. Nothing brings me more satisfaction than the work I do!

Regarding family and hobbies, my wife of twenty-two years is a middle school principal for a local school district, completing her 29th year of service as both teacher and administrator (she loves her very hard work too!) My daughter and fellow musician is starting her fourth year of high school at St. Mary’s this fall, enjoying the downtown setting along with her athletic, musical and mock trial endeavors. My current hobbies include casual music performance / creation, outdoor activities as much as time allows, and dining at local eateries and food carts.