Community Involvement and Education Resources

We recommend the following local organizations, who are trusted and proven providers of specialized education services and programs to our families:

childrenPDX Reading Specialist
Barbara Steinberg has been educating, mentoring, and inspiring students for 15+ years, Initially as a classroom teacher and now as a dyslexia and educational consultant. In 2009 she founded PDX Reading Specialist, whose mission is to create confident, capable learners through inspiration, remediation, and accommodation.

CodeWiz is a happy place where kids learn to write code. Students develop programming skills along with invaluable life skills for critical thinking and problem-solving.

Portland Community Center | Friendly House
Friendly House is a nonprofit social service agency providing diverse education and support resources to families with all levels of financial need.

Home Forward
Home Forward is committed to providing our most vulnerable neighbors with access to affordable housing and services.

How Cool Is That
HCIT’s mission is to show every child that Math and Science are fun and that if they can understand and apply these concepts the only thing holding them back is their creativity and imagination!

teacher and studentMinton Learning Services
Minton Learning helps families and students with identifying and mitigate learning disabilities, learning differences, dyslexia, and ADD/ADHD. Katherine and her team are credentialed, education diagnosticians.

My Voice Music
My Voice Music brings all the instruments and instruction needed to run music groups at therapeutic centers, juvenile detention centers, schools, and other youth organizations.

Our Sporting Lives
Our Sporting Lives strives to provide the young athlete a natural transition into active lifestyles that are fun and low-key.

PROWUS is a non-profit that provides grants for music students age 8 – 18 in the Portland metro area who are pursuing extra-curricular music education.

boy with backpackProject Lemonade
Since 2012, Project Lemonade & Every Child PDX provides resources and tutoring for foster youth.

Home – Rock ‘N’ Roll Camp for Girls
Their mission is to build confidence and self-esteem through music creation and performance, empowering women, girls, and gender-expansive folks through collaborative music creation, peer to peer mentoring, and advocacy.

School of Rock Portland
School of Rock Portland is a music education school like no other. Combine private instrument lessons for beginners with weekly band rehearsals and get ready to perform live.